Speaker Mike Johnson Gives Fox News His Utterly Phony ‘Straightforward Facts’ to Impeach Biden

Ever since the Republican Party barely assumed the majority in the House of Representatives earlier this year, they have devotedly focused on meritless attacks aimed at President Joe Biden and other Democrats. Their determination to malign their political foes has consumed them entirely, to the exclusion of anything remotely resembling the actual interests of the American people.

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Now that the GOP’s already slim majority has shrunk by one with the expulsion of pathological liar George Santos, the party is proving that they’ve learned nothing from their eleven months of rabid bias and pitiful ineptitude. They are resuming their obsession with impeaching Biden despite having zero evidence of any wrongdoing.

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On Saturday morning GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson ventured to the friendly territory of Fox News to lay out his case for impeaching Biden. He described his reasons as clear and consisting of “straightforward facts” to his pals at Fox and Friends. But as usual for the Republican scandal mongers, there were no facts presented, only blatant lies. What follows is an annotated transcription of Johnson’s remarks on Fox (See video below).

“The facts are so clear for everyone to see. Just a couple of numbers to remember, just real quick off the top. Fifteen million. We know that the Biden family received at least $15,000,000 from foreign nationals and foreign companies, that includes from Ukraine, Russia, China, just between 2014 and 2019.”

Johnson is asserting only that the Biden family received funds from doing business with foreign companies, which is entirely legal. In fact, others who have received such funds, in much larger amounts, include Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Don Trump Jr, and Eric Trump. And Johnson has no evidence that President Biden ever received a penny. And for much of that time Biden was not even in office. Then Johnson continued…

“Sixteen times, at least on the record, Joe Biden has lied about his involvement in the family’s business dealings, Hunter Biden’s business dealings. We know that twenty-two times, at least twenty-two times the President met with or talked with Hunter’s foreign business associates.”

Johnson has provided exactly zero evidence of Biden ever lying about his involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Not on Fox News, nor during any of the hearings held by his confederates in the House. In fact, the GOP’s own witnesses at those hearings testified that the President never spoke with Hunter’s business associates about anything more consequential than the weather, and nothing at all related to business. Then Johnson went on…

“And we have checks written to Joe Biden that the Oversight Committee has found, the banking records, $40,000 from China, $200.000 from a now bankrupt healthcare company that his brother James Biden apparently swindled. The evidence is so clear that you cannot look away. And the Constitution requires the House to follow the truth wherever it leads.”

This is the most blatant lie of all. Johnson has no checks to Biden from China or any bankrupt healthcare companies. And he knows it. What he has are checks from Biden’s brother James for repayments of personal loans between brothers. And the evidence of the loans was affirmed in the bank records that Johnson admits to having. What’s more, the allegation that James Biden “swindled” anyone is pure slander.

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What Johnson claims is clear evidence of crimes by the Biden family, is actually evidence of Johnson’s shameless dishonesty. Which is consistent with the inbred deceit of the Republican Party that he leads. Not to mention Fox News, whose flunkies sat there wide-eyed as he lied to them and their audience of Trump Cultists.

So it’s no surprise that the GOP recently announced that they would not be holding any more public hearings into the Biden impeachment. Because they must have finally gotten tired of humiliating themselves.


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4 thoughts on “Speaker Mike Johnson Gives Fox News His Utterly Phony ‘Straightforward Facts’ to Impeach Biden

  1. The horrendous nature of today’s Republican party is incomprehensible!

  2. Always truly heartwarming to see and hear a devout Christian lying through his pearly whites.

  3. Sleazy evangelical hypocrite Johnson is a very small man…..small in physical stature and even smaller in character and integrity. He makes the cowardly Master of the Flip Flop seem like a paragon of virtue by comparison. Whenever I see that self satisfied little smile he thinks is so adorable, all a can think is “smarmy little creep”.

  4. Reprehensible House Republicans Do Not have anything positive to cite from their time in the House,so they spout reprehensible lies about the Biden family. They assume that just saying negative lies about the Biden family will garner them votes for tRump in 2024! Good luck with that plan!

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