Fox News Breaks the Hush Money Trial Wide Open By Reporting that ‘Trump is a Really Nice Guy’

Week five of Donald Trump’s trial for election interference and campaign finance fraud has begun with a bang. The week is beginning with perhaps the most anticipated witness, after Stormy Daniels, of the whole sordid affair. Michael Cohen was Trump’s attorney and “fixer” for ten years before his role in the “hush money” payoff to buy the silence of Daniels prior to the presidential election.

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Throughout the first four weeks of the trial, the prosecution has effectively built the case against Trump with documentary evidence and testimony affirming his intention to keep his tryst with Daniels secret so that it wouldn’t cause further harm to his campaign. Trump’s defense team, on the hand, has failed to do any damage to the witnesses who have taken the stand so far. And the only thing Trump himself has done is to whine in the hallway outside of court.

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Meanwhile, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, is playing its part in this melodrama, which is to whitewash the most wretched aspects the story as they unfold. Unfortunately, there is little that they can do to erase the harm resulting from Trump’s noxious and unlawful behavior. So they are resorting to lame depictions of Trump as a beneficent figure who is a candidate for sainthood. For example, on Fox and Friends First they gushed…

“Listen to what the witnesses say about Trump and their time working for him. Madeline Westerhout. ‘A very good boss. Very enjoyable to work for.’ Hope Hicks: ‘A very good time.’ Rona Graff: ‘He was fair. I don’t think I would have been there 34 years if he didn’t respect me.’

And then let’s bring in Michael Cohen, the star witness of the prosecution. He said: ‘It was fantastic working for him for those ten years. Was an amazing experience. There were great times. There were less great times, but for the most part, I enjoyed the responsibilities given to me.’” And the Fox News host then added that “By and large Donald Trump is a really nice guy. If you get to know him he’s a friendly, nice, gregarious, human being.”

Seriously? The best that Fox News can do is to peddle the nonsense that Trump – a notoriously noxious individual who is filled with hostility and a penchant for vengeance – is “nice”? Well then, in that case they should throw the whole case out. The appraisals of Trump above are all by his former loyal employees who have already appeared as witnesses for the prosecution. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that they have fond memories of the many years they worked for him. But that only makes their consistently incriminating testimony all the more credible – and detrimental to Trump – because they can’t be dismissed as enemies.

It’s also notable that Fox’s most reliable Trump-fluffers couldn’t come up with any coherent legal defenses that actually argued for his innocence. And neither, by the way, can Trump. So they focus on these irrelevant personal characterizations instead. Never mind that there are innumerable examples of people who have worked for Trump who were later cast out as “stupid, incompetent, liars,” and worse when they were of no further use to him. Further proof of his niceness.

Cohen isn’t the only former Trump loyalist who is now unable to support him. His former White House Chief of Staff, Attorney General, U.N. Ambassador, National Security Advisor, Joint Chiefs Chairman, and an assortment of other administration officials, have concluded that he is a danger to the nation. Even his own vice-president, Mike Pence, has publicly announced that he won’t endorse him.

So these old and no longer held opinions of Trump by his past employees are a truly worthless exercise in distraction. Particularly when they have all now testified against him. But it’s the only thing that Fox News could come up with to counter all the bad legal news for Trump. Look for Trump’s defense to rest on feeble accusations that he is the victim of a “rigged” justice system. Because when all the evidence points to guilt, all the defendant can do is whine. Which this defendant is especially good at.


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  1. Ah yes, a nice guy, that s**ts ON everyone for anything. Please, my dead dog is NICER than this rapist, traitor, t-rump is.

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