Has Fox News Finally Figured it Out? ‘This is Why Conservatives Call the GOP the Stupid Party’

If it seems to you like every day Republicans in Congress do something new to humiliate themselves, while advancing their ultra-rightist smear campaigns against President Biden and other Democrats, and sucking up to their Dear Leader Donald Trump, then it’s clear that you are paying attention.

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It’s almost as if the GOP is purposefully planning these embarrassing political pratfalls as their strategy for winning back the White House. What else could explain stunts like the one that Marjorie Taylor Greene just pulled by filing a motion to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson after only five months as Speaker? And recall that he got that post because Republicans ousted the previous Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, after only nine months.

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The reaction to Green’s motion has been swift and hilarious. Most of her GOP colleagues have condemned her for reinforcing the accurate impression that the Republican Party is populated by idiots and is awash in chaos. But those condemning her are doing their own part in reinforcing that impression. They surely are not exhibiting the unity that Trump recently bragged about…

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And if that weren’t bad enough, Fox News isn’t taking any of this very well. It is presenting them with more obstacles to their propaganda mission of propping up Republicans and Trump-fluffing. That was glaringly evident in the monologue of Fox’s Laura Ingraham who whined that…

“I have been in Washington for 30 years. I have never witnessed what I’m witnessing now. A party with a narrow majority in the House of Representatives – everything on the line in the country – but committing a slow suicide. This is why conservatives call the GOP the stupid party.”

First of all, it isn’t conservatives calling the GOP “The Stupid Party” (which would make a great new name for them). It is mainstream Republicans and most Americans. If anything, it’s the conservatives like Greene and the GOP’s Freedom Caucus who are attacking Johnson, advocating extremist policies (i.e. banning abortion, cutting Social Security, etc.), and generally spreading around the stupid.

What’s more, Ingraham is complaining about the GOP being incapable of governing with their “narrow” and shrinking majority. But she is steadfastly against working with Democrats on compromise legislation such as funding the government, securing the border, or providing aid to Ukraine. She and her right-wing confederates have no positive solutions to the nation’s problems. Instead, they are laser focused on impeaching President Biden and maligning his family and Cabinet. It is that agenda that is causing their “slow suicide.”

However, Ingraham is not alone. Her Fox News comrade, and former Trump press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, joined the pile-on following Green’s Johnson-busting business. On Friday’s episode of Fox’s “Outnumbered” McEnany offered a uniquely perverse point of view…

“So, Marjorie Taylor Greene said ‘I have not talked to president Trump about this.’ Largely president Trump and Speaker Mike Johnson have had a great relationship. Speaker Mike Johnson just put out a piece congratulating him on securing the nomination. I think it’s a pretty big voice you would want to get input from since he’s the titular head of the party at the moment.”

What McEnany is proposing is that Trump be given the right of approval as to who Republicans in the House choose to lead their party. Never mind that the Constitution explicitly divides the government into three independent branches. McEnany would do away with the principle of “separation of powers” so that Trump could reign as a monarch, imposing his will on the legislative and judicial branches, in addition to the executive. Which, by the way, he does not currently occupy.

This is just further evidence that the Stupid Party is more of a cult than a political enterprise. And it’s Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) is fully on board with elevating Dear Leader Trump to messiah status as they pray for him to be their savior. But if the abject foolishness of Republicans is regarded as the party having committed suicide, it is one that will benefit the nation and its citizens, So perhaps a more fitting description for the demise of the GOP is that it’s a mercy killing.


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One thought on “Has Fox News Finally Figured it Out? ‘This is Why Conservatives Call the GOP the Stupid Party’

  1. Idiot Bobby Jindal demanded that the falsely-named “Republican” Party should stop BEING the Stupid Party.

    Hasn’t happened yet. Ain’t going to happen anytime soon. Utterly unlikely so long as they maintain their eternal god worship….

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