LOCK HER UP: NY Attorney General Letitia James Took Off Her Shoes During Trump’s Fraud Hearing

This week there was a historic court judgment against a former president of the United States. Donald Trump was found to have committed massive fraud in an effort to enrich himself via favorable loan and insurance rates that he was not entitled to. The court imposed a $350 million penalty on Trump.

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Needless to say, Trump and his legal team were not pleased with that ruling. As usual Trump delivered a stream of frenzied posts on his failing social media scam, Truth Social, that continued his relentless and childish insults aimed at the judge, the prosecutors, witnesses, and media.

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However, in a bid to outdo Trump’s own berserk behavior, his lawyer, Alina Habba, rushed into the warm arms of Sean Hannity on Fox News to whine about what a terrible world they are forced to live in. A world where criminals are held accountable for their crimes, and where there are consequences for deliberate violations of the law.

What made Habba’s appearance on Hannity’s show even more amusing, is how she chose to defend Trump following the devastating judgment against him. Did she bring up any legal arguments that attest to his innocence? Did she cite any flaws in the court’s procedures? Did she offer any proof of bias? Nope. Here is what Habba felt was her most compelling rebuttal to the ruling…

“Ms. James had her shoes off in court. Let’s not forget that. I called it out in the closing arguments. But it’s true. She had a Starbucks coffee in her hand. She wasn’t doing work, and she wasn’t sitting at the counsel table. She was in the back with her shoes off and a coffee. And at the end of the day, we’re sitting there looking at this going ‘this is the state of our country.'”

That’s right! New York Attorney General Letitia James had the audacity to briefly remove her shoes while watching the proceedings. And to make matters worse, she was DCWB (Drinking Coffee While Barefoot). These will surely be among Habba’s main points in her motion to appeal. But she went on to say that…

“AGs are so comfortable in court that they know they don’t even have to do the job. They don’t have to do the work. They’re going to let their people do it, and they’re going to sit there and they’re going to win. That’s a problem. So we will go to the next level. We are going to people that aren’t running on a campaign, running to get Trump before they are event in office, and we will win.”

Apparently Habba thinks that Attorneys General take the lead in prosecutions conducted by their office. That is almost never true. They are managers, more often than litigators. So James was, in fact, doing her job. Not that Habba really cares about that.

As for James being “comfortable in court” with the prospect of winning, why wouldn’t she be? The mountain of evidence against Trump was as good a predictor of success as any prosecutor has ever had. Judge Engoron noted that “this defense is wholly undercut by the overwhelming evidence adduced at trial.”

So shoes or not, James was understandably comfortable. And Trump is just as understandably scared. This was a devastating civil judgment, but the criminal cases are still to come.


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