Fox News Attacks Kamala Harris Over Fake War on Gas Stoves and Says Democrats ‘Hate Humans’

From its inception, Fox News has had a reputation as a brazenly dishonest purveyor of right-wing propaganda and partisan lies intended to advance conservative Republican agendas and politicians. It doesn’t employ credible reporters, authenticate its stories, and has never been regarded as a legitimate journalistic enterprise.

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Fox News, Kamala Harris

Just this week Fox News reported that a car that ran through a U.S./Canada border checkpoint was a terrorist attack that proved that President Biden’s border policies were weak and responsible for this assault on the homeland. Of course, none of that was true. But even after it was revealed that there was no terrorism connection to the event, Fox News still wouldn’t retract or apologize for their panic-inducing, disinformation. They just diverted back to their routine bashing of Biden on unrelated matters.

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In keeping with their mission to deliberately defame Biden and other Democrats, Fox News aired a segment on Friday evening that may be the most preposterous piece of bullpucky to hit the airwaves so far this year. Which given Fox’s proficiency with preposterousness is really saying something. The segment featured Lisa Boothe, sitting in for Laura Ingraham, interviewing Fox contributor Charlie Hurt about one of the nation’s most pressing, albeit utterly imaginary, problems: Vice-President Kamala Harris’ Thanksgiving tweet wherein she was seen using an “evil” gas stove that the cretins at Fox News think Biden is trying to ban.

Fox News has spent untold hours on this topic, which has been picked up by republicans with nothing better to do than whine about the “War on Gas Stoves,” or the “War on Cars,” or the “War on Hamburgers,” or the annual “War on Christmas.” Among the GOP warriors is Ted Cruz, who had a typically puerile response to Harris…

Still, Cruz’s response doesn’t begin to compete with the flaming idiocy of Hurt. His rabid outburst provides an explanation for how he must have gotten his name. He is literally painful to listen to…

Hurt: It’s so funny that people, they saw that, her tweet, they saw her stove. They rightly heckled and mocked her and made fun of her and ridiculed her, and then all of the Democrats got freaked out and jumped online and said, ‘Oh no, wait a minute, they don’t want to take away the gas stoves. That’s misinformation.’ No, they do want to take away the gas stoves and, in fact, they are taking away the gas stoves in any of the places where they control things.
Boothe: Why do they want to ban gas stoves?
Hurt: I think because they hate us, they hate humans, they hate joyfulness, they hate pies, they hate good food. They hate. They want us all to be miserable. They want us to suffer because when we’re not suffering, if we’re not suffering, we are, you know, we’re making things. We’re creating things. We’re joyful. We’re doing wonderful things. Everybody is happy. And that drives them crazy because they’re all miserable. They want all of America to be as miserable and unhappy and unloved as they are, and we are just not going to go along with it.

Hurt was outraged by Harris’ holiday greeting. He was beside himself with redundant glee saying that Harris was “heckled and mocked…and made fun of…and ridiculed.” Really? All of those? Then he invents his own characterization of Democrats as being “freaked out” by the glaring misrepresentation of Harris’ Thanksgiving tweet. He should see Trump’s Thanksgiving message to his cult…

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However, if anyone was freaked out, it was Hurt. His overwrought reaction to this non-event is epically asinine. To suggest that Democrats hate “humans,” “joyfulness,” “pies,” and “good food,” is beyond derangement. And to elaborate by accusing all Democrats of being “miserable” and wanting the American people to “suffer” turns the lunatic dial up way past eleven. Furthermore, Hurt really needs to be more specific as to what “joyful,” “wonderful” things he and is ilk are creating when they’re happy. Is it screeds like the one he just disgorged?

For the record, the Biden administration is not – and never has been – trying to ban gas stoves, or any of the other items or holidays that Fox News claims there is a war on. In fact, Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was asked about this by Fox News earlier this year. She responded with a quote by the Chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission saying that…

“Research indicates that emissions from gas stoves can be hazardous and the CPSC is looking for ways to reduce related indoor air quality hazards…But to be clear, I am not looking to ban gas stoves and the CPSC has no proceeding to do so.”

For emphasis, Jean-Pierre added that “the President does not support banning gas stoves.” But somehow, the administration’s official reply to the question – posed by a Fox News correspondent – never got back to Fox News and the dimwits disseminating this nonsense. Or more likely, it did get back to them, but they just don’t care.

At fox News it would be an unforgivable betrayal of their commitment to distorting the “news” if they were to diverge from the far-right slant to which they have pledged their allegiance. And their contracts likely stipulate that they must always be waging a war on something, and more often than not, it’s reality.


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  1. It’s remarkable that someone who just extolled so much hatred in response to a non issue is accusing the Democrats of hating everything. As usual, it’s pure projection!

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