Trump is FREAKING OUT, Saying that His Trials Should Have Started Before He Committed His Crimes

The legal melodrama that is playing out for Donald Trump is becoming ever more dense with the demented spectacle of his singular brand of aberrant behavior. In recent weeks he has shown up in court only to sit and scowl for a couple of hours, then to whine in the hallway to reporters about what a poor, pathetic victim he is.

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Donald Trump, Prison

While Trump is suffering severe anxiety due to the 91 felony counts against him that are pending in four jurisdictions, he is displaying increasing levels of desperation and hostility toward his perceived enemies. As a result, he has been sanctioned twice for violating a court order to refrain from attacking court personnel and witnesses. Meanwhile, his crime family accomplices (Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr) have been ordered to testify at his trial, and his former lawyers (Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, and Jenna Ellis)) have been taking plea deals to save themselves.

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These would be highly distressing circumstances for anyone. But for a malignant narcissist like Trump they are impossible barriers to overcome psychologically or emotionally. Consequently, he is being driven to drastic depths of anguish and despair that are producing some of his most pronounced exhibitions of derangement. And naturally, he is venting his venom on his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social. In a flurry of comments Monday morning, Trump raged

“Why didn’t Crooked Joe Biden tell his Injustice Department to file the lawsuits and Indictments against me 3 years ago, instead of right in the middle of my campaign for President? You’re setting a BAD precedent for yourself, Joe. The same can happen to you. These Third World Biden Indictments, which should never have been filed, would have been tried and over with years ago. My SleazeBag Opponent shouldn’t be able to do this during my campaign, OR BEFORE THE ELECTION!”

Let’s take some time to unravel that rumpload of rubbish, shall we? For starters, there is no hint of proof that President Biden had anything to do with the indictments against Trump that were filed by three different prosecutors in both federal and state offices. Secondly, Trump is threatening to charge Biden with – who knows? Something or other – if he has the opportunity, despite insisting that such charges are unjust. Thirdly, Trump is now resorting to calling Biden a “Sleazebag,” which is a textbook example of projection in its most infantile form.

However, the most prominent crackpottery of Trump’s comment is his complaint that the charges against him should have been brought three years ago. Really? In October of 2020, while Trump was still president? That would mean that his Attorney General, Bill Barr, would have had to appoint the special prosecutor. So is Trump complaining that his own administration was negligent in enforcing the law against him?

What’s more, October of 2020 was before the November presidential election. So Trump is upset that he wasn’t charged with crimes that he had not even committed yet. Most of the pending indictments are related to his efforts to overturn the election, or to the insurrection that he incited on January 6, 2021, or to his theft and hoarding classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home/hotel after he left the White House. All of which had not occurred yet three years ago.

Nevertheless, Trump thinks that he should have been charged in advance of his crimes. Is he admitting that he was already planning them? He also thinks that he is currently in the middle of his campaign for president, and that he should, therefore, not be charged at all. But he hasn’t stopped campaigning since his first announcement in 2015. Which is proof that his campaigns are actually just thinly veiled attempts to inoculate himself against indictments.

Trump followed up the comment above with three others that said essentially the same thing. First he wrote… “Why didn’t they start the totally political BIDEN INDICTMENTS & COURT CASES Three (3) Years Ago, instead of the MIDDLE OF MY CAMPAIGN??? Third World Country-ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!” Then came… “If they started the highly political Biden Indictments 3 years ago, everything would now be finished. THEY WAITED UNTIL MY CAMPAIGN BEGAN!” And finally… “These highly political (All started by Crooked Joe Biden!) Lawsuits and Indictments shouldn’t be allowed to start until AFTER THE ELECTION IS OVER! Our Founding Fathers are looking down at Biden with scorn!”

Indeed, this would all have been finished by now if Trump had been tried three years ago. Although he is assuming that he would have been acquitted. But given the breadth and depth of his rampant criminality, that is not a safe assumption. While the trials would be over, he might also be in prison. So let’s hope he gets his wish to have these trials concluded long before the next election. Because the best way to prevent any “election interference” is for Trump and his confederates to be behind bars.


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