Trump and His MAGA Minions are ‘Working the Refs’ for the CNN Debate. Will CNN Fall for It?

The pre-game banter in advance of the big Biden/Trump debate has begun and is consuming an inordinate amount of airtime on every news network. For the most part that time is spent with partisans and pundits speculating wildly about how they think the debate will unfold and who will emerge victorious.

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The Biden team has been conspicuously quiet throughout this promo extravaganza. That’s because the President is too busy being President for such games. And when he isn’t performing his duties as Leader of the Free World, he is preparing for the debate in a responsible manner by studying the issues and polishing his message. Meanwhile, Trump and his team are preparing by reenacting his rally rants, engaging in puerile propaganda, and demonstrating just how truly terrified they are of facing Biden.

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Much of the focus of Trump’s tirades is aimed at the debate hosting network, CNN. That should come as no surprise as Trump has been attacking them for years as “fake news” and has relentlessly predicted their failure. Which, like every other Trump prediction, has not come to pass.

As debate night approaches, Trump and company are furiously laying the groundwork to explain why Trump is going to lose the debate to Biden. Among other things, they are accusing him of using performance enhancing drugs. Although if there were drugs that could improve a person’s intelligence and communication skills, shouldn’t we all be using them? Certainly every president should be required to use them.

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However, that isn’t the only objective of the StormTrumpers. They are also “working the refs.” They believe that by accusing moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash of being biased against Trump before a single question has been asked, they can influence (i.e. intimidate) the moderators to alter their questions so that they can’t be criticized for allegedly favoring one candidate over the other.

What that means in practice is that they would formulate questions that are overtly hostile for Biden. In order to project a phony sense of “balance” they might require Biden – but not Trump – to comment on whether he is too old to serve. Or they might ask him about the conviction of his son Hunter, which has nothing to do with the presidency or the welfare of the American people. And again, they won’t seek any comments from Trump about his corrupt family that has been found liable for running a fraudulent charity, university, and for receiving billions of dollars from a Saudi prince.

Other biased questions that CNN’s moderators could be coerced into asking might involve Biden’s possession of classified documents, or his alleged profiteering from his White House position, or the flagrant lie that he supports open borders. Never mind that it is only Trump who deliberately stole and lied about having classified documents, willfully profited by extorting funds from foreigners, and brags about having killed a bipartisan immigration bill.

In light of all of that, it is patently absurd for Trump’s team to be working so hard to disparage the fairness of the journalists at CNN. Particularly when they have a virtual Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) covering for them 24/7. Although, they are not even satisfied with that level of glassy-eyed sycophancy. If Fox fails to behave with unflinching adoration, they get hit by Trump…

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One thing that can be relied on is that Trump, if he bothers to show up, will whine petulantly when he loses. He will blame everyone but himself. He will assert that the whole debate was “rigged” against him, just like the election, the polls, the trials, etc. That’s an argument that they are already planting in the press. GOP Speaker, MAGA Mike Johnson recently complained that he “expects that CNN is going to rig it as much as possible and make it as favorable as they possibly can for President Biden.” See? Everything is rigged. Trump isn’t is a loser. He’s a victim. And that’s something we’re supposed to want as a president?

CNN must resist these attempts to coerce them into skewing their moderation of the debate. It is perfectly acceptable to ask both candidates tough questions and seek responsive answers with directed follow-ups. But it is not acceptable to come down harder on one candidate because the other is a big, orange-hued baby who orders his cohorts to try to slant the playing field. Can CNN hold steady? We’ll see on Thursday.


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2 thoughts on “Trump and His MAGA Minions are ‘Working the Refs’ for the CNN Debate. Will CNN Fall for It?

  1. Will CNN fall for it? Of course they will, bending over backwards to seem fair & falling over backwards in fhe process! Balanced questions on things that matter for both sides IS fair!! If Trump cannot answer truthfully, or at all, unorepared ~ it’s his own fault! Biden has been practicing for the debate on various topics that may come up & takes debate seriously.
    Look at what Trump & his people have been doing, in contrast…no studying or practice for Trump, just campaigning, talking trash, bullying & never-ending LIES!! BOTH candidates should be drug-tested upon arrival. And the guests of Party known for threats & promoting violence needs to be checked for weapons at the door! Thoroughly.
    If Trump took anything seriously, he’d be practicing his debate skills & topics – but he doesn’t care about anything that makes a good President — never did B4 & even LESS SO now!! He’s a convicted criminal, delaying the most important charges & trials while bragging about his plans for “Revenge Tour” presidency! And to cut taxes again for billionaires & big corporations ONLY!
    But he is cocksure that his MAGA-nuts are so stupid that they will vote for him no matter how bad it screws them, this Country & the world!! They will vote to END American freedom & democracy for all of us, so Billionaires & Mega-Corps will get even MORE taxcuts & rest of us stuck picking up the tab, while we work harder & sink lower into muck of poverty. How stupid are those MAGA-morons anyway?? They must be as dumb as he says!

  2. If anyone recalls the debate with George W & the lump we saw was taped to his back, under his suit jacket, with wire feeding answers into his ear at that debate… Look for similar tactics this time with Trump. Battery packs are much smaller now tho… Maybe both men should be checked for a wire as they step onto stage?!? We know the disaster that followed his election! If ya’ can’t win debate against your opponent w/o cheating, then we CANNOT send you out into the world to represent us on important matters!!!

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