Newsmax Lies that FBI Planted Evidence at Mar-a-Lago – Trump Posts it and Misspells His Own Name

Two years ago the FBI executed a legal search warrant at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bunker, seeking classified materials that he stole when he left the White House. The warrant was served after more than a year of haggling with Trump who blatantly lied to the FBI about the documents he still had.

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Donald Trump

Somehow, Trump is still obsessed with what he calls a “raid” at his home, despite the fact that the FBI recovered hundreds of top secret items that Trump said he didn’t have. So on the day before the much anticipated debate with President Biden, Trump leans on a new story by the propaganda purveyors at Newsmax, the MAGA-fied network that recently sought to dox the jurors at Trump’s “Hush Money” trial…

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The story that Newsmax reported was based on the release of new photographs that the FBI took during the Mar-a-Lago search. They showed the boxes of highly sensitive materials strewn out in disarray with the contents spilling onto the floor and mixed in with personal items such as golf shirts and diet soda cans.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly was appalled. But not because of the breach of national security or Trump’s violation of the law. He launched into a preposterous rant accusing the FBI of planting the classified documents. Never mind that he had no factual basis whatsoever for that accusation. He went to say that the FBI is “a thoroughly corrupt organization,” and he recklessly slandered special counsel Jack Smith for “CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR.”

Kelly’s tirade caught the attention of Trump who shortly thereafter posted it on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social. But he was so frazzled with fury that the “stable genius,” who isn’t at all mentally failing, actually misspelled his own name

Greg Kelly, Newsmax: “This is out and out corruption. It’s the worst thing the FBI can do. The FBI BROUGHT IN papers in order to take out President Trump. They BROUGHT IN scandalous looking material TO TRY TO GET DONALD TTUMP IN TROUBLE, FALSELY. There is no doubt, the FBI is a thoroughly corrupt organization, which cannot be trusted.”

Newsmax ought to be more careful about slinging obviously defamatory lies around. They have already been sued for having done so previously. And they are clearly nervous about getting caught doing it again. They recently conducted a phone interview with Trump wherein they displayed a chyron that read “Newsmax Accepts the 2020 Election Results as Legal and Final.” That was in anticipation that Trump would again peddle his “Big Lie” about having lost in 2020.

For some reason Newsmax was concerned about not being held liable for that falsehood. But they are apparently not concerned about falsely accusing the FBI agents who conducted the search of serious criminal activities.

The fact that Newsmax would put out a story like this without a shred of evidence to support it confirms that it is not really a news network at all. And Trump hyping the fake story confirms that he is scared witless of the potential consequences he faces for all of his pending criminal cases.

While none of that really seems sufficient to justify the stupidity of both Newsmax and Trump for clinging to such a crackpot conspiracy theory, it is sufficient to establish the degree of desperation that they are suffering. Just the notion that they believe that this benefits them in any way is pathetic in the extreme. But then, it’s all they have left.


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  1. newsmax(i) needs to STOP existing and someone must have the stones, to make that possible.

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