WATCH: The Lie-Riddled, Pro-Trump, 100 Days Propaganda Video Produced By Fox News

The consensus of the reality-based community is that Donald Trump’s first 100 days have been a dismal failure. He is under investigation by the FBI for possible collusion with Russian agents to steal the election. Several administration appointments have been withdrawn or resigned under clouds. Federal courts have ruled some of his his flurry of executive orders unconstitutional. He’s spent more time (and money) away from the White House than any of his predecessors. Almost none of the promises he made during his campaign have been fulfilled. The only achievement about which he can brag is having the lowest approval rating of any first quarter president ever.

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That, of course, hasn’t stopped Trump from declaring that he’s had the most successful first 100 days in history. It’s not unlike his claim that more people attended his inauguration than any before it. Or that President Obama wiretapped him. He’s just plain delusional.

Thank goodness he has Fox News to affirm his hyperactive, ego-stroking imagination. Fox News has officially taken on the mantle of state-run TV to a degree that would make Russia blush. And now it’s putting on a full-court press to shore up the President’s flagging record and public disappointment. The latest glaring example of Fox’s Trump-fluffing PR is a video celebrating his hundredth day in office. It’s a production of such brazen suck-up you’d have to assume it came straight from Breitbart Films. In conjunction with Kellyanne Conway’s Alternative Facts Studios. (Video below)

The video is montage that runs the gamut from fawning exaltation to shameless disinformation. It begins with the stridently vague declaration that “Trump signed an executive order to ease the burden of Obamacare.” Because millions of Americans having access to affordable healthcare is such a heavy burden. Then the video boasts about Trump’s efforts to advance the Keystone XL pipeline. That’s a project that risks severe environmental damage while failing to create jobs or economic benefits.

The next “achievement” is Trump’s initiative to put restrictions on former government officials becoming lobbyists. However, he has already given waivers to people who served in his nascent administration to accept lobbying positions. The video then touts a memorandum to the Pentagon to come up with a plan to defeat ISIS. Apparently Trump thinks that the Pentagon hasn’t already developed several such plans. In any case, Trump hasn’t implemented any of them. The best the video can do is note that Trump fired some missiles at a Syrian air base that did little damage, and dropped the “Mother of All Bombs” on a stretch of Afghan desert.

Moving on, the video notes that Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to take a seat on the Supreme Court. But it doesn’t note that the Senate had to ditch its own rules in order to secure the confirmation. And that’s hardly an achievement of the President anyway. Then the video applauds Trump’s unveiling of a “tax plan with cuts for corporations and Americans.” First of all, it’s more of a press release than a plan. However, it does mainly benefit corporations and Americans with high incomes.

Finally, the video cites two more executive orders that accomplish precisely nothing. One is aimed at making Veterans Administration employees accountable. It doesn’t say how it would do that or even what “accountable” means. The other notes Trump’s travel ban that is not now, and will never be, in effect.

In addition to the video, Fox linked to a web page that was equally slathered in Trumpism. It purported to itemize everything he’s accomplished in 100 days. But it’s a total joke. Many of the items were nonsense like “Had lunch with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.” Or “Left on Air Force One for Mar-a-Lago.” And “Held listening session with ObamaCare ‘victims.'” Plus, it posted a bunch of his inane tweets. Sadly, in the World of Trump, these are accomplishments.

Given all of the resources of Fox News, it’s startling that this is the best they could do. The video is a document of Trump’s failures. Granted, they had so little to work with you have to give them credit for trying. And in the end, the brainwashed, information-challenged, sycophantic, Trump cultists won’t care that there is no truth or substance to the video’s claims. If Trump told them that the border wall had already been built, they could actually travel down to the Rio Grande and would see it clear as day.

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Fox News knows their audience, and knows that they will believe whatever Trump or Fox put in front of them. And that’s why Fox produces these hollow and transparently biased videos. They are doing the work of the White House Politburo and nothing more.