Fox News is OUTRAGED at Biden for Raising Taxes on the Wealthy and Spending on Climate Change

The 2024 campaign for the presidency is shaping up to be one of the most contentious in modern times. While neither party has officially chosen their candidates, it appears likely that it will be a rematch between the current President, Joe Biden, and the whining loser, Donald Trump.

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Republicans are intent on lowering the character of the political debate to infantile name-calling, and vengeance for the perceived persecution of Dear Leader Trump. They are falling in line with Trump’s campaign slogan, “I am your retribution.” Which they apparently believe is what the American people are clamoring for.

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Democrats, on the other hand, are preparing to run on Biden’s record of accomplishments that include guiding the nation out of a deadly pandemic, and restoring the economy that was in a shambles after COVID and Trump’s tenure of incompetence and catering to right-wing extremists, corporations, and the 1% upper-crusters.

Fortunately, Republicans and their sycophantic media minions are proving to be among the best surrogates for President Biden’s reelection. Not only are they sabotaging their own prospects by embracing unpopular policies like abortion bans and impeaching Biden and half his Cabinet, but they are also tying themselves inextricably to Trump’s tedious “Big Lie” about election fraud and his obsession with relitigating the 2020 election that resulted in his humiliating defeat.

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On Friday’s episode of Fox News’ “Outnumbered” they offered up some more reasons why the American people should vote for Biden in 2024. They came during a segment wherein Fox contributor “Doctor” Janette Nesheiwat surely thought she was crushing Biden with righteous criticism. She said that…

“I took a look at Bidenomics. I wanted to see what exactly was in it. My takeaway? Higher taxes, especially on the wealthy and corporations, and massive spending especially when it comes to climate change. And then they want to dump more money into COVID? Hello? I saw maybe three or four cases of COVID this entire week. So they’re just spending money, and they’re spending it recklessly.”

OMG! Biden is raising taxes on billionaires, who currently pay little or nothing. And he’s providing funds to mitigate climate change, which is threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions around the country and the world. Impeach him now! Never mind that broad majorities of Americans support these policies.

Nesheiwat went on to complain about spending on COVID, because she has only seen “maybe three or four cases of COVID this entire week.” Keep in mind that she is more of a TV commentator than a practicing physician. Still, she considers her personal observations a valid statistical sample. The CDC, however, using more credible methods, reports COVID hospitalizations of 10,320 for the past week, an increase of 14.3%.

What’s more, the Fox News analysis of Bidenomics couldn’t be more off target. There is ample evidence that Bidenomics is benefiting most Americans and especially the working-class. It is improving the U.S. economy, which is leading the world. The Biden administration is responsible for the nation’s record job growth, restoration of domestic manufacturing, inflation that has been declining for the past twelve consecutive months, expanding healthcare and making it more affordable, and much more. All while reducing the deficit.

So if Fox News wants to complain about Biden making the rich pay their fair share, or saving the environment, let them have at it. It’s reminiscent of a recent episode where GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-QAnon) tried to take a swipe at Democrats, but wound up starring in a Democratic campaign advertisement. The ad replayed video of her complaining about Biden and his…

“…government programs to address education, medical care, urban problems, rural poverty, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and welfare […] And he still was working on it, the largest public investment in social infrastructure and environmental programs that is actually finishing what FDR started, that LBJ expanded on and Joe Biden is attempting to complete.”

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Heaven forbid that Democrats would help Americans with education, healthcare, infrastructure, the environment, and more. Democrats better be careful or they will fall behind on the issues that Republicans are working so hard on, such as banning books, restricting reproductive healthcare, enriching corporations, and suppressing democracy.

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16 thoughts on “Fox News is OUTRAGED at Biden for Raising Taxes on the Wealthy and Spending on Climate Change

  1. We better be spending on covid. A new strain has been reported and that virus is not going away. Thanks Joe Biden for being a responsible President for ALL Americans.

    • Spending on climate change is good. There have been wildfires in Canada, Siberia and Hawaii. Flooding in Miami. Heat over 100 degrees in LV. And that was early summer! A lot of us are susceptible to heat stroke. It usually kicks in at over 107 degrees. I found that out in Florida about 30 years ago. There is no Planet B.

      • Right. And here in San Diego we are bracing for a tropical storm which has not happened here since 1939. A hurricane is coming up from Mexico. Water temperatures have been higher this year so the hurricane has regained much of its power. This is reality and the GOP is completely ignoring it to appease their billionaire donors.

        • Beachbum, how warm is the water out in San Diego? it used to be in 50 to 60 degree range according to the oceanic maps that i could access at this time of year, but the weather site i use no longer offers them. Just last week, it was reported the water temperature off of the Atlantic coast below Miami, FL was an astonishing 102 degrees. The Atlantic Ocean is teaming with tropical disturbances right now. I just hope it doesn’t get too bad. The Fascist GQP are so dumb and stupid and greedy, they don’t know their asses from their mouth. This climate problem is becoming very serious.

