GOP Speaker Johnson Visits Fox News to Shamelessly Lie About Proposed Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Republicans in the House of Representatives are resolute in their commitment to preserve their record of accomplishing absolutely nothing during their year long tenure as the majority party. They are determined to obstruct any progress on behalf of the American people. They have even failed to pass the most basic and essential legislation, such as funding the government, and support for Ukraine and Israel.

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Instead, the GOP has produced a cavalcade of chaos while being singularly devoted to rank partisanship aimed solely at assaulting their political foes. That obsession has manifested itself innumerable hearings focused on impeaching President Biden on the basis of wholly fabricated falsehoods about him and his family. And the Republican “leadership” has been surprisingly candid about their nefarious intent…

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Just last month GOP House speaker, Mike Johnson, was reluctant to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry because “Biden’s polling numbers have been so weak, there is less of a political imperative to impeach him.” But his position has shifted in the few weeks that followed. Presumably because the Ultra-MAGA wing of his party has threatened to give him the boot, as they did to former speaker Kevin McCarthy, if he doesn’t fall in line. Consequently, Johnson rushed over to a diner in Shreveport, Louisiana, where Raymond Arroyo of Fox News was waiting to hear his confession:

Arroyo: This inquiry is underway. They’re voting this week to have an inquiry. Some of the folks in this diner say there shouldn’t be an inquiry of Joe Biden. There should be an impeachment proceeding. You would say what?
Johnson: Well, I would say we’re the rule of law team and we have to be very deliberate and careful about that. I’ve said several times, and it’s true, that next to the declaration of war, I think that impeachment is the heaviest power that Congress has. The House specifically under the Constitution. So we have to be very methodical and careful and follow the facts where they lead. The impeachment inquiry is the next necessary step because the White House is now stonewalling our investigation.

Arroyo prefaced his leading question with the observation that the prescreened audience of Trump cultists are already hankering for an impeachment without the annoying burden of having to gather evidence or to have any proof wrongdoing. And Johnson’s reply was typically riddled with cheesy talking points about the “rule of law” and adherence to the Constitution, neither of which he or the GOP have any respect for.

While Johnson pretends to be concerned about being “deliberate and careful,” the truth is that he knows very well that there isn’t the slightest justification for an impeachment probe. He has said so himself. As noted above, his mission is purely political. If Johnson really cared about the rule of law, as he claims, he would be impaneling a committee to investigate Donald Trump’s provably unlawful conduct, along with that of his family who have received billions from foreign oligarchs. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to transpire.

It’s notable that outside of the Trump-fluffing opinion mongers at Fox News – who dominate the network – there have been some unexpected acts of actual journalism. For instance, last week Fox’s White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, reported that…

“The House Oversight Committee has been at this for years, and they have so far not been able to provide any concrete evidence that Joe Biden personally profited from his son Hunter’s overseas business. But they are gonna try again with this impeachment inquiry that’s set to start next week.”

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So Johnson and his Propaganda Ministry at Fox News are contradicting the reporting of the network’s own alleged journalists. That’s because they couldn’t care less about facts, truth, or reality. They are fixated on phony scandals and disinformation that they can exploit to help Republicans and defame Democrats. And they aren’t shy about lying in order to achieve their evil ends.


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