Kevin McCarthy Can’t Even Lie Well About His Wretched Record as Squeaker of the House

It’s been seven months since Kevin McCarthy was selected by his caucus to become the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives after a torturous fifteen vote marathon. In order to finally secure the post that he had craved for years, he traded away virtually all of the authority that normally comes with it.

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McCarthy’s deeply unethical promises to the fringiest faction of his caucus has obligated him to concede to the demands of crackpots like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz in order to keep his speakership. That obligation now includes entertaining unwarranted and evidenceless efforts to impeach President Biden. It is such a brazenly political charade that even Fox News has criticized it.

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Having nothing to present to voters as resembling an accomplishment, McCarthy is embarking on a press tour to disseminate flagrant falsehoods and fantasies. In furtherance of that agenda, he told one television interviewer that…

“Someone did an analysis of this Congress versus the last Congress. And in the last Congress the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate, and the presidency. But this Congress has actually produced more bills. More become law, which makes it more difficult. But the bigger things we also changed is we opened the House back up. Members now have to come to work.”

First of all, it’s likely that the “someone” who did the analysis that McCarthy referenced – but conspicuously failed to identify – was probably Sean Hannity or some similar right-wing toady. But more to the point, the alleged analysis is wholly unrelated to reality. Here are the facts:

“The 118th United States Congress, which began on January 3, 2023, and will end on January 3, 2025, has enacted 13 public laws and zero private laws.”

“The 117th United States Congress, which began on January 3, 2021, and ended on January 3, 2023, enacted 362 public laws and 3 private laws.”

Now some observers may object to that because the current 118th Congress has only just begun, and it’s unfair to compare it to the 117th Congress, when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker, and had two years to complete their work. But even if you just count the bills from the 117th that were passed in the same seven month period, there were still 39 bills, which is three times as many as McCarthy is bragging (lying) about.

What’s more, among the bills passed in the first year of the 117th Congress were the historic “American Rescue Plan” that brought the nation out of the pandemic recession, and the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” that created millions of jobs restoring America’s roads, bridges, airports, and communications. None of the GOP’s 13 bills in this session had anywhere near that level of benefit to the nation as those passed during Pelosi’s tenure.

Instead, while McCarthy has allegedly been in charge as Speaker, he has focused almost exclusively on ultra-partisan hearings aimed at maligning President Biden and other Democrats. They have sought to slander the Biden family, including his son Hunter and First Lady Jill. They are also seeking to impeach multiple members of the Biden administration, including Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Chris Wray, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. In their spare time they are trying to defund the prosecutors and judges associated with the many criminal cases of Donald Trump.

All that McCarthy and the GOP have left at this point are lies, threats to tank the economy, meritless personal attacks, and boycotts of Barbie, Mickey Mouse, and light beer. Their agenda is so warped that Biden even used it in a satirical and hilarious mock campaign ad. Or maybe Republicans actually think that their doctrine of dystopia is what the public wants from their representatives in Washington. If so, that will work out well in next year’s elections – for Democrats.


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6 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy Can’t Even Lie Well About His Wretched Record as Squeaker of the House

  1. Can we get this across to the people who vote like their parents did instead of their own and the nation’s interests? Because this might be our last election if the GQP gets in.

  2. Seems the driving force behind these extreme right eggheads in the US House is to save fat orange face of tfg. What comforts me is The Donald’s age

  3. Question: Why is it the Traitors are renowned for lying when they’re not very good at it? After all, if you KNOW they are lying, obviously, they have failed, right?

    • Right. But they lie in hopes that no one will notice they have failed and have not delivered for their constituents, so they steal someone else’s accomplishments. Matt Gaetz sounds like an SS/KGB officer. Underage girls too — fits right in.

  4. Mc Carthy and the Fascist Rethuglican party should be called the Fascist Liars party. I don’t think these asshats know how to tell the truth. I can’t think of anything these idiots have accomplished. All they are out to do, is cause mayhem and show the rest of the world just how dumb and stupid and childish they are. They are by far the dumbest fools that have been in our Congress.

    • The only ideas the GOP has are: make life miserable for Democrats, more tax cuts for the already comfortable, and Let’s steal the Democrats accomplishments and say they’re ours.

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