Watch Fox News Host Prove that She’s Lying About Democrats Using A.l. to Alter Trump’s Words

The mission of Fox News from its inception has been to promote far-right politics and the Republican Party. However, in recent years it has shifted to an even more extreme bias in favor one Republican in particular. The Fox News devotion to Donald Trump and his MAGA cult has been an all-consuming obsession that abandons any connection to journalism or even patriotism.

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Fox News, Bullshit Factory

Consequently, Fox News has never felt compelled to provide any factual basis for their flagrantly dishonest propaganda. It’s why they produce stories like the the one this week about President Biden allegedly prohibiting religious symbols on Easter eggs during the White House holiday event, when that was a rule that’s been in place for 45 years, including during Trump’s occupation of the White House. It’s why Fox News often winds up inadvertently slamming their own GOP allies who they regard as insufficiently committed to lock-step party uniformity, like good fascists…

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On Thursday morning, Fox News host Harris Faulkner unleashed a segment wherein she disgorged her outrage at Democrats who she accused of distorting Trump’s words. Of course, Democrats have no need to distort anything Trump says, because his rhetoric is heinously offensive without any artificial alteration.

Nevertheless, Faulkner made the wholly unsupported allegation that some unnamed nefarious Democrat employed Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to alter what Trump said at his cult rally in Michigan.

Faulkner: It didn’t happen the way the Dems say it did. Here’s a clip that Team Biden posted from Trump’s speech in Michigan this week…
Trump (Video): Democrats said “Please don’t call them animals.” I said “No, they’re not humans. They’re animals.”
Faulkner: Here’s what he actually said. Trump’s words. Actually said this…
Trump (Video): The 22 year old nursing student in Georgia who was barbarically murdered by an illegal alien animal. The Democrats said “Please don’t call them animals.” I said “No, they’re not humans. They’re animals.”
Faulkner: First of all, how in the world did they edit all those words together to even put something like what they had. That’s amazing. […] What are they using? A.I.?”

OMG: Did everyone notice that Faulkner’s video of Trump’s blatant racism said exactly the same thing as the video that Faulkner said was the work of Democrats? The only difference was Trump’s preface about the tragically murdered student (about whom he lied saying he had spoken to her family). But that didn’t change the racist context of his remarks at all. He didn’t call just the alleged murderer an animal. He said that “THEY are animals.” It was a clear reference to all migrants.

Contrary to Faulkner’s deliberate lie, there was no modification whatsoever, A.I. or otherwise. Her amazement at how Democrats supposedly “edit(ed) all those words together” is bizarre, considering that the words were identical. And this was her own video “proof” of some sort of Democratic deception? The real question is not “What are they using?” It’s “What is SHE using?”

And yet, the Fox News viewers will likely fail to see any problem with this bullpucky. They will swallow it whole and come away believing that Democrats manufactured everything that Trump said. And at the same time they will agree with everything that Trump said. That’s the nature of a cult. And Fox News is the Ministry of Disinformation for the Cult of Trump (aka the Republican Party), where Trump’s words can be simultaneously fake and correct.


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One thought on “Watch Fox News Host Prove that She’s Lying About Democrats Using A.l. to Alter Trump’s Words

  1. Said before, say again: The only thing the Trump Worshipers are capable of doing is to eff their own lack-of-a-point.

    And they’re too lost in the KKKult of the SubMoron to realize that’s what they’ve done….

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