Eric Trump Admits to Fox News that His Father is Guilty in the So-Called ‘Hush Money’ Case

One of the most striking observations about the trial of Donald Trump in New York for campaign finance fraud and election interference (sometimes referred to as the “Hush Money” case), is the absence of any support for Trump by his family. His wife Melania has not attended a single hearing. And his children have kept their distance as well.

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That is, until this week. Trump’s son Eric made a brief appearance in the courtroom, perhaps in response to the media reporting that none of Daddy Trump’s relatives have bothered to show up. Of course, they aren’t the only ones not showing up to offer support to Dear Leader. There has been a pitifully paltry parade of Trump’s political supporters, despite his explicitly begging for them to fill the streets outside of the courthouses.

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Following the hearing that Trump spawn Eric attended, he made a mad dash for Fox News for a nerf ball interview with Mark Levin. Among Levin’s recent delights was being quoted by Trump, along with an array of other Fox News legal hacks who are working feverishly to convince Trump and his cult followers that he’s winning his case. Eric began the torrid tale of his time at the trial by describing the nightmare he endured (video below)

“Then I get to watch, I sit right behind my father in the first pew as they try to slander him. They try to keep him off the campaign trail. They try to waste his time. They try to destroy his reputation and his image with a nonsense case.”

There is absolutely nothing in those remarks that approach reality. First of all Eric doesn’t identify who he means when he says “they.” Is it the judge? The prosecutors? The Democrats? The Deep State agents of Antifa? Who knows?

Secondly, courts are not commonly referred to as having “pews.” Eric might be confusing it with church, except that neither he nor his dad ever go there either. Third and fourth, this trial isn’t prohibiting Trump from campaigning. He is only in court four days a week. So he has three other days, and every evening, to campaign. Although he has rarely done so. And holding people accountable for crimes is not a waste of time. It’s adherence to law and order and equal justice.

Finally, there is little that any of Eric’s perceived enemies could do to “destroy” Trump’s reputation or image. He does that effectively himself without any help. However, Eric apparently believes that Papa Trump needed some help with his pleading in this case. So he went on to say that…

“No one believes that the Democrats are going after my father for 34 felony counts for a $130,000 retainer to a lawyer that was billed as a retainer to a lawyer, from a lawyer, that was booked as a legal expense.”

Actually, many people believe that Trump has been appropriately charged with 34 felony counts (in this case alone, 88 counts in all) for trying to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels so as not to harm his electoral prospects, and then covering it up by lying about it being a legal expense. Among those who believe that are the judge, who declined to dismiss the case twice, the prosecutor, who filed the charges, the grand jury that issued the indictment, and a majority of the American people.

More to the point, Eric is, in effect, admitting that his father is guilty by claiming that the payoff was a legal expense. That is precisely the crime that he has been charged with. Documentary evidence exists (including a tape recording of Trump and his former attorney/fixer, Michael Cohen) that affirms that Trump made the payment from his personal account to kill a story that would damage his campaign.

Trump has also made similarly incriminating statements wherein he admits that he falsely recorded these payments as legal expenses. So both he and his son are now on record with virtual confessions of guilt. They aren’t denying that the law was broken. They are merely insisting that they have some sort of imperial right to break whatever laws they want. Hopefully the jury will disagree.


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