Fox News Host Asks Democrat What Biden Did to Create Jobs, Then Cuts Him Off When He Tells Her

The success of President Biden’s economic policies is evident by almost every major indicator. The Biden administration is responsible for the nation’s record job growth, restoration of domestic manufacturing, inflation that has been declining for the past fifteen consecutive months, expanding healthcare and making it more affordable, and much more. All while reducing the deficit.

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Fox News, Fake News

So naturally Republicans and their Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) have embarked on a campaign of lies and smears in order to deceive the American people and inflame their MAGA-tized supporters. They are so determined to spread their brand of disinformation that they are even putting critical aid to our allies in Israel and Ukraine at risk on behalf of wealthy corporations and tax cheats.

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Democrats are making valiant efforts to counter the Republicans’ fictional dystopian fantasyland. For example, Rep. Ro Khanna of California ventured into the lion’s den of Fox News on Friday to try to expose their viewers to a few facts. He was met by a blatantly biased host who was clearly opposed to truthful information and was determined to prevent any from getting out.

Khanna: Let’s just look at some basic facts. Since the President has come into office almost 14 million jobs were created. Now 70% of those were jobs that were recovered. I grant that.
Smith: Can I just get in there, and I try not to interrupt [as she is interrupting[. “Created” is a very interesting word. Can you tell me what specific policy under this president created those jobs?
Khanna: Yes, I actually can. The American Rescue Plan, which put in money into infrastructure and helping people to stay employed in small businesses. The infrastructure bill, which has led to a boom in construction jobs. The Chips Act, which has led to a boom in manufacturing.
Smith (interrupting again): The reason I ask is because a lot of that was a rebound from the COVID pandemic, correct? [Khanna already said that]
Khanna: Seventy percent of those jobs were recovered from the COVID pandemic. I’m acknowledging that. But here’s the point. You know, it was recovered within two years because of the American Rescue Plan. We could have been in a Great Depression. Give the President credit for the recovery and the creation of new jobs. And the reality is that this was the policy of the American Rescue Plan, of the CHIPS Act, of the Infrastructure, of the Inflation Reduction Act. Four percent unemployment used to be considered full employment in this country. The inflation in this country at 3.7 percent is less than inflation anywhere else in the world.
Smith: I got it.

So Smith pretended that she wanted to know what policies President Biden had implemented that benefited the economy. But when Khanna surprised her by actually responding with the facts, she stopped him and asked him to concede a point that he had already made himself. Either she wasn’t listening or she didn’t care, because she was more focused on a “gotcha” moment that never came.

To his credit, Khanna rolled right over Smith’s interruptions, and finished laying out the record of Biden’s achievements. He made the salient point that, even though many of the jobs created during Biden’s term had previously been lost due to COVID, there was no guarantee that they would have been restored without the thoughtful and astute management of Biden and Democrats in Congress. In fact, nearly all Republicans voted against nearly all of the legislation that produced such positive results for the American people.

After Khanna had itemized some of Biden’s accomplishments, Smith cut him off again with a smug “I got it,” intended to short-circuit Khanna’s effective recitation of the economic realities. This is how Fox News works to keep their audience ignorant. And sadly, it works all too well too often. But then, it’s easier when the audience is eager to be lied to and swallows the most preposterous falsehoods without question.

Democrats need to continue to get out the message that Bidenomics is working. Maybe Fox News isn’t the best place to do that, but between now and the election next year they have to convince people that it is Biden and the Democrats who are working on their behalf – and succeeding.


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