Gut-Brained Donald Trump Accuses Mueller of McCarthyism in a Rant that is Pure McCarthyism

We now have Donald Trump to thank for an indelible image of his intellectual prowess. In an interview with the Jeff Bezos/Amazon Washington Post, Trump bragged about his own “high levels of intelligence” and offered as proof that “I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.” Of course, it goes without saying that nobody’s brain can tell Trump anything. And he does have huge gut.

Donald Trump

The gut-infused brain of Trump later took to his Twitter machine to continue a tirade he has been unleashing against special counsel Robert Mueller this week. His previous tweetstorming certified just how fearful and desperate he is. But the latest addition to his wild-eyed raving is a true head-smacking classic:

Trump’s assertion that Mueller is engaging in the reprehensible tactics of the late, disgraced senator Joseph McCarthy is pure, unadulterated McCarthyism. The red-baiting senator famously held up a sheet of paper and declared that it contained the names of active communists in the United States government. And Trump is doing the very same thing in Twitterese by declaring that he knows of “major players” who are saying that Mueller’s team is “viciously telling witnesses to lie.” Trump, like McCarthy, doesn’t actually name those players or provide any evidence that Mueller is strong-arming witnesses to commit perjury. It’s all baseless innuendo and outright slander by a sitting president.

But that’s not all. Trump also retweeted a post (four of them actually) by an anonymous Trump-fluffing Twitter fan, TheTrumpTrain, that similarly channels the McCarthy method. The tweet said that “Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?” Setting aside the fact that Russia collusion is supported by mountains of evidence, let’s focus on the image in the tweet. It featured a jail cell populated by Mueller, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and even the Deputy Attorney General that Trump appointed, Rod Rosenstein. Once again, all of these people are being slandered McCarthy-style for crimes that are unnamed and for which there is no evidence.

Trump is fond of raising McCarthyism as a slur against his critics. He has done so on Twitter several times recently, with each tweet an example of what real McCarthyism looks like:

This tendency by Trump to weaponize the McCarthy legacy is peculiar considering that he worked with and admired Roy Cohn, McCarthy’s attorney. So you have to wonder if Trump really believes that McCarthyism is a bad thing, or if he’s just exploiting it to attack his foes. But Trump wouldn’t say things that he doesn’t believe just to gain some perceived advantage for himself, would he? (Okay, stop laughing).

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And for some truthiness on the subject of gut knowledge, here is Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2006:

Truth Isn’t Truth? Trump Unleashes a Tweetstorm of Frantic Desperation and Fearful Guilt

Donald Trump couldn’t look more guilty if he tattooed it on his forehead in neon ink. Everything he does and says these days reinforces his fear and unambiguous knowledge that he and his crime family are in deep legal peril. And it gets worse when he has time off (from golfing) to act out on Twitter. That’s what happened Sunday morning as the President hammered out half a dozen tweets protesting (too much) that’s innocent, dammit!

Donald Trump

The tone and substance of these tweets are almost pathetically begging for absolution from a bevy of sins that he knows he committed. What’s more, most of these ravings are merely repetitions of the same carping he has been unloading for months. He has become a robo-bitcher whose mindless outbursts make little sense and avoid facts at all costs. He began by trotting out his familiar, and untrue, nickname for the New York Times:

Let’s just set aside that no matter how many times he tries, he simply can’t spell “counsel” correctly. More to the point, Trump’s characterization of White House Lawyer Don McGahn as a loyal subject flies in the face of reality. You don’t sit for thirty hours of testimony with a special prosecutor without supplying some critical information. And Trump didn’t even bother to refute the allegation in the Times that McGahn was afraid that Trump was setting him up to be the fall guy.

Even worse is Trump’s slap at John Dean. During the Watergate affair, Dean had the job that McGahn has today. He courageously came forward to tell the truth about the crimes being committed in Richard Nixon’s White House. He is generally regarded as a hero for having told the truth under immense pressure. And for that, Trump thinks he’s a “RAT.” Which makes perfect sense because Trump thinks that anyone who might tell the truth about him would be vermin. Trump is allergic to the truth, which is why he avoids it so studiously. But the fact that he thinks Dean is a rat, while the rest of America is grateful for his patriotic service, putting country before party, shows just how deranged Trump is.

Trump is also congratulating himself on his alleged “transparency” for “allowing” McGahn to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller. That was not exactly his call. If he had tried to claim executive privilege he would have set off a court battle that he likely would have lost. And the loss would have opened the door to more access to his staff and more trouble for him. And then there was this:

Notice that Trump slipped in the required “witch hunt” reference which, by executive order, must appear in at least one out of every five tweets. And he continues ranting about his fake transparency. He says he allowed “all others” to be interviewed by Mueller. But he left someone important to the investigation out: himself. If he really wants this probe to end he needs to sit down with Mueller and try not to lie (admittedly, a difficult task for him). If he really has nothing to hide he should schedule that meeting today. And then there was this:

This is just Trump having a “whataboutism” seizure. One of his favorite defenses is to accuse others of crimes that he is committing. And then there was this:

