HYPOCRISY UNCHAINED! Trump Flack Whines that Biden’s Campaign is Making Trump’s Trial Political

The trial of Donald Trump in New York for his falsifying business records and campaign finance fraud (sometimes called the “Hush Money” case) is wrapping up this week with the delivery of closing arguments and the commencement of jury deliberations. Predictions of the outcome by all sides is pure speculation, but the case by the prosecutors appears to be extraordinarily strong.

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As the case is entering its final phase, Trump’s team is pulling out all the stops to try to influence the court of public opinion. They have been doing that throughout the trial, led by their Dear Leader, who would hold impromptu press avails outside the court every day it was in session. And for some unknown reason the press would cover it, despite the fact that it was just a tediously repetitive rendition of what he had already posted on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social.

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On Tuesday morning Trump’s campaign press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, held her own court on the courthouse steps to give the press a ludicrous account of what was going on. She was ostensibly responding to statements made earlier by President Biden’s campaign, featuring cinema icon, Robert De Niro. Leavitt said that…

“What you just heard from is a desperate and failing and pathetic campaign who knows that they are losing. Joe Biden sending his campaign outside of this criminal courthouse – it is a full-blown concession that this trial is a witch hunt that comes from the top. Comes from Joe Biden.”

Really? Does Leavitt actually believe that she can characterize the press conference by Biden’s team as evidence that the whole affair is political? She knows very well that, from the beginning, it was Trump and his cohorts who made it clear that they were going to treat the trial as a political matter. He even flew his congressional flunkies in from Washington for moral support. What could be more political than a frontline of MAGA Republicans running Trump’s defense?

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Leavitt followed that up by unleashing a batch of Trump’s pre-approved insults of everyone involved in the case, including D.A. Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan. She makes the laughable assertion that “This case would have been laughed out of any other courtroom in America,” and complained about the gag order that was issued because Trump wouldn’t stop maligning and intimidating court personnel, witnesses, and jurors. She called the proceedings “a disgrace,” a “witch hunt,” and a “scam.” But then claimed that it was just making Trump more popular. If that’s true, what’s she so upset about?

Leavitt also repeated the wildly exaggerated estimates of Trump’s crowds in the Bronx and New Jersey, and lashed out at “elitist out of touch Hollywood actors like Robert De Niro.” Then added that she “could not help but laugh” at accurate descriptions of Trump as “a threat to democracy.” She argued without any rational foundation that “Joe Biden is the real threat to democracy,” and the case against Trump is “a communist show trial.”

Leavitt closed by calling Biden “weak” and “pathetic” for orchestrating “this weaponization of our justice system,” which, of course, he didn’t do. Then she launched a robo-whine about alleged Biden faults that have no basis in reality, such as…

“…his wide-open border invasion that is allowing a mass invasion of illegal people into this country, terrorists, criminals. Our economy is in shambles. We are heading toward World War III. [but that] Trump is going to win this election. And ultimately he will be vindicated of this sham crooked trial because he has the truth on his side and he is an innocent man.”

This seems like a good time for a reminder that Leavitt’s initial complaint was that the trial was being turned into something political. By Biden. Does she ever listen to herself? Or to Trump? Their entire spiel is political.

Biden, on the other hand, hasn’t said a single word about this trial, or any of Trump’s 88 pending felonies. So who is being political? It might also be useful to note that Biden’s campaign spokesperson, Michael Tyler, specifically said that he wasn’t outside the court for the trial, but because that’s where the press was. Which is a pitifully sad statement about the press, who have political obsessions of their own to contend with.


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2 thoughts on “HYPOCRISY UNCHAINED! Trump Flack Whines that Biden’s Campaign is Making Trump’s Trial Political

  1. And considering how the usual suspects are whining about Robert De Niro and calling him a clown.

    We know who the REAL clowns are….

    • Trump brought this all on himself! He is a loser who cannot keep his mouth shut!

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