Trump’s Cult Cheers His Hope that Americans Suffer a ‘Great Depression’ While Biden is President

The glassy-eyed devotion of Donald Trump’s cult disciples has long been a fixture of his public profile. From his beginning as a fake real estate billionaire and reality TV game show host, to his abominable occupation of the White House, Trump has nurtured his tabloid celebrity and the inbred hostility of his followers to corral them into a pseudo-spiritual revival movement.

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The shared animus of the Trump cult is a powerful glue that bonds the weak and ignorant together into a foreboding faith-like community focused on their fetish for all things Trump. Like all cults, there is only one source of knowledge and truth: the Dear Leader. And Trump followers are deeply indoctrinated into that worshipful state.

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On Friday night, Trump presided over another one of his traveling salvation shows. For the most part it was a tedious rehash of everything he has been yammering about since he lost the 2020 election to President Biden. He whined about the election being “rigged and stolen” from him; the false depictions of Biden as corrupt; the ‘witch hunts” and “election interference” being orchestrated by Democrats and wayward Republicans; and his relentless self-exaltation as America’s savior.

For the record, Trump defines election interference as anything that is critical of him. It could be the 91 felony counts pending against him, or inquiries into his constitutional eligibility to run, or fact-checking his innumerable lies. Merely running against him is election interference, because it interferes with his aspirations of authoritarian dictatorship.

At Friday’s cult rally in South Dakota, Trump delivered his moldy oldies to an enrapt audience of true believers. Never mind that nearly everything he said was a flagrant, provable lie. Particularly his remarks about the U.S. economy and Biden’s success at salvaging it after the abysmal Trump term. But Trump ventured just a little farther out on the limb of lunacy with a dire, dystopian prediction…

“The fact is we’re probably heading into a Great Depression…I don’t believe I’ve ever said that before, and it’s a hell of a statement to make, and I hate to make it. The only question is whether or not it will be during the remaining months of the Biden administration. If it’s going to happen, let it happen then. If it’s going to happen, let it be during Joe. And then we’ll come in and we’ll straighten this sucker out.”

Trump’s analysis is firmly rooted in grade A, unadulterated bullshit. Under Biden’s stewardship, the American economy has flourished. He presided over the creation of more than 13 million jobs. Unemployment is at a record low. Wages are higher and exceeding inflation. And while there was a global spike in inflation last year, it has been declining in the U.S. for the past twelve consecutive months.

Biden and Democrats in Congress – with no help from Republicans – passed an infrastructure bill that is not only creating jobs, it is rebuilding and modernize the nation’s roads, bridges, airports and communications. They also passed a bills that brought technology manufacturing back to the U.S. and funded critical climate change mitigation. And all of this and more was done while providing aid to struggling families and reducing the deficit.

For his part, Trump left office with fewer Americans working than before he started. He accelerated off-shoring of manufacturing. He imposed tariffs that raised the cost of goods for American consumers, and triggered retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products. Not to mention his incompetence and negligence that resulted in more than a million COVID fatalities. And now he wants people to believe that he will “straighten this sucker out?” Puleeze!

In light of that, Trump told his cultists that he not only believes that a “Great Depression” is coming, but that he hopes it comes soon. As in within the next year while Biden is president. Trump is actually saying aloud that he wants the American people to suffer in order to boost his electoral prospects next year.

That’s a pretty repulsive campaign strategy. And what makes it even worse is that his cult disciples are all for it. They cheered excitedly as he proposed this sickly desire. Apparently they are willing to suffer themselves in order to return to the White House someone who obviously doesn’t care about them, and may be a felon at the time.

What’s more, it isn’t just the “Deplorables” in Trump’s audience who are comfortable with his criminality and the notion of putting a felon in the White House. At a recent GOP primary debate almost all of the candidates supposedly challenging him pledged to support Trump even if he is convicted. So the insidious influence of the cult has infected the whole of the Republican Party. Which makes it all the more imperative that every Republican be defeated at the polls next year. They must not have an ounce of authority, and they must be sent an unmistakable message that their hatred for America and its principles will not be tolerated.


