YEAH RIGHT! Sean Hannity Thinks He Can Convince Democrats to Ditch Biden and Vote for RFK Jr

The campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been a bad joke from the start. He began seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party in a futile challenge to President Joe Biden. Recognizing the failure of that effort, he ditched the party and declared himself an independent.

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Kennedy is hardly independent. He was recruited to run by Trump whisperer, Steve Bannon. His biggest donor also happens to be Trump’s biggest donor. He proudly poses for pictures with the likes of Russian asset Mike Flynn, and GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone, who are both longtime Trump flunkies. And he has been promoted regularly on Fox News.

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In a flagrant dismissal of reality, Thursday night’s episode of Sean Hannity’s Fox News program featured Hannity giving a preposterous campaign speech aimed at converting Democrats from Biden supporters to Kennedy. You have to wonder who Hannity thinks he was preaching to. It’s not as if there are any Democrats watching his show or looking to him for advice on who to vote for. Nevertheless, Hannity spewed the following pro-Kennedy nonsense (with relevant annotations)…

“If you are a left-wing voter, Kennedy frankly gives you all the nutty Biden, Bernie Sanders, Green New Deal, climate denial, religious cult policies…”
[Hannity apparently thinks that he can be more persuasive by insulting the people he’s trying to persuade]

“…maybe without the corruption and sleaze and chaos, and he definitely knows what day of the week it is. Gotta give him credit for that. Let’s not forget, at just 70 years of age RFK Jr. is more than a decade younger than Joe Biden, and he’s more with it.”
[There is zero evidence any corruption by Biden. And Hannity’s attacks on Biden’s mental acuity are unfounded and tiresome. What’s more, Trump is also about a decade older than Kennedy, with real cognitive defects]

“He also supports affirmative action. He cut ads for the likes of Al Gore. He supported Hillary Clinton. He supported Obama. He supported every Democratic presidential candidate there is. So, for conservatives that maybe like his position on COVID, OK. Now take a look at the rest of the record. We’re only giving you fact-based information here.”
[Here is where Hannity gets to his real point. He isn’t really trying to persuade Biden voters (who aren’t watching his show) to vote for Kennedy. He’s trying to persuade Trump voters (his viewers) not to]

All told, Kennedy would be a much better alternate choice for Trump voters. He would fit right in with them because, for much of his political life, he has been a confirmed conspiracy theory crackpot. His unsavory associations with ultra right-wingers are anathema to Democratic principles. The GOP has adopted him as one of their own, and he is now the MAGA Republican Party’s favorite anti-Democratic stooge.

To anyone with open eyes and functional brain cells, it’s clear that Kennedy is a Republican stalking horse for Biden, if not an outright plant. And if you need any further evidence of Kennedy’s tight relationship with conservatives, check out this article from Mother Jones: “RFK Jr. Fundraisers Tied to J6ers, QAnoners, Christian Nationalists, and Far-Right Extremists.” That isn’t exactly a Democratic resume, is it?


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3 thoughts on “YEAH RIGHT! Sean Hannity Thinks He Can Convince Democrats to Ditch Biden and Vote for RFK Jr

  1. FOX opinion channel is one of if not the worst enablers of Trump and accomplices.
    When is a concerted effort to get this mutt kicked going to happen?

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