Trump and Fox News are Priming the MAGA Cult for Devastating and Dangerous Disappointment

The trial of Donald Trump for election interference and campaign finance fraud (sometimes known as the “Hush Money” trial), has wrapped its fourth week. Throughout that time the prosecution has presented witnesses whose testimony has been credible and severely damaging to Trump’s fading prospects for an acquittal. And the cross examinations by Trump’s defense counsel have been wholly ineffectual, and at times even beneficial to the prosecution.

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Consequently, Trump has resorted to pitifully lame outbursts that range from whining that he is the victim of a “hoax” prosecution that is being run by President Biden (for which he has never provided a shred of evidence), to infantile insults aimed at the judge and other parties to the proceedings. Yet somehow, in the midst of all this seething angst, Trump still babbles about how splendidly everything is going.

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In what has become a staple of Trump’s hallway harangues, he has been brandishing batches of print outs provided by his campaign caretakers. This stack of carefully vetted emotional support documents consists of entirely of articles by Trump’s Fox News flunkies and assorted legal hacks who are unflinchingly devoted to Dear Leader.

This courtside ritual sees Trump rifling through the documents and reciting the names of his TV legal advisers. What it doesn’t do is offer any coherent argument in his defense or evidence of his innocence. He doesn’t even bother to quote from the articles he is flaunting.

However, on Friday Trump posted a series of citations from some these legal “experts” on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social. This should give everyone an idea of why he is so convinced that he will prevail in his criminal cases. Trump began with own fact-free decree of confidence, shouting in all caps that, “THERE IS NO CRIME, ACCORDING TO ALMOST EVERYONE, AND IT IS TOO LATE FOR OUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT TO CREATE ONE!” What follows are some of the “everyone” to whom he is referring…

  • Jonathan Turley: “This case is becoming legally obscene…Defense doing well, have been all along.”
  • Laura Ingraham: “This is a papered over political hitjob further sullied by Merchan’s overbroad and unconstitutional Gag Order.”
  • Kerri Urbahn, Legal Editor, Fox News: “Not going well for prosecution.”
  • Alan Dershowitz: “Trump’s Trial Will Go Down In The History Books As A Stupendous Legal Catastrophe.”
  • Gregg Jarrett: “This case is a partisan ‘witch hunt’ —a trial in search of an imaginary crime. It can’t be found because it doesn’t exist […] The case against Trump has been on life support.”
  • John Yoo: “Based on everything seen so far, the prosecution has not proven a single element of the ‘crime’!”

Notice that the common denominator of all of these Trump-fluffers is their association with Fox News. And you can add Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, Mark Levin, and Jesse Watters to this list of legal losers. And Trump has blocked out true legal experts such as Lawrence Tribe, Andrew Weissmann, Neal katyal, Joyce Vance, and many others. All of whom regard the prosecution’s case as strong and have no trouble defining the laws that Trump has broken. Even Trump’s own Attorney General, Bill Barr, said that “If even half of what [the indictment] says is true, HE’S TOAST!”

Making matters worse, Watters delivered a monologue Friday night that demonstrated the delusional perspective that permeates the MAGA minions. Ignoring the constant barrage of hostilities emanating from Trump and his confederates, Watters complained that it was actually Democrats who are disgruntled, saying that “There’s a lot of anger, confusion, and sadness, in the Democrat Party.” He didn’t cite any examples of that, but he did make the following ridiculous analogy…

“They wanted to arrest this guy for a decade, and now that he’s in court, and now that they’re in court they’re complaining? Like a dog chasing a car, as soon as they catch it, they don’t know what to do. Democrats aren’t happy no matter what happens.”

Watters included a clip of Trump saying “Has anyone ever noticed that there’s just no happiness on the left? They’re not happy. They’re not happy people.” Which is yet another example of projection by Trump. His congenital unhappiness and anger is a hallmark of his public persona.

UPDATE: Eric Trump was on Mark Levin’s Fox News program Saturday night and disagreed with his father’s assertion that Democrats are not happy…

But that isn’t what’s really troubling about all of this. A much bigger problem is that Trump and Fox News are flagrantly lying about the potential outcome of his trial. They are assuring the cultists that Trump will triumph, when the most likely result is just the opposite. And by pretending that Trump is winning his legal battles, they are setting up the MAGA cult for a crushing disappointment.

That could result in an outburst of civil unrest that could make the January 6th insurrection look like a walk in the park. And that’s exactly why they are doing it. They want riots and violence and hordes of StormTrumpers filling the streets. They haven’t been able to gin that up during the trial – not for lack of trying – but this sort of deception could produce the result they hope for.

The nation’s law enforcement needs to be ready for that should it occur. And the responsibility for any harm must placed on Trump, Fox News, and their political and media accomplices, for their advocacy of violence and their inciting of it by these flagrant lies. They know precisely what they are doing, and what the consequences are. They must not be allowed to get away with it.


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One thought on “Trump and Fox News are Priming the MAGA Cult for Devastating and Dangerous Disappointment

  1. Perhaps the sadness on the left is due to the fact that so many Americans are apparently willing to wander into fascism without even questioning what’s happening. We are, however, buoyed by the fact that this cult is only joined by about 30% of the electorate so that even the edge of the Electoral College and voter suppression won’t allow Trump a second term.

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