Trump is Predicting a Guilty Verdict Saying that ‘Mother Teresa Could Not Beat These Charges’

After six weeks of testimony, and the production of mountains of documentary evidence, the so-called “Hush Money” case, wherein Donald Trump is charged with falsifying financial records, as well as tax and campaign finance fraud, has been handed over to the jury for deliberation.

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Donald Trump Circling the Drain

Predicting the outcome of any case is a risky proposition, and would be especially daring in this, the first ever prosecution of a former president. Although it would not be particularly venturesome to observe that the defendant’s attorneys presented a shallow and fact averse case, while the case of the prosecution was extraordinarily strong and well constructed. So much so that even Trump seemed confused about his status.

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Throughout the trial Trump has exhibited a measure of acute anxiety that could result in a substantial increase in his Adderall dosage. He has spent his days outside the courtroom whining about his victimhood and the perceived evil of his legal foes. And as further evidence that Trump is rattled by the potential of a guilty verdict, he used his hallway courthouse rant on Wednesday to make what appears to be a concession that he will be convicted…

“I would say in listening to the charges from the judge who is very conflicted, and corrupt due to the confliction, very, very corrupt, Mother Teresa could not beat these charges. These charges are rigged. The whole thing is rigged. The whole country’s a mess, between the borders and fake elections, and you have a trial like this where the judge is so conflicted he can’t breathe.”

In this tantrum, Trump is imagining a perverse scenario where the revered Catholic nun and advocate for the poor, Mother Theresa, is on trial for paying off a porn star in order to cover up her depravity so as not to impact her public image. A totally normal fantasy, right? And he is concluding that even she wouldn’t get off. So then are his chances?

Trump is, of course, right. Were Mother Theresa in the same legal quagmire as he is, with the same evidence against her, she almost certainly would not beat the charges. But more to the point, his assessment that anyone in that situation would be found to be guilty is a de facto admission that he believes a guilty verdict is in his own future.

That pessimistic probability, however, doesn’t deter Trump from continuing his tedious assaults on the judge and the American justice system as a whole. He is laying the groundwork for his cult followers to become outraged and motivated to take extreme measures in retribution for his being held accountable for his crimes. It’s the courthouse version of the riots he incited at Congress on January 6, 2021.

Democrats and other Americans who still believe in law and order, would surely be disappointed if Trump is acquitted (not likely), or if there is a hung jury (not impossible). But they will not resort to violence. The same cannot be said of Trump’s followers. And that’s reason enough to vote for President Biden in November, whatever the outcome of this trial. The alternative of an authoritarian regime headed by a sociopathic narcissist, and supported by a small army of hostile RedHatters, is just unthinkable.


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3 thoughts on “Trump is Predicting a Guilty Verdict Saying that ‘Mother Teresa Could Not Beat These Charges’


    Have we noted that Traitor Don knows he’s guilty?!

  2. Mother Teresa was not a nice person either.

    ”Her clinics also reused needles to the point that they were blunt and patients were packed into bare bones wards on cots or hard platforms.

    She was not obsessed with helping the poor, she was obsessed with being the catholic church’s best brand ambassador. Christopher Hitchens famously revealed her for the monster she was. He also called her an evil Albanian dwarf. The swindled podcast did a pretty great episode on her. She was a POS who didn’t even appear to have strong convictions in her faith. What she did have in spades was a zealous belief they the poor were basically a drain on society while simultaneously raging against abortion and other family planning tools that would empower women and families in poverty from taking control of how many mouths they needed to feed and gain actual control over their socioeconomic status.”

    Misery loves company…

    • I came here to say the same thing. She was far from being a saint. By the same token she could probably beat these charges because it’s unlikely that slept with any porn stars and paid them off to protect her image.

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