MAGA Mike Johnson Announces His Intention to Interfere with the Criminal Investigation of Trump

For most of the last month, Donald Trump has been a seen as a pathetic and lonely (and sleepy) crybaby as he attended his criminal trail in New York. During the hearings he sits with his lawyers scowling as the evidence of his crimes is revealed by one witness after another. Then he unleashes his wrath at the press in the court’s hallway with his tediously repetitious complaints of victimhood and the torture of a “freezing” courtroom.

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That changed this week, however, with the sudden appearance of some of Trump’s congressional bootlickers. They have apparently decided that the duties they have been neglecting in Washington because they have no interest in the people’s business, must now be neglected in order to prop up their Dear Leader being tried on 34 felony charges.

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Among the attendees is GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson, who showed up with a coterie of congressional Trump-fluffers, and wannabe VP candidates. Trump praised them as his “surrogates” who were there speaking “beautifully” on his behalf. Although he still hasn’t managed to convince his wife Melania to stand by his side. The only thing the presence of these MAGA reps accomplishes is to affirm that Trump is using the trial as a political stunt. He has done almost no other campaigning since the trial began, despite having all his weekends and evenings free.

For his part, Johnson regurgitated the rote Trump complaints that the trial is persecution, election interference, and tainted by alleged biases of the judge and prosecutors. At one point he effectively conceded that Trump is guilty…

In addition to his toadyism for Trump, Johnson also took the opportunity to announce that he intends to exploit his position in Congress to obstruct justice on Trump’s behalf. He told the gathered media that…

“I’m working with chairman [Jim] Jordan of the House Judiciary Committee, and chairman [James] Comer of the Oversight Committee, on measures to rein in the abuses of special counsel Jack Smith.”

Johnson never bothered to reveal what those alleged abuses might be. And he surely doesn’t care that the cases Smith is prosecuting are indictments that were handed down by citizens serving on grand juries. But his intention to assign these tasks to representatives Jordan and Comer couldn’t be a better scenario – for Democrats. The two of them have been uniquely incompetent in their pursuit of President Biden for imaginary crimes and baseless impeachment probes. Their own witnesses often exonerated Biden, or wound up being arrested themselves for lying to legal authorities.

More to the point, Johnson doesn’t seem to realize that he has no jurisdiction whatsoever over an independent counsel appointed by the Attorney General. The most he could do is try to pass legislation to defund the entire Justice Department, which would cripple law enforcement on other matters such as drug trafficking, civil rights, and terrorism. What’s more, his efforts to defund the police would never get through the Senate.

The only purpose that Johnson has here is to prove to Trump that he is willing to help him to avoid accountability for the crimes he has committed. If he really thought that Trump was innocent, he would let the jury determine that and acquit him. But Johnson – like Trump – knows that he’s guilty and his only hope is some sort of get-out-of-jail-free card, or the phony and unconstitutional “presidential immunity” that Trump is trying to get from the Supreme Court.

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What’s abundantly clear is that Johnson, and the MAGA GOP that he leads, have abandoned entirely any pretense of working on behalf of the American people. They have only one constituent now. And that’s Donald Trump. Unfortunately for them, their one constituent may soon be a felon who is prohibited by law from voting. And a fair portion of Republican voters are likely to resent being neglected and choose not to vote themselves. And if that comes to pass, the majority of the American people would ironically owe Trump and Johnson and the Republican Congress a debt of gratitude. Strange times indeed.


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3 thoughts on “MAGA Mike Johnson Announces His Intention to Interfere with the Criminal Investigation of Trump

  1. Next time around the Democrats might not bother to save Johnson’s bacon.

  2. I heard last night at the Roundtable Discussion Chris Hayes asking that very question, and Lawrence O’Donnell said some House Democrats were already rethinking that. That it might not have been a very smart idea.

  3. Right. In fact, he needed help to save his job from MTG’s Motion to Vacate. The ones who helped are rethinking that decision and I think the next time there’s a Motion to Vacate the Speaker’s chair, that Johnson can forget any help. I hope they’re right.

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