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7 thoughts on “Trump’s Cult Cheers His Hope that Americans Suffer a ‘Great Depression’ While Biden is President

  1. Six states have filed to keep Trump off the ballot. They’ve sent the matter to the State AG. The latest to file to keep Trump off the ballot is Bobo’s Colorado. Georgia had its chance — Brad Raffensperger said “Elections should be decided by ballots, not lawyers. Trump will be on the ballot.” Where has he been? Today’s ‘elections’ are nothing like we’re used to. Last year I had to call the police for men in camo brandishing rifles and harassing voters. “You don’t want to do this. You really don’t.” That I heard very clearly. Poll workers safety are the first priority, then calling the police. I reversed it in this instance, and I’d do it again.

  2. And once again, the Traitor Party proves itself the terrorist organization that0 worship of their God has made it. Trunt Worshipers are Traitors. There is no other way to define them. Damn them all.

    • That’s why I called the police first. I thought that was the best way to shut them up and get them out of there. I was right — some of them got into vans and left asap. The rest wound up in jail.

    • “Now he is stoking up his violent idiots, again, along with Republicans hinting about a Civil War out loud in public interviews.”
      Yes, AGAIN. And all the GOP lawmakers weaseling their way into DJT’s good graces by continuing to spew his known lies & BS. FauxNews does nothing else but that! Again…more like “still”, since it never stopped! The only 2 honorable GOP in Congress, they got rid of — guess it made rest of ’em look like the greedy, power-mongers & slimeballs they truly are. Now they’re all the same – of 1 voice & the MAGA-morons who feed off it & hear nothing else seem to think that they will get to go along on that ride to power & Big $$$. Hell no! They’ll be forgotten as soon as they vote & we all know it. It’s long happened elsewhere throughout the world, but they think “they’re special” somehow. I’d let them except they’ll be ending American freedom & our democracy, for ALL OF US, not just them! Corporate America & the uber-wealthy have stated plans to keep ALL the wealth & freedom for only them.
      And once we lose our freedom, democracy & any chance of rising from the bottom, you canmot get it back! The only power the people have is power of their vote ~ power to remove politicians that are rotten by voting them out! We will have NO power anymore if MAGA voters don’t open their eyes & use their brain — “get woke” — & see the slave labor ahead for all but wealthiest people & corps. Those making semi-decent $$ will have to support the whole nation by paying ALOT of taxes… cuz’ richest don’t pay taxes & the poorest can’t pay what they don’t have -$! That leaves only the middle to pay for everything, leaving them struggling & NO POWER to do a damn thing about it.
      MAGAts’ blind stupidity could end life as we know it in this country & when the end of freedom comes, it comes very quickly. Always has, just never here. Until now.
      The entire GOP Party should be deleted. Period. It’s a Party that hates all this country was founded on & like all greedy pigs, want it all for themselves only! GOP has shown itself to be as UN•American as it gets & Dems in leadership need to get off their lazy, paid-for butts & fight for the USA! Be a hero, not a zero… No more silence, whispers & inaction — DO SOMETHING! At least fight back like ya’ mean it. MSM news too — all of them!
      I want to move to Canada, or Australia.
      Will gladly give up US citizenship! This is not my country anymore & people won’t be free here…will be too busy suffering. Sorry ~ that’s how I feel.

  3. Trump’s ignorance is unfathomable to me, but what I really find hard to understand is his ability to gather so many followers. His personality is sick. I fear that our government is in danger of becoming violent if we listen to this psycho madman.

  4. Trump (R) did say clearly to the Proud Boys to stand down, and stand by. He did say the 1,000 neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville, N.C. were even “fine people”. Now he is stoking up his violent idiots, again, along with Republicans hinting about a Civil War out loud in public interviews. They are “chumming for sharks”., inside the US to the ones who are “standing by”. They are using coercion to achieve what they desire, with more threats to scare other Americans. January 6th, 2021 was just a practice run, to install their Dictator. They did have weapons stashed right near the Capitol, in case they ‘needed’ them. “Hang VP Mike Pence”, with their own Gallows was not a fucking joke. 150 Capitol Police stopped them.

  5. Between two despicable wishes — for a Civil War and a Great De[ressopm == the GOP and Deplorables/Trump Cultists — have outed themselves. Will we notice in time? O the ballot lawsuits — Minnesota has said Trump will not be on the ballot. Same with Colorado. Trump will not be on their ballot.

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