Post-Mugshot: Trump’s Phony Bravado Falls Apart as Poll Shows Most Americans Say He’s Guilty

On August 24, 2023, Donald Trump made history by becoming the first former president of the United States to be captured for posterity in a mugshot. That’s in addition to the record he set previously of having been criminally indicted four times with a total of 91 felony counts. Second place is a 45-way tie with zero indictments.

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True to form, Trump is pretending to be proud of these “accomplishments.” He claims that these multiple prosecutions are enhancing his popularity and electability. And, like any good wannabe messiah, Trump claims that’s he’s being persecuted for “your” sins, and that the Democratic demons are actually after you, but he’s just “in the way.”

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However, Trump’s cockiness is profoundly inapt. A new POLITICO Magazine/Ipsos poll reveals what the American people really think about Trump and his mounting legal liabilities. And not surprisingly, the results don’t align with Trump’s delusional distortion of reality. According to Politico…

“The survey results suggest Americans are taking the cases seriously — particularly the Justice Department’s 2020 election case — and that most people are skeptical of Trump’s claim to be the victim of a legally baseless witch hunt or an elaborate, multi-jurisdictional effort to ‘weaponize’ law enforcement authorities against him.”

What follows is a summary of Politico’s findings.

About half of the country believes Trump is guilty in the pending prosecutions.
“48 percent of respondents reporting that they believe Trump is guilty in [the Manhattan District Attorney’s] case [and] majorities said that they believe Trump is guilty in the other cases — 51 percent in the pending Justice Department and Fulton County prosecutions concerning the 2020 election, and 52 percent in the Justice Department’s classified documents case.” NOTE: This also includes a majority of independents.

Most Americans believe Trump should stand trial before the 2024 election.
“59% of respondents in the poll said that the federal trial in Trump’s 2020 election subversion case should take place before the 2024 Republican primaries begin early next year. A slightly higher number — 61 percent of all respondents — said that the trial should take place before the general election next November.” NOTE: This includes 63% of Independents and even 33% of Republicans.

A conviction in DOJ’s 2020 election case would hurt Trump in the general election.
“Nearly one-third of respondents (32 percent) said that a conviction in the case would make them less likely to support Trump, including about one-third of independents (34 percent).”

Half of the country believes Trump should go to prison if convicted in DOJ’s Jan. 6 case.
“50% of respondents said that he should go to prison, including a large majority of Democrats (87 percent) and a slight majority of independents (51 percent).”

Trump and the GOP’s ‘weaponization’ defense appears to be having limited traction.
“Fifty-nine percent of respondents — including nearly two-thirds of independents — said that the Justice Department’s decision to indict Trump in the 2020 election case was based on a fair evaluation of the evidence and the law. […] In fact, more people (53%) believe Trump is guilty of weaponizing the legal system than Biden.”

Trump is the prevailing villain in the story of his indictments
“Respondents provided Trump with a net favorability rating of -31 percent — the worst figure, by far, in this battery of questions.” NOTE: President Biden, Merrick Garland, Jack Smith, and the Justice Department all scored far more favorably.

Given the results of this poll, it is no wonder that Trump’s psychological state has suffered a severe decline. But it is still astonishing that, under these circumstances, Republicans are scrambling to bolster their defense for – and support of – Trump, as the American people become ever more disgusted and repulsed by both Trump and his sycophantic party confederates. All in all, this bodes well for Democrats next year.


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18 thoughts on “Post-Mugshot: Trump’s Phony Bravado Falls Apart as Poll Shows Most Americans Say He’s Guilty

  1. I firmly believe that he should be tried in Georgia NEXT MONTH!!!! And then , immediately after that, he should be tried in New York, followed immediately by the DOJ’s trial! None of this BS of waiting until 2024, or, as he wants 2026! I say Try the bastard NOW so that he is in prison before the GQP primaries!

