The Annual Fox News Tradition Of Bashing The Obama’s Holiday Greeting

It’s that time of year again. The time when winter’s chill nips at your nose and poinsettia blooms abound. The time when children’s laughter echos through the streets and families come together for joyous feasts. And the time when Fox News lambastes the President and his family for not celebrating the holiday in the manner that they think good American, Christian, patriots ought to.

Fox Nation Christmas

What would the season be without Fox News dredging up this absurd and insulting story as they do every year? It is a tradition that really makes the holiday complete. And this year it is extra special because they brighten it with the cheerful words of Sarah Palin who calls the Obama’s holiday greeting “odd” and “strange,” and, in the spirit of the season, she complains that it doesn’t reflect the…

“…American foundational values illustrated and displayed on Christmas cards and on a Christmas tree. […] It’s just a different way of thinking coming out of the White House.”

Indeed, the current residents of the White House are so “different” than the rest of us. They look different and think different and pray different, but mostly look different. And they express their warm wishes to the nation differently than other “normal” presidents like, for instance, George W. Bush, whose Holiday greetings also didn’t mention Christmas:

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Along with the Bush family, Rupert Murdoch declined to mention Christmas in his greeting to the tens of thousands of people who work for him. And Fox News itself aired “Holiday” greetings to their television viewers.

But the cherished holiday tradition of bashing a family for choosing to include people of all faiths (or none) in their hopes for joy and peace and well being, is reserved only for the Obamas. It’s that special treatment Fox saves for those they hate during this season of love.

[Addendum] To complete the hypocrisy, Fox has unveiled their own Christmas card that Palin might also consider lacking the “American foundational values.” In fact, it is downright mean-spirited as it delivers a message of competition and acrimony.

Fox News Christmas Card

The card mockingly depicts the Fox sled (drawn appropriately by sheep) as winning the race against ABC, NBC, and CBS. What a heartwarming tribute to the birth of their savior, a man of peace and acceptance, who beseeched his followers to love their enemies. And in addition to being self-serving and tasteless, the card is also a barefaced lie. The highest rated program on Fox News (The O’Reilly Factor) has about half the audience of the the lowest rated network news program (CBS Evening News). So the Fox sled should be in the rear, if they cared about telling the truth.


7 thoughts on “The Annual Fox News Tradition Of Bashing The Obama’s Holiday Greeting

  1. What a bunch of effing aholes! Your right, they do this every year and it gets really old. But their nation of Fox bots can’t get enough of it. The republican house just raised taxes on 160 million Americans to protect their constituency of millionaires from tax hikes and they talk this shit!

    • Randy, I’m not sure the failure to pass the senate version of the “tax holiday” had anything to do with the rich constituency. Not sure what the difference is between 2 months and a 1 year extension is other than more red-ink for Social Security.

  2. I’m curious about two things mentioned in the commentary, and endorsed in the “me too” comments.

    1. If Fox is hypocritical, how does one reconcile the fact that they mentioned the lack of Christian specificity when Pres. Bush was in office? Wouldn’t that mean they were equal opportunity complainers?

    2. How does one call cancellation of the Social Security tax cut “raising taxes on 160 million Americans,” but the “Bush tax cut” is merely restoring the status quo? I would point out that both were advertised as temporary measures, and thus both require renewal.

    DISCLAIMER: I pay the same deduction of around 7%, and my employer pays 7%. It’s a 2% tax cut for me. I didn’t ask for it, and while I’m willing to spend it, it’s just another way for the government to spend money we don’t have. In fact, if it gets extended, I should probably continue to put it into an IRA rather than just spend it. Then at least it’ll go to my retirement instead of being misappropriated to the general fund and counted twice as federal revenue, as if it were magic money.

    If we continue to speak in Orwellian terms to justify spending money we don’t have, there won’t be any money to spend. Do we really want to have a situation where it costs $10,000 for a loaf of bread?

    • 1) Fox took great pains to avoid saying that Bush didn’t mention Christmas. The only reference they made to it was to say that Bush included Biblical quotes. They did not explicitly note that the Bush greetings didn’t mention Christmas and they certainly didn’t complain about it – then or now.

      2) The Democrats are consistent in advocating tax cuts for the middle class. The only part of the Bush tax cuts that Dems are proposing to let expire are those that go to the wealthy who have benefited inordinately during this downturn.

  3. Mark, I followed the link and now I need an antacid. If you made a drinking game out of the comments on that page, taking a shot every time a dumbass Fox News reader used the word “Muslim”, you’d be fucked up before getting half way down the page. It is fucking amazing how unChristian so many so-called, self-professed Christians can be. What a bunch of humps.

    • I’ve noticed that. Almost any article on Fox Nation about Obama is an opportunity for the most racist denizens of Rightville to come out and show how obscene and juvenile they can be.

  4. I believe it was on Sheppard Smith’s show; they had a dog on set while they celebrated the holidays. Put it right on his desk. I didn’t see any of Palin’s “family, faith and liberty” on set tho.

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