Here Trump is repeating what said a an hour earlier. But he also took the opportunity to repeat his Stalinist, anti-First Amendment screed about the media being “the enemy of the people.” And then there was this:

Talk about your fake news. If anyone in the media called to “complain and apologize” it could only have been Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, or some other similarly bootlicking Trump-fluffer trying to keep his spirits up. I guarantee that no credible journalist called him for that purpose. This is something he does frequently, but then refuses to provide any names. And finally there was this:

Holy crap. Trump is attempting to draw a parallel between the corrupt and corrosive Sen. Joe McCarthy and reporters doing their jobs exactly as they are supposed to. And advising people to study McCarthy is hysterical because you can bet the bank that he never did. Unless, of course, it was get pointers on how to be a demagogic sleazeball. What he isn’t saying is that McCarthy’s right-hand man, Roy Cohn, was Trump’s close friend and mentor. He even wished he had a lawyer like Cohn.

After unleashing this flood of whining and victimization, Trump looks more guilty than ever. When was the last time an innocent man lashed out with such wild, incoherent blather? And no matter how often he howls “no collusion, no obstruction of justice, witch hunt,” etc., it will not change the facts that are causing him to tremble in fear. While Rudy Giuliani may believe that “truth isn’t truth,” the rest of the civilized world knows what hogwash that is. Just wait until he tries to explain that to a jury.

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Bill Moyers On Allen West And The Ghost Of Joe McCarthy

This video should be required viewing for the historical amnesiacs and revisionists who wistfully wander down paths of ignorance that lead to personal ruin and animus and hostility, but could be avoided with just a little perspective and reason. As usual, Bill Moyers supplies copious amounts of both.

“Little of what Allen West says ever surprises me. He’s called President Obama ‘a low-level socialist agitator,’ said anyone with an Obama bumper sticker on their car is ‘a threat to the gene pool,’ and told liberals like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to ‘get the hell out of the United States of America.’ Apparently he gets his talking points from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, or Ted Nugent. But this time I shook my head in disbelief. Seventy-eight to 81 Democrats, members of the Communist Party?”

And don’t forget to help out Patrick Murphy’s campaign against West in Florida’s 18th district. Send a progressive Democrat to congress and send West packing (or more likely, to Fox News).

Obama-Phobia: Wall Street Journal, Fox News Revive Nixon’s Enemies List

The classic symptoms of obsessive paranoia are exhibiting themselves again in the psyches of delusional right-wingers. The villainous shadows they conjure up in every corner of their warped minds betrays how desperately sick they have become.

The latest blood vessel to burst in these over-anxious conservative foreheads is displayed in an article published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, the once respected financial paper that Rupert Murdoch has transformed into another of his tabloid rags. The item’s headline blared ominously that, “The President Has a List” (cue spooky music).

OMG! Is he checking it twice? The article’s author, Kimberley Strassel, seems to be alleging that President Obama has usurped the powers of Santa Claus and is preparing to rain a frosty judgment down on Republicans who were naughty this election year. They know who they are, and now, with his new North Pole Initiative, so does Obama. He even knows when they’re asleep and/or awake.

The article’s sub-head went into a little more panicky detail saying, “Barack Obama attempts to intimidate contributors to Mitt Romney’s campaign.” That’s a pretty scary thought. What will become of our democracy if powerful political players go around harassing the financial backers of their opponents? It could end up instigating slanderous attacks on private citizens who merely want to participate in the democratic process. The GOP would never contemplate doing such a thing to backers of Democrats. Notice the respect with which they always regard George Soros and Barbara Streisand. Nevertheless, Strassel rolls out the big guns with allusions to the famously paranoid Richard Nixon:

“Richard Nixon’s ‘enemies list’ appalled the country for the simple reason that presidents hold a unique trust. Unlike senators or congressmen, presidents alone represent all Americans. Their powers—to jail, to fine, to bankrupt—are also so vast as to require restraint. Any president who targets a private citizen for his politics is de facto engaged in government intimidation and threats.”

Exactly! So if mega-wealthy conservative activists drop boatloads of cash into dishonest campaigns designed to demonize the President as an anti-American, Marxist, alien, aligned with Al-Qaeda, the President and his supporters should just shut their mouths and permit those poor billionaires to do as they please. If God didn’t want filthy rich robber barons and corporations to pervert democracy he wouldn’t have given them the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision.

The source of this bubbling cauldron of conservative angst is a web site that the Obama campaign operates to counter the abundant feces-flinging from the right. It is produced by Obama’s “Truth Team” and consists entirely of disseminating documented information with the ghastly purpose of helping people to make informed decisions. In particular, there is an article titled “Behind the curtain: A brief history of Romney’s donors” that reveals who is bankrolling Romney’s campaign and what their motivations might be. It begins by saying…

“As the presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney is relying on a cadre of high-dollar and special-interest donors to fund his campaign. Giving information about his real policy intentions and high-level access for cash, Romney and Republicans are working hard to pull in as much money as they can from wealthy lobbyists, corporations, and PACs.”

