HUH? Trump Demands ‘Equal Time’ from HBO for a ‘Woke’ Segment on Bill Maher’s Comedy Show

It doesn’t take much to get Donald Trump to lash out at some perceived injury to his massive yet fragile ego. The slightest criticism will send him into a furious tirade aimed at the perpetrator of what he always regards as an unwarranted offense. And it doesn’t matter if the offender is a political ally or foe. He is, in short, a world-class crybaby.

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Donald Trump, Wah

Trump exhibited this gaping character flaw again in a Saturday morning flurry of posts on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. It’s something of a mystery what precisely triggered Trump’s tantrum. But then again, does there really need to be a reason for unbridled bellicosity when you are, in your own words, the “most fabulous whiner”?

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Trump began by complaining about something he saw on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” program on HBO Friday night. As usual, he doesn’t actually cite specifically what it was that upset him. He merely flings some disembodied bawling over whatever hurt his tender feelings. He raged that…

“Bill Maher should be considered a ‘campaign contribution’ to the Democrat Party, even though he’s boring, and has really BAD ratings. HBO SHOULD BE FORCED TO PUT ON COUNTER PROGRAMING, AND SO SHOULD OTHER FAKE NEWS NETWORKS!”

It’s a good thing that most people don’t expect Trump to make any sense, because that comment doesn’t. If Maher’s show is boring and no one is watching, why would Trump care what he says. And wouldn’t the value of it as a campaign contribution be insignificant? Also, Maher, whose commentaries often lean heavily to the right, is hardly an asset to Democrats

More to the point, Trump’s demand for equal time reveals his ignorance of what that means. The equal time rule applies only to content on broadcast networks involving competing political candidates. HBO is not a broadcast network, and there was no preferential content regarding any competing candidates on the program. But Trump never lets reality intrude on his hissy fits.

The featured segment on Maher’s show was an interview of Elon Musk wherein they both embraced the lunacy of the “Woke Mind Virus” rhetoric espoused by right-wing crackpots. They fear-mongered about it as being an imminent threat to civilization, rather than the vacuous ambiguity that Trump’s MAGA cultists resort to whenever they need an argument against something that they can’t craft from facts, logic or reason.

Musk invented his own definition of it as “the suppression of free speech” and synonymous to “cancel culture.” For the record, it was originally used in Black communities to describe a state of awareness and consciousness of reality. So it’s no wonder that Trump and Republicans find it repugnant.

Trump waited a full eleven minutes before demonstrating what a thoroughly hypocritical clown he is. That’s how long it took him to come up with his following post wherein he babbled that…

“Tammy Bruce was GREAT last night subbing for Sean Hannity. Something special about her – She’s got what it takes!!!”

What? No demand for equal time on Fox News? No complaint about in-kind campaign contributions? Trump’s tunnel blindness to his own hypocrisy is impressive. While he seethes over the nonexistent political partisanship he imagined on Maher’s program, he has no awareness whatsoever of the flagrant bias on Fox News every hour of every day. In fact, he embraces it. Which is just further justification for dismissing his didactic diatribes. And why is he even watching Fox News? Weren’t they supposed to be boycotting it because they fired Tucker Carlson?

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2 thoughts on “HUH? Trump Demands ‘Equal Time’ from HBO for a ‘Woke’ Segment on Bill Maher’s Comedy Show

  1. Equal time, Equal time, Equal time, is that all that ignorant SOB can say? I would prefer that ”no time” for this orange crybaby would be preferable. He needs to be in a cage with the rest of the wild animals at the zoo, then he could be the center of attention and the kids that visit there could throw peanuts at this fat baboon.

  2. Republicans essentially killed the Fairness Doctrine in 1967 so Trump doesn’t have a right to “equal time” anymore.

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