HUH? Trump Demands ‘Equal Time’ from HBO for a ‘Woke’ Segment on Bill Maher’s Comedy Show

It doesn’t take much to get Donald Trump to lash out at some perceived injury to his massive yet fragile ego. The slightest criticism will send him into a furious tirade aimed at the perpetrator of what he always regards as an unwarranted offense. And it doesn’t matter if the offender is a political ally […]

Bill Maher Calls Republicans the Alex Jones Party – And Hannity Promptly Proves It

The trends have been taking shape for several years. The Republican Party began devolving into a conspiracy theory factory with crackpots like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck setting the tone for its political messaging. They inspired GOP loons like Louis Gohmert and Michele Bachmann to contribute to the madness that has become what is now […]

Married to the Mob: Bill Maher Tells America What they Really Got with Donald Trump

The presidency of Donald Trump has been likened to some of the most horrible episodes of America’s past. Most frequently it is compared to Nixon’s Watergate scandal that saw the White House intimately involved in burglary, bribery, and election tampering. The lies told by members of the Nixon administration are what got most of the […]

Bill Maher Exposes Trump As A Giant Con: ‘It’s Beyond Politics, It’s About Sanity

Speculation about the mental health of Donald Trump is becoming a trending topic. Of course, many people have noticed his malignant narcissism and stifling paranoia for years. His fierce obsession with ego-driven trivialities seems to supersede the obligations of the job. The situation is so serious that bills are being drafted by both parties to […]

Watch Bill Maher Passionately Beg The Media To – ‘Do Your F**KING Job!’

In the waning days of this surreal election year, tempers are fraying beyond cognitive sustainability. For those with functioning brain stems, just the thought of Donald Trump as president is unfathomable. There is simply no sane explanation for this narcissistic wannabe dictator even being competitive in the race for leader of the free world. At […]

Watch Bill Maher Let Loose On ‘Blatant, Bald-Assed Liar’ Bill O’Reilly

The heat is being turned up on pathological liar Bill O’Reilly and his enablers at Fox News. The numerous accounts of his deliberately falsifying his resume with self-aggrandizing tales of journalistic heroism continue to be the source of deserved criticism and ridicule. The latest dishonorable mention for O’Reilly comes from comedian Bill Maher, who was […]

Bill Maher Misfires On Free Speech

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Bill Maher addressed the ongoing controversy over civility (or the lack thereof) by public figures in broadcasting, entertainment, and politics. As might be expected, the comedian had a few prime punchlines dispersed throughout the piece that essentially argued in favor of offensive speech. For instance: “The right […]

Bill O’Reilly Responds To Vermont High School Students By Calling Them Pinheads

A couple of weeks ago a class at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, Vermont, took on the awesome power of America’s top rated cable “news” network, Fox News. Using a segment from the Bill O’Reilly show that featured his stalker Jesse Watters, they expertly demonstrated how Fox systematically breaches the code of ethics […]

Bill O’Reilly’s God Gets Clobbered At The Box Office

Last week Bill O’Reilly observed that two ideologically contrasting movies were about to be released. One was the liberal bashing “An American Carol“ in which O’Reilly has a small part ( Note to BO: There are no small parts, only small actors minds). The other was Bill Maher’s docu-comedy “Religulous.” O’Reilly, whose analysis of media […]