    • David, i am in TOTAL agreement with everything you said in your good comment. I know the low-life SOB will try to weasel out of this, but it is my hope that not one of the Judges, DA’s or anyone else involved with these astounding number of indictments will budge one bit. I too, want to see him go to prison before the GQP primaries next year and see him slowly rot there. I have had enough of this corrupt career criminal. Fed up with him.

      • Well, John, our two extreme right middle-aged broads have a different take on this. Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to be Donnie’s “vice president.” Sarah Palin thinks his indictments will start Civil War 2.

    • David, March 4, 2024 is not BS. It’s the real scheduled trial date and Trump HAS to be there. The BS is waiting until 2026/27. He has a court date in March in New York. Judge Chutkan has already called him and let him know that she has a trial on March 4, 2024, and it involved Donald Trump. Would it be okay if he needs to reschedule his trial? Two of the indicted co-conspirators have filed to sever their cases from Trump’s. John Chesebro’s trial is in October; Sidney Powell’s trial is in November. I’m not sure when the rest of the co-conspirators trials are. I suspect there are plenty more who are going to file for speedy trial. They are splintering away from Trump. And oh BTW, Giulliani lost his defamation case against the election workers.

      • Is anyone else on here having their comments delayed? Every time i make a comment, i get a thing above the comment that reads, ”Your comment is awaiting moderation” I wonder what i said this time to get on MARK NC’s crap list?? I have been reprimanded 3 times since i have commented on this site. I have not been as bad as i used to be, i wonder what this is about this time??

  2. .0000000003% of Americans think that not only is he guilty of a crime, but that the appropriate punishment is to cover Trump with honey and stake him out on top of a fire ant nest. If one other American agrees with me, that doubles to .0000000006%.

    • It’s difficult for me to catch your drift. ONLY 0000000003% think he is guilty of crime, etc., etc.? Don’t answer that. I don’t need another discussion on sarcasm.

      • I can be certain that .0000000003%¹ think that he is guilty AND that he should be staked out on a fire ant nest. That is different than the percentage of the population that thinks that he is simply guilty of a crime regardless of the punishment he deserves. It is simple propositional logic – the difference between AND & OR & ONLY. It’s not just sarcasm you have a problem with, and if you don’t want answers then don’t comment.

        ¹ I can be certain of this because .0000000003% of the current US population is 1, meaning me.

        • You’re starting to sound like “Quora”. Vicious , like our “sarcasm” thing, and people who write into “Quora” insult each other with statements like, “Liberals would be better off pushing up daisies.” By the way, I read your links. As hard to understand as your postings to Mark NC.

          • Nobody is asking or forcing you to read or comment on anything, yet you seem to have a chronic need to complain. I can’t block you here, but I shall ignore you.

            • Excellent!! And to correct just that last insult, I have never complained to another post before. Just you.

    • You got it E.A. Blair! I agree with you, but I suspect the numbers may be a lot higher than just us

    • Ooo you do have a mean streak. Smear with honey and stake over a fire ant nest. However, I say he’s guilty too. Of everything. I saw the horror on January 6. How anyone in their right mind can say ‘normal tourist visit’ about that …… Trump had the misfortune to be born into a family that didn’t know the meaning of ‘coming in second’.

      • Speaking of fire ant’s nests, my yard is full of them, especially now after the drenching rains we have had in the past 2 days. We don’t dare go barefoot in my yard, my daughter went out into the yard the other day and was stung several times on her feet. Those things are nasty, after they sting you, large pus filled blisters appear where they sting you, TUMP would have orange blisters all over him. Also, after those things sting, the itching and burning is intense. Old TUMP could get a new name, ”Old itchy and scratchy.”

      • If you think that’s mean, you wouldn’t want to know what an afterlife would be like if I were in charge.

  3. The problem with polls is they are just indicating what only about half the population that pay attention think and vote without most of them knowing any more than what has been gathered in the mindless void in front of television tune to a media suffering the effects of a criminal capitalist yang up its’s ass, uh?

    • Thank God for polls. They show us how much of a criminal Trump is and it has nothing to do with yang. Maybe a little bit of yin.

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