Fox News Promotes Desecration Of The American Flag For 4th Of July

Typical of the pseudo-patriots who robotically chant “We’re number one,” shout the loudest about heartland values, and canonize the founding fathers, they don’t know anything about the country and it’s traditions. That ignorance is what produces some of the most repugnant, jingoistic expressions of supremacy and it leads to exploitation by manipulative media whores like Fox News.

Fox Nation Flag DesecrationSo it is not surprising that Fox Nation would post this titillating glamor shot of a teenage singer with the suggestion that you “take a tip” from her on how to show your patriotism. The only problem is that this method of showing patriotism violates the standards of respect for the flag as stated in U.S. Code Title 4 › Chapter 1 › § 8:

“(d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.”

Ironically, in the past Fox News has exploited this issue to criticize others for disrespecting the flag. But even in those incidents they exhibited selective outrage that only reflected on people they intended to malign. They conveniently ignore flag descrators like these:

Flag Desecrators

And then there’s also this:

Bush walks on flag


4 thoughts on “Fox News Promotes Desecration Of The American Flag For 4th Of July

  1. Hypocrisy and ignorance: a match made in heaven.

    • Really? Only one of those pictures shows any flag desecration. And that one is suspected to be a fake.

      Nice try but – FAIL!

      • [Comment deleted: First of all, you don’t make a case for something by simply posting the very same thing again.

        Secondly, your other comment (which was deleted) was an off-topic promotion for beer. Did you you really think that was worth posting?

        Finally, I sent you at least a dozen requests to remove me from your spam email list and you never did. That is rude and unethical. So don’t expect your comments to be posted here. If you can’t be a decent web citizen, then stay the hell off my web site.]

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