Vietnam Veterans of America Demand An Apology From Fox News

The despicable remarks from Fox News commentator Liz Trotta last week are still reverberating through the ranks of the military and the civilian populace as well.

Liz Trotta

Trotta, attempting to dismiss reports that sexual assault had increased 64%, admonished women for complaining saying “What did they expect? These people are in close contact. She added her disapproval of support for programs that serve “women in the military who are now being raped too much.” She did not define what the acceptable amount of rape would be.

These comments were properly condemned by a wide variety of people in and out of the armed services. Now the Vietnam Veterans of America has issued a press release that expresses the thoughts of all decent Americans and demands that Fox News hold Trotta accountable.

“As veterans who fought to uphold our Constitution, we hold sacred all the rights it insures, said Rowan. “As such, we are appalled that Ms. Trotta would use the Fourth Estate as a vehicle to condone the criminal acts of some by contending that sexual assault in the military is ‘expected’ behavior. It is a disgrace that FOX would stand behind this type of commentary. Ms. Trotta owes the men and women of our military and those in the veterans’ ranks an apology, and VVA believes FOX should demand it of her.”

Trotta responded to the criticism yesterday in a manner that only makes matters worse. She began by implying that any account of heroism on the part of women soldiers amounts to “silly and dishonest fairy tales.” She went on to disparage their competency saying that “their instincts and reactions in crisis are markedly different [from men].” But worst of all she reiterated her belief that “biology is destiny” and that sexual assault is inevitable. She regards the basest criminal tendencies of the lowest forms of behavior as superior to common decency, respect and military training. Shes says that…

“…the environment of combat by definition sets up a situation where basic instincts rule. The niceties of male-female interaction fade in this arena, and any scientist will tell you that testosterone rules.”

This is not just an affront to patriotic women who choose to serve their country, it is an insult to every man in uniform. Trotta believes that male soldiers can be ordered to risk their lives by charging up an enemy held hill, but that they can’t follow an order to refrain from raping their comrades.

On top of everything else, the response Trotta delivered on air was a phony play acted out by her and the Fox host Eric Shawn. It was plain that she was reading her remarks and Shawn was asking the questions that were obviously a part of the script. Somebody at Fox apparently thought it was necessary to control the message so tightly that they had to put on this embarrassing charade. And they also thought that it was unnecessary to apologize to everyone they offended.

Please let Fox News know that this abhorrent rhetoric is unacceptable. You can email Fox here and sign this petition calling for Fox to dismiss Trotta and apologize.


5 thoughts on “Vietnam Veterans of America Demand An Apology From Fox News

  1. I wonder if she has the slightest inkling that in expressing this anti-woman philosophy she’s also revealing her self-loathing.

    • I understand her frustration with “political correctness,” but I think she is fighting a misguided battle. The argument of blaming rape on the victim is just about as dumb as saying Stephanie Meyer knows how to tell a story. It was painfully obvious that she was reading a script.

  2. I have yet to see anyone actually engage in a discussion about what Trotta has said. All I see are personal attacks against her.

    And liberals say they are tolerant. What a joke that is.

    • Huh??? Exactly how dense are you?

      I have yet to see anyone who hasn’t actually engaged in a discussion about what Trotta has said.

      Where do you see anything remotely like a personal attack? Do you think it’s a personal attack to disagree that women should not “expect” to be sexually assaulted when they choose to serve their country?

  3. “And liberals say they are tolerant” is newspeak for “liberals should should shut up and color”… because, ya know, the rapey “opinion” of right-wing fanatics qualifies as “legitimate world view.”

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