Trump Aide Jason Miller Accused of Sexual Assault – Is That a Trump Employment Prerequisite?

The number of Donald Trump associates implicated in illegal and/or immoral conduct just went up again. He already held the record for such unsavory connections in both his political and private lives, but he is apparently determined to set the bar so high that no one will ever challenge his dominance in depravity.

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Donald Trump, Pervert

Jason Miller, who is currently a senior advisor to Trump, has been accused of a variety of sexually related offences against another Trump aide, A.J. Delgado. He’s just the latest member of Trump’s inner circle to be charged with such grotesque misbehavior. Perhaps he can use as his defense that he was just following the example of his boss, who was recently affirmed to have committed rape against writer E. Jean Carroll.

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Delgado has filed a lawsuit against Miller, who has a prior history of alleged abuse and failure to take responsibility for his turpitude. According to Raw Story

“A lawsuit filed against longtime Trump aide Jason Miller accuses him engaging in ‘a cycle of sexual coercion, rape, sexual assault, abuse, battery, sexual harassment, and sex trafficking.’ [The lawsuit] was filed on behalf of A.J. Delgado, a former Trump 2016 campaign aide with whom Miller had an affair and who has since long accused Miller of stiffing her on child support payments.”

However, Miller is just the tip of the iceberg. The mob of miscreants that the Trump clan is composed of appears to be closely aligned with his set of morals, or lack thereof. In fact, the frequency of offenders on Trump’s team makes it appears as if committing sexual crimes is actually prerequisite to work for Trump, whose own vile exploits include dozens of allegations of assault and harassment. What follows is a partial, but noxious, enumeration of just a few of the perverts on Trump’s payroll.

Corey Lewandowski: “Former senior Donald Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski has cut a deal with Las Vegas prosecutors after he was charged with misdemeanor battery, stemming from allegations of unwanted sexual advances toward a woman during a charity dinner in Sept. 2021.”

Rudy Giuliani: “Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide who became a key witness in congressional Jan. 6 hearings, alleges that former President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, groped her on the day of the assault on the Capitol.”

Rob Porter “Rob Porter, a top White House aide with regular access to President Donald Trump abruptly resigned on Wednesday amid abuse allegations from two ex-wives.”

Boris Epshteyn “Boris Epshteyn, a longtime aide to former President Donald Trump, was arrested in 2021 after he was accused of repeatedly groping two women in an Arizona nightclub, according to police records.”

Andrew Puzder Andrew Puzder, “a former corporate executive alleging sex discrimination and sexual harassment by Donald Trump’s labor secretary nominee, Andrew Puzder”

Adam Hageman Adam Hageman, “A Trump Commerce Department official has been jailed for five-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to possession of child sexual abuse images.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle “Kimberly Guilfoyle was fired from Fox News because of ‘inappropriate behavior,’ adding weight to previous reports that she was ousted over sexual harassment allegations.”

That’s quite a rogues gallery. And while each of them have earned their own place in the Trump Hall of Shame, they all fall short of his lofty record of decadence and corruption. Trump is alleged to have harassed and/or assaulted at least 26 women. He has been found liable for fraud related to his real estate business, his charitable foundation, and his phony university. And he is now facing four indictments containing 91 felony charges ranging from obstruction of justice, to falsifying financial records, to stealing and hoarding classified documents, to interfering with an election, and to staging a violent coup.

Yet somehow he remains not just a viable candidate for the Republican nomination for president, but the runaway leader. His cult followers – while few in number but loud in voice – continue to worship him and pledge their votes. Which is curious considering that he doesn’t believe that someone like himself should even be allowed to run…

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3 thoughts on “Trump Aide Jason Miller Accused of Sexual Assault – Is That a Trump Employment Prerequisite?

  1. Is this the initiation ritual you have to do to get into Donald Trump’s cult? Sexually assault someone. Sure seems that way. When are these maga freaking going to wake up?

  2. Trumpler’s MAGAt morons don’t read, see or hear any of these items and wouldn’t allow themselves to believe them if they did. They’re terminally deluded and happy with it. It’s the fully-aware members of the GOP in Congress who are responsible for Trumpler’s status as candidate, because they’re too cravenly cowardly to stand up and denounce him. What a swamp full of slugs and rats.

  3. Of course, Traitor Don always hires “The Best People,” which apparently also includes those willing to participate in a threesome….

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