Trump’s Spokesperson Says He is ‘Confused’ About Why His Former Lawyers Would Plead Guilty

The past couple of weeks have been extraordinarily troubling for Donald Trump, who is currently awaiting trial on 91 felony charges. He was fined twice for violating a court order to refrain from attacking court personnel and witnesses. His crime family accomplices, Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr, have been ordered to testify the first week of November. And even his former lawyers have been taking plea deals to save themselves.

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The fact that Trump’s family and attorneys are potentially flipping has been gnawing at him. Trump’s customary response to such heinous disloyalty is to pretend that he has never met the slimeball who has turned on him, or that they were cowards who merely delivered the coffee. But that’s a much more difficult argument when they are his legal representative and his children.

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In the wake of these defections by his closest associates, Trump’s spokesperson, Liz Harrington, rose to his defense in a particularly peculiar manner. She was interviewed by Emerald Robinson, who has the distinction of having been fired by Newsmax for promoting a crackpot conspiracy theory that the COVID vaccine contained “Luciferase,” an allegedly Satanic, bioluminescent marker that would be used to track people.

Robinson landed at Mike Lindell’s video blog where she continues to disgrace herself as a profoundly deranged propagandist and Trump cultist. The interview contained the following exchange about Trump’s legal quagmire…

Robinson: How does the President feel about these former lawyers, or his former associates pleading guilty? What are his thoughts on these developments?
Harrington: Well, I think he’s a little confused because if you’re a lawyer you know that there’s no crimes here. According to the law there’s literally nothing to plead guilty to because there’s no laws that were broken. And speaking out against a fraudulent election, and telling people to watch hearings and petition their elected officials about fraud that was happening on camera? I mean, it’s just surprising.

Robinson’s question is curious in that she asks how “the President” feels about the betrayal by Trump’s legal team. But how would Harrington know what President Biden is feeling about that or anything else?

Harrington’s reply, however, was unexpectedly honest. Her characterization of Trump as “confused” accurately describes his grasp of pretty much any issue. He is, after all, the guy who thinks that he’s currently running against Obama, that windmills kill whales, that stealth fighters are actually invisible, that we should nuke hurricanes, that George Washington’s Army took over airports, and that injecting bleach will cure COVID. And on the basis of that display of his “stable genius”, Trump says that ANYBODY running for the Office of President of the United States should agree to take a full & complete Mental Competency Test.” Okay, you first.

Harrington edges closer to the truth in saying that “if you’re a lawyer you know” whether or not a crime has been committed. And so far four of Trump’s lawyers (Michael Cohen, Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, and Jenna Ellis) are so certain that crimes were committed that they pleaded guilty to their own participation in them. If Harrington’s assertion that there is “literally nothing to plead guilty to,” then why have four lawyers done just that?

Harrington went on to claim that Trump and his ex-counsel were just “speaking out against a fraudulent election, and telling people to watch hearings and petition their elected officials about fraud.” But she left out that they also knew that the allegations of election fraud were lies, and that their actions included fabricating false election forms and threatening state election officials.

So Harrington is surprised that Trump is confused? Just because he can’t tell the truth about the unlawful conduct that his own attorneys have confessed to? She may be even more surprised that the judges and juries who will hear these cases won’t be the least bit confused when the convict him. And his cult disciples will be both dazed and confused, singing “You hurt and abuse, telling all of your lies. Run ’round, sweet baby, Lord, how they hypnotize.”


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  1. Trumpf (R) is planning on an Insanity defense if/when found guilty of many of his own 91 Indictments. Claiming he does not know why they did, when it ‘s clear to the World, makes him seem to be out of touch with reality. He believes he creates the World’s reality, around him. The World does not give a damn about his words, even though he has the be best words. Just another swipe at his Handler in our White House. “Honey Pot” of Vladimir Putin’s control. Old people know what it means.

    • Is that Honey pot?
      Or, Money pot?
      Am not sure…lol

      POT = Party Of Traitors…as in
      “GOP is the POT”

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