      • I have a fairly sophisticated weather station that calculates the Heat Index, wind chill, and all of the weather conditions, and this past Wednesday, the actual temperature was 92 and the humidity was 75% and that meant the heat index was an astounding 115 degrees. That is the highest it has ever been at my location. I have been keeping detailed weather records for 25 years. I didn’t dare go outdoors that day as i am extremely heat sensitive and even a modest temperature of 80 degrees causes me considerable distress. So politics aren’t the only reason i want go live in the Canadian Maritime provinces, it very rarely gets up to 90 degrees there. Years ago, i had minor heat stroke by being outdoors here in Georgia. I felt like i was going to die then. I hate hot weather and don’t see how people stand to live in places like Texas, Florida, Louisiana and more states with very hot and humid weather. These ignorant and very stupid Fascist Rethugs continue to deny the climatical changes that are going on now.. It’s very real.

        • It is. I had another case of heat stroke when we lived in Oregon. John Kerry was running for President. He had a rally in Portland, and his local campaign office bused all the workers to the rally. It was so hot that bottles of water were being passed out. Handed out from the podium. There were 80,000 people at the rally. It was a hot day, and heat rises (there was plenty of heat to rise too!). The water was very welcome. I still had a small heat attack which played merry hob with my depth perception. Imagine trying to decide how far to put your foot down to cross the street from one curb to the other, and not being able to make a decision. I needed help to get back to the bus. We were planning to move to Ohio soon but had almost decided to stay in cool Oregon when a friend of my husband’s said this was the worst drought Oregon had had in 25 years.

          • I remember reading about that heat wave and drought in Oregon. I was astonished at how hot it got then. At the time, i just couldn’t believe my eyes when i read about that, I thought it couldn’t possibly get that hot in Oregon. Heat also makes me very ill and the humidity here in Georgia is horrible. Even now, if the temperature is only 80 and the humidity is very high, i get weak and shaky and can’t even raise my legs to walk and i sweat profusely. After i had my open heart surgery in 2014 it’s even worse, and i have to take10 different pills every day for my heart and blood pressure. As i have already said, i want to move to either the Northeastern United States or Canada. I have considered moving to Flagstaff, Arizona for their low humidity there. But it can get hot there sometimes in the summer months, but the humidity is always low there and i do love the snow and it snows a lot there in the winter because of their high elevation of 7,000 FT. The air is thin there, and i do have breathing problems at times. And that is the state where those two Fascist wingnuts Kari Lake and Kristen Sin=enema resides. Maggot Traitor Goon is from here in Georgia, so that might not be a problem, those 3 are horrible insults to the very good women in the United States.

        • John, I saw a cartoon recently that really encapsulated climate change (hot water). Two men are going fishing for lobsters. When they net them, they discover the lobsters are already cooked!

          • That was a good one, Marsha, but the temperature off the coast just below Miami, FL, was 102 degrees the other day, if this unchecked heating continues, the lobsters may really be cooked straight out of the ocean. I have kept up with climate and weather for a long time, and i have never heard of a water temperature that high in that area, it is usually about 88 degrees there at this time of year. The climate disaster is coming true, but the baboons in the Fascist Rethuglican Congress will never believe it. They are too ignorant and stupid.

  2. It’s always the same. Republicans screaming, “Big Government!!” Marjorie Taylor Greene is the personification of the Republican Party. And she is as insane as it gets.

    • This bat crazy, ignorant, uneducated, arrogant, non-human thing named Maggot Traitor Goon is so darn dumb she can’t even spell simple words. She accused Democrats of being the ”Gachpago” when it was meant to be, ”the Gestapo” Hitler’s secret police force that would empty the city of Berlin from the Jews. MTG’s brain must be the size of a grain of sand. MTG is dumbest thing that has ever been in Congress by a huge margin. Quevin McCarthy loves her though. He isn’t too smart himself, he is too busy being an asshole.

      • I just read that Marjorie Taylor Greene posed in front of the Iowa Butter Cow for Donald Trump.. Chris Meloni (of Law and Order, SVU) was confused wondering which one was the cow,

        • That was a great comment, Judy. I burst our laughing when i read that. The real cow was most likely better looking than the MTG cow. That was a good one, i am still laughing about that. Chris Meloni had a right to be confused.

  3. Maybe the admin SHOULD hype what they are doing? So far, I’m not seeing a lot of that, from anyone in the Democratic party.

    • They should. We let the GOP get away with too much and then wonder why people don’t vote for us. Well, we don’t get the word out that we’re working to shore up Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. We don’t mention over and over that the bills passed were vetoed by the GOP members, but once passed took credit for them, because they realized it would help their constituents and their reelection prospects if it looked like they delivered. Especially since these bills brought not only money to the states but jobs, too. I’d like to see the GOP finally take credit for something they are directly responsible for, Bringing leprosy and malaria to Florida.

  4. I do love me some whining wingers who take credit for the good the dems do. So easy to use their bad attitudes in Dem campaign posts and lets to editors. Leprosy and malaria dont sell too well to taxpayers, so we need to remind voters we dont have those in some of our states and need sane dems in place to work to keep it that way. Democrats make things happen for the good of everybody, not just the billionaires.

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