No wonder the right is worried. We certainly can’t have people going around telling the truth about wealthy special interests who are trying to help Romney buy this election. And even though none of the atrocities Strassel mentions in her column (“to jail, to fine, to bankrupt”) are occurring, it’s bad enough that truthful biographies and affiliations are being brought into the light of day.

Adding to the cacophony of crazy is Rupert Murdoch’s cable crew at Fox News. Neil Cavuto took up the very same topic as Strassel’s WSJ story (by coincidence, I’m sure) and engaged in a profound exchange with Fox legal analyst Lis Wiehl:

Cavuto: Called out for shelling out. Private donors to Mitt Romney outed on an Obama campaign web site. The site ripping their record, even saying that they’re betting against America by giving cash to Romney’s campaign. Is this legal?
Lis Wiehl: It may be. I went on the web site today. It is frightening. I mean, I don’t like to get on any list, unless it’s a birthday party list or something like that, but a Nixon enemy list, McCarthyism…

First of all, Cavuto and Wiehl are just plain delusional in speculating that there is anything illegal about posting truthful information about political donors. And while Cavuto is just an idiot, Wiehl is a lawyer and should know better. Secondly, the web site does not say that Romney donors are “betting against America by giving cash to Romney’s campaign.” It says they are betting against America by outsourcing American jobs, closing American factories, and unlawfully foreclosing on American homeowners. Then they take their tainted winnings and parlay them into Romney’s Wheel of Nefarious Fortune. But the best example of the looming dementia on the part of these dimwits is Wiehl’s allusion to her sterling investigative skills. She seemed so proud of herself for navigating the byzantine maze that Obama’s functionaries constructed to hide their true identities. She bragged to Cavuto that…

Wiehl: You’ve got to through a few links. It’s not that easy. I’m not a computer person, but I did manage to do it myself.

Here is the maze of deception through which Wiehl had to rummage:

Obama Truth Team

How on earth did she ever discover the real source of this web site? Only a crack investigator with Wiehl’s superior legal experience could have figured out how to scroll to the bottom of the page. Those Obama web developers are mighty crafty, but no match for Wiehl.

This isn’t the first time that the Murdoch empire has attempted to associate Obama with Nixon and McCarthy. A couple of months ago the Wall Street Journal published an article by Ted Olsen that accused the President of similar list crimes. On that occasion it was the infamous Koch brothers who were being set up for presidential attacks. It’s too bad that the billionaire Koch brothers are so defenseless that they have to resort to having their lawyer (Olsen) be given space in the Wall Street Journal to whine about being criticized by the president they have vowed to destroy.

It’s also a little ironic that the right is so vociferously disturbed by tactics made popular by people they now regard as heroes. Both Nixon and McCarthy have been the beneficiaries of recent rehabilitations by their fellow Republicans. We even have GOP stars like Allen West declaring that commies are running rampant through the corridors of congress. McCarthy would be so proud. And Glenn Beck sanitized Nixon’s enemies list by saying that it was “just about who’s not coming to state dinners.” Yet conservatives will still site these historical scumbags in a negative sense if they think they can tarnish the President with it. Oh what a tangled web…..

I Have Here In My Hand A List Of Names…

On day two of Glenn Beck’s week long special “The New Republic,” Beck extends his diatribe against the Obama czars. On the first day he focused extensively on Van Jones, who was a co-founder of Color of Change, the group spearheading the Beck advertiser boycott (coincidence?). Today Beck sought to lengthen the list of Communist subversives that he imagines are squirreled away in the dark recesses of the government.

Just like old Joe McCarthy, Beck has in his hands a list of names. A list that he impugns as commie traitors. A list that he implies is evidence that President Obama himself is a commie traitor. The list: Cass Sunstein, Carol Browner, John Holdren, Ezekiel Emmanuel, Jeff Jones, are all respected professionals and public servants. Add to these persons the organizations at whom Beck is pointing his finger of righteousness: ACORN, SEIU, the Apollo Alliance, AFL-CIO, and any environmental group he can find. Yet Beck has no problem slandering these groups and people. At long last, Glenn, have you no decency?

Beck appears to have single-handedly reanimated the defunct red-baiting era of McCarthy with a new twist. He has no official power to investigate or punish his targets, but he has a bigger megaphone than McCarthy could have ever dreamed. And while McCarthy sought to remove the alleged fiends from government employment, Beck seeks to tie them to the President and whip up a holy fury against him that can only lead to a violent overthrow. Beck doesn’t even offer any other alternative to what he insists is a committed cabal intent on subverting our nation’s most sacred values. To the people who believe what Beck says, where is the line over which they would not cross to forestall the destruction of everything they hold dear?

It’s too bad that McCarthy didn’t have a funny mustache or some other distinctive characteristic that we could draw onto Beck to drive home the similarity. This week’s series of programs is establishing Beck as the foremost McCarthy impressionist since McCarthy himself.