News Corpse eBook ‘Fox Nation vs. Reality’ Reviewed By Wonkette


Fox Nation vs. RealityFox Nation vs. Reality, the international best-seller that has blown the lid off of the corruption and dishonesty that runs rampant on the the Fox News community web site, has been reviewed by It’s a comprehensive and candid analysis of the book that compiles more than fifty examples of documented falsehoods published by the editors at Fox who appear to be fourteen year old interns from the remedial class at “I’m More Immature Than U.”

Wonkette astutely recognizes the merits of owning this digital tome for its convenience and technical features. They go on to laud the author (me) for “address[ing this inequity” regarding the scarcity of reporting and analysis of Fox’s Internet outpost. While much is written about the Fox News mothership, Fox Nation has been left largely untouched by rational examination. That omission is articulated well in the review’s opening paragraph:

“When Americans think of ‘lying Rupert Murdoch-owned filthyweasels spewing rightwing talking points,’ they of course think of Fox News. But There’s a whole ‘nother arm of the Murdoch Bullshit Machine that operates semi-independently of the Fox News domain, and that’s their terrible stinky community website, Fox Nation.”

It would be difficult to sum it up much better than that. The review continues by providing some of their favorite excerpts from the book and even pointing out a couple of criticisms. For instance, they complain that the book doesn’t provide links to the Fox Nation articles it criticizes. But that was a deliberate choice to avoid awarding Fox’s smarmy news-spoofery by sending them traffic they do not deserve.

On the whole, however, the review is a positive portrayal of this epic work that should be a part of everyone’s library. And just to rub it in, here are few choice quotes from the review:

“Solid, fact-checky blogging that systematically takes apart the exaggerations, cherry-picking of facts, and outright lies that regularly crop up in Fox Nation articles.”

“A valuable contribution to the effort to chip away at Bullshit Mountain.”

“Fox Nation vs. Reality is definitely not hastily written Furry porn.”

That last quote may be the most flattering part of the review. It is gratifying that they noticed that this Furry porn was written slowly and methodically. And if that isn’t enough to get you to click on this link and consider buying the book, I don’t know what is. Except to say that your purchase helps to sustain this web site and its dogged pursuit of the deceitful fabulists at Fox News and other right-wing media dissemblers and propagandists. Your welcome.

[Update 12/15/2014] Volume II of Fox Nation vs. Reality is now available. The new ebook, “Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance” is chock full of more eye-opening, documented examples of why Fox has zero credibility. It’s enlightening, infuriating, and entertaining. Followers of News Corpse will love it, and haters’ heads will explode. So you might want to get a copy for yourself and some more for the wingnuts in your life.

Buy it today at Amazon.
Fox Nation vs. Reality


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