Glenn Beck Off The Air In Los Angeles And Dallas

Glenn Beck’s radio presence continues to shrink. As of today he is off the air in Los Angeles, the second biggest market in the country. KRLA 870AM bounced the schlock-jock in favor of Heidi Harris as they transition the channel to their new “The Answer” format. Since they didn’t provide the question, I’ll presume that it is: On what station is Glenn Beck’s conspiratorial, Messianic delusions too extreme even on a lineup of far-right blowhards?

A couple of weeks ago Beck was booted from KLIF in Dallas. That must have been a particularly sensitive ouster since Beck just moved to a suburb in the area and now does not have an affiliate in his new home town where he has also based all of his other Internet and business operations.

Add to this news that Beck lost his New York affiliate a few months ago so he now has no stations in three of the biggest markets in the country. And this is on top of his dropping from 3rd to 9th in the annual Heavy Hundred ranking from Talkers Magazine. Pretty soon you’ll only see him introducing Ted Nugent at county fairs and backyard Tea Parties. Anybody feel sorry for him yet?


15 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Off The Air In Los Angeles And Dallas

  1. Still alive and well here in eastern Maine, with little likelihood of his going anywhere. :-(

    • Well, that’s a relief. No LA but he’s still got part of a not particularly populous state.

  2. I’d like to answer your last question as succinctly as possible-HELL NO!!!

  3. Not sure what the ratings are like here in Columbus, Ohio but have heard on the station that carries Beck that he has an office with 1/2 dozen employees here. Could that be part of GBTV?

  4. Boy are we in for it, all Glenn is trying to say is; we are in deep do do, so y’all better wake up and vote out the communists and terrorists that adolph obomba has brought to the table

  5. 1st – I don’t miss him in Dallas – I download all his podcasts and listen on my commute every day.
    And 2nd, Beck won’t be off air in Dallas long, and you guys know it. But enjoy the few moments of lies you get as the new deal at a new station is completed.

    • I kinda wish I could believe that, but KLIF and WBAP are both owned by CBS now. The only other relevant station I know of is KRLD (1180 I think? Not sure). ABC owns that one. I doubt any of them will pick up Glenn Beck. But who knows…

      • …and I may have them mixed up, CBS owns some, ABC owns others. That’s all there is at any rate.

  6. What happened to Air America?

    • One of its major personalities (whose name you stole) is now a successful TV star and author. And their most prominent personality is a United States senator.

  7. I like Glenn Beck and miss listening to him on my morning commute. He promotes searching out truth, not just following others’ lead, he believes in the love of God and country. And he’s entertaining. I wish him well and wish he was back ON in L.A.

  8. Att Mark, Kay is not one and only as a matter of fact there are quite a few fans, we all think he is doing a great job.
    And as a matter of fact, I listen to him in LA and in Dallas!!!!

    • Yes, Beck is doing a great job of fear mongering and misinforming his disciples. And if you are listening to Beck in L.A. and Dallas, it isn’t on the radio because he has no affiliates there. Maybe it’s just the voices in your head.

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