Fox News Excuses Trump Quoting Hitler to Bash Immigrants Because Melania is an Immigrant

Watching Donald Trump sink ever deeper into the abyss of totalitarianism is a painfully difficult thing for Americans who cherish the principles of democracy and liberty upon which this nation was founded. But as his legal perils mount, Trump is losing whatever threads of morality and decency that he might have pretended to be hanging onto.

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At his recent cult rally in New Hampshire, Trump elevated his authoritarian aspirations with language derived straight from the playbook of Adolf Hitler. Referring to immigrants and refugees seeking shelter in the United States, Trump complained that they were “poisoning the blood of our country.” Which is precisely how Hitler described the Jews in Germany that he yearned to exterminate.

Trump’s adoption of Hitler’s fear mongering was quickly condemned by Democrats and other decent Americans who recognized just how repugnant and dangerous that sort of hateful rhetoric is. But sadly, many Republicans defended Trump and attempted to dismiss his hate speech as harmless jargon that need not be taken seriously. That was also the position of the GOP’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News.

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Having had several days to reflect on Trump’s language, Fox News is still failing to appreciate the heinousness of Trump’s words. In a segment on their allegedly “news” driven program hosted by Bret Baier, they came up with a novel notion to excuse Trump’s Nazi inspired speech. Baier and fellow anchor David Asman engaged in the following exchange…

Asman: Some of things that Trump has been saying are quite difficult, even for his supporters. He said one the other night…

Trump Video: They’re poisoning the blood of our country. That’s what they’ve done. They poisoned mental institutions, and prisons all over the world. Not just in South America. Not just in three or four countries that we think about. But all over the world. They’re coming into our country from Africa, Asia, all over the world. They’re pouring into our country. Nobody’s even looking at them. They just come in. The crime is gonna be tremendous. The terrorism is gonna be — terrorism is going to be – and we built a tremendous piece of the wall and then we’re gonna build more.

Asman: Bret, nobody argues that it’s not a disaster. It is, and of course it’s being reflected in cities all over the country. But to use that phrase, “poisoning our blood,” that really got under the skin of a lot of people. Even his supporters. Is there any sign that anybody in his campaign is gonna try to answer that?

Baier: Not really. Listen, it’s the word he chose. I think it raised a lot of eyebrows, not only on the democratic side but in Republican circles. Obviously it hearkens back to some writings. And it’s been written about in numerous articles.

But it’s also important to point out the former president is married to an immigrant who just did a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives to welcome immigrants into the country. So there’s a disconnect there if that’s the dog whistle he’s sending. Some people are saying it is, but other people are saying it’s just the words he chose. Republicans even know – are uncomfortable with that phrasing.

Asman: Sometimes he does like to tweak people too. You wonder whether there was something of that in the whole thing. Meanwhile Biden’s poll numbers are just awful.

There’s a lot of bullcrap to unpack in that. Let’s begin where Asman began, with his contention that Trump’s remarks were difficult “even for his supporters.” It is pitifully obvious that Trump’s glassy-eyed disciples are not particularly bothered by Trump’s language. In fact. many of them are specifically drawn to him because of it.

Then Baier responds to Asman’s question noting, correctly at first, that no one in Trump’s campaign is likely to answer the criticism of his remarks. But Baier couldn’t even bring himself to describe Trump’s source as Hitler. He referred only vaguely to words that “hearkens back to some writings.”

However, Baier then thought he came up with the perfect apologia for Trump. He couldn’t possibly be calling for the elimination of immigrants in America because his wife is an immigrant. In fact, he married two foreigners, providing them and their anchor babies with citizenship. But that doesn’t indicate any affinity for the immigrant population in America. It just indicates the hypocrisy of Trump who is capable of condemning the vast majority of mostly immigrants of color, while separating his White European wives from the hordes of those that he and his followers hate.

Baier seems to notice that there is a “disconnect” there, and that Trump is blowing on his racist dog whistle. But Baier fails to notice that he is the one responding to the whistling with a ludicrous defense for Trump’s fascistic vulgarity. And it’s predictable that Asman closes the segment by trivializing Trump’s offensiveness because “he does like to tweak people,” and then diverting to an attack on President Biden’s polling.

At no point in the segment did wither Asman or Baier condemn Trump’s adoption of Hitler’s words or criticize his tyrannical leanings. So it’s fair to conclude that Fox News is comfortable with all of that. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that we can expect them to continue to advance Trump and his hate speech for the foreseeable future.


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One thought on “Fox News Excuses Trump Quoting Hitler to Bash Immigrants Because Melania is an Immigrant

  1. No disconnect for trump and his Nazi-fied followers. The “blood” comment is based on racial prejudice. It’s those brown “others” that they see contaminating their “white blood”. Remember, Hitler considered the Jews to be a “race” that he and his devotees felt would contaminate their “Aryan blood”. The GOP and friends are trying to downplay the visceral racial hatred embodied in trump’s comments.

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