Newsmax Tells Slack-Jawed GOP Chair that He and His Biden Probe ‘Looked Like a Joke’ on CNN

The Republican Party in the House of Representatives is preparing to vote on whether to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry for President Biden, despite not having been able to produce a single shred of evidence of any wrongdoing after years of frantic digging. It’s part of an ongoing smear campaign that they have undertaken because they haven’t got anything resembling a positive legislative agenda.

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It should be noted that the GOP already has three committees engaged in informal impeachment inquiries. However, they have collectively produced nothing but humiliation for Republicans as their attempts to malign Biden inevitably backfired due to their brazen dishonesty. Their own witnesses ended up testifying that Biden had done nothing remotely untoward that would justify impeachment. In fact, their ineptitude has been so flagrant that even Fox News noticed…

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One of the committees currently harassing Biden is the Oversight Committee, chaired by GOP fabulist James Comer. In a recent interview on CNN Comer was made a laughingstock by Jake Tapper for his absurd assertions that Hunter Biden was indicted in order to protect him and cover up something or other…

Following that fiasco, Comer scampered off to Newsmax where he expected to get a much more friendly reception. And in point of fact, he did. However, Comer is such a nimrod that he botched the softballs lobbed at him. The Newsmax host, Rob Finnerty, brought up Tapper’s interview and gave Comer an opportunity to clean it up…

Finnerty: “He’s making your investigation sound like a joke, and he’s trying to make you look like a joke. And then half of America sees that and they think your investigation is a joke. How do you work around that?
Comer: Well, that’s the first time I went on CNN in three months. We thought we would give it a try. You know, Jake Tapper is an intelligent guy, but he’s playing to a low IQ audience. CNN is hemorrhaging viewers every day. And Jake’s doing what he’s told by his bosses at CNN, who are doing what they’re told by their bosses at the Democrat National Committee. CNN is a wholly owned unprofitable subsidiary of the Democrat National Committee.

So Comer’s first response is to note that he has been too afraid of being interviewed on CNN for the past three months. Then he praises Tapper, but insults the IQ of his audience. Never mind that the IQ of the Newsmax audience has be be considerably lower considering they have fully adopted the crackpot conspiracy theories of QAnon and still support Donald Trump, the twice-impeached, pathological liar, who is facing 91 felony charges, and has been adjudicated as a financial fraudster and rapist.

Furthermore, while CNN’s audience has declined, so has almost every other cable news network in the era of cord-cutting and streaming. And Newsmax trails Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, by significant margins. That may have something to do with the fact that it is a “wholly owned unprofitable subsidiary” of the Trump Cult, aka the Republican National Committee.

Perhaps the most striking thing about Comer’s response to being made to look like a joke, is that in his entire reply he never disagreed with it. He admitted his fear of CNN, his low opinion of their audience, and his ignorance of the cable news business. But he didn’t bother to dispute the contention that he and his probe of Biden looked like a joke. Because… how could he? What with all the laughter.


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