Gut-Brained Donald Trump Accuses Mueller of McCarthyism in a Rant that is Pure McCarthyism

We now have Donald Trump to thank for an indelible image of his intellectual prowess. In an interview with the Jeff Bezos/Amazon Washington Post, Trump bragged about his own “high levels of intelligence” and offered as proof that “I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.” Of course, it goes without saying that nobody’s brain can tell Trump anything. And he does have huge gut.

Donald Trump

The gut-infused brain of Trump later took to his Twitter machine to continue a tirade he has been unleashing against special counsel Robert Mueller this week. His previous tweetstorming certified just how fearful and desperate he is. But the latest addition to his wild-eyed raving is a true head-smacking classic:

Trump’s assertion that Mueller is engaging in the reprehensible tactics of the late, disgraced senator Joseph McCarthy is pure, unadulterated McCarthyism. The red-baiting senator famously held up a sheet of paper and declared that it contained the names of active communists in the United States government. And Trump is doing the very same thing in Twitterese by declaring that he knows of “major players” who are saying that Mueller’s team is “viciously telling witnesses to lie.” Trump, like McCarthy, doesn’t actually name those players or provide any evidence that Mueller is strong-arming witnesses to commit perjury. It’s all baseless innuendo and outright slander by a sitting president.

But that’s not all. Trump also retweeted a post (four of them actually) by an anonymous Trump-fluffing Twitter fan, TheTrumpTrain, that similarly channels the McCarthy method. The tweet said that “Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?” Setting aside the fact that Russia collusion is supported by mountains of evidence, let’s focus on the image in the tweet. It featured a jail cell populated by Mueller, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and even the Deputy Attorney General that Trump appointed, Rod Rosenstein. Once again, all of these people are being slandered McCarthy-style for crimes that are unnamed and for which there is no evidence.

Trump is fond of raising McCarthyism as a slur against his critics. He has done so on Twitter several times recently, with each tweet an example of what real McCarthyism looks like:

This tendency by Trump to weaponize the McCarthy legacy is peculiar considering that he worked with and admired Roy Cohn, McCarthy’s attorney. So you have to wonder if Trump really believes that McCarthyism is a bad thing, or if he’s just exploiting it to attack his foes. But Trump wouldn’t say things that he doesn’t believe just to gain some perceived advantage for himself, would he? (Okay, stop laughing).

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And for some truthiness on the subject of gut knowledge, here is Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2006:


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  1. If you do know any “Family Values Republicans” please call them to let them know you’re very disappointed by them in particular. So many of them remain silent when they do have a responsibility for what they did to our Nation. Never let them forget, since they said he was the “be best” of all of them. They gave America the First Communist first ‘lady’. No it’s not someone else’s fault.

  2. Trump is a fucking wreck of a human being!

  3. Probably appropriate that he depends on his gut. I do understand that’s where f@rts come from….

  4. If his guts were brains he really would be the smartest main the world.

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