Vile Fox News Audience Wishes That Senate Leader Had Died In Car Accident

Sick, disgusting, lowlife, right-wing scum. That’s the only fitting description for the miscreants who congregate on the Fox News community web site, Fox Nation. As I have previously documented, these hostile heathens have a bloodlust for their political adversaries that is perverted and antithetical to free democracies. They have fantasized about assassinating President Obama (and that’s not the only time). They have dreamed of seeing Nancy Pelosi get her skull bashed in. They celebrated Arlen Specter’s death. And now they cheer about Harry Reid being hurt in a car accident and lament that he survived.

Fox Nation - Harry Reid

These cretins would turn the stomachs of decent Americans. Yet Fox News grants them a platform to spew their violent yearnings. And this isn’t an isolated incident as the links above demonstrate. This is the common behavior on Fox Nation and it is tolerated, even encouraged, by others in the community as well as by Fox News.

This is the nature of the modern conservative. Divisive, vulgar, and overtly hostile. And it is a nature that Fox News promotes on their web sites and on their air. Can anyone forget the classic assassination fantasy by Fox’s Liz Trotta (who is still on the air)?

No one should be surprised that this kind of garbage is disseminated by Fox News. It is an enterprise that perfectly reflects the values (or lack thereof) of Rupert Murdoch, a man whose newspapers were caught hacking into the phone of a murdered schoolgirl. Any business that would do that would not be above encouraging the sort of sickness illustrated here. What’s surprising is that anyone would consider what Fox does to be news.


4 thoughts on “Vile Fox News Audience Wishes That Senate Leader Had Died In Car Accident

  1. My sister is one of these. She sent me an email out of the blue yesterday calling for the impeachment of Obama for ‘killing 4 Americans in Benghazi and lying about it for weeks.” Oh, and for knowing about the attack and ‘going to bed and then flying off to Las Vegas for a fiundraiser the next day!” I guess he was supposed to hop onto AF1 and fly over there and track down the terrorists, because that is what Presidents do. And she insists that Obama handed them the weapons…”another gun running operation just like Fast and Furious.” Now, I haven’t spoken to her in months because she refuses to listen to reason, and was stunned to get this email with no subject, etc. Then I go to HUffPO and see the exact language there in posts. Turns out Fox (who she insists she never watches!) was promoting this line of hate.
    And turns out the right wing blogosphere is alive with postings calling for Obama’s head because ‘he lied. Called it an attack due to that video. For weeks!” Imagine, waiting for confirmation on what really happened before giving credit to terrorsits? What was he thinking?
    The best part. her last line was “Don’t bother responding because I won’t read it.” Exactly.

    • Wow. My condolences on your sister. She’s pretty far gone.

    • Your sister sounds like the typical right-winger with Obama derangement syndrome. I find their positions on just about everything indefensible and, I blieve, that is why they buy into all this made up nonsense; it is the typical rationalization response to something that is not rational.

  2. You shouldn’t be angry with your sister. I can’t say you shouldn’t feel disappointed, but it is probably the way she thinks of your ideas, political leanings, etc. For both of you to be happy, I think that you have to agree to disagree, refrain from talking politics at Thanksgiving. Please realize that the President is not going to change this country. Congress is what is needed, term limits, ethics, simple understanding of each other and the lack of greed that otherwise is fueling this hatred in America. Jefferson never intended the president to have monarchical powers, Monroe was definitely against it. Congress needs reform more than one president who was originally intended to defer to congress. I think there were/are many good people in Congress now and they need to be supported before these farcical elections keep going. Billions of dollars for one man to become president…So you and your sister can’t be divided by a person who in my opinion is not the one that should be steering American domestic politics.

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