Joe Biden Brilliantly Nails Trump’s Descent Into Corruption and Tyranny

From day one of his accidental presidency, Donald Trump has exhibited clear signs of his aspirations to emulate the brutal dictators that he so admires (Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin). His reverence for the trappings of totalitarianism has been thinly disguised as he openly exchanged love letters with his autocratic heroes and behaved in a manner that mimicked their oppressive methods of governing.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

On Friday evening Trump committed yet another act of obvious abuse of power. Hoping to avoid media scrutiny, he quietly sent a letter to Congress indicating his intention to fire Steve Linick, the State Department’s Inspector General. Linick just happened to been investigating misconduct by Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

The Inspector General’s position is supposed to be an independent watchdog post to protect the integrity of government agencies. That’s why Trump could not fire Linick outright, but had to give Congress a 30 day notice. Unfortunately, due to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s blind obedience to Trump, it is still likely that nothing will be done about this, at least from McConnell’s perch.

This negligence on the part of Republicans in Congress is all the worse considering that this isn’t the first time that Trump has fired an IG who was investigating his administration. Nor is it the second time. Or the the third. Linick’s dismissal follows that of Inspectors General Christi Grimm (Health and Human Services), Glenn Fine (Defense Department), and Michael Atkinson (Intelligence Community). Each of these people were non-partisan career professionals who served administrations of both parties. Each of them were probing misconduct in the Trump administration. And all of this took place within a six week period.

Trump has been executing a slow-motion version of a Saturday Night Massacre, wherein he’s terminating honorable public servants who were doing their jobs on behalf of the American people. His brazen lawlessness seems to be growing unchecked ever since the Senate failed in their duty to remove him from office after his impeachment.

Trump is becoming ever more desperate in recent days as the coronavirus death toll for Americans approaches 90,000. Which is another even more tragic consequence of the GOP’s acquiescence to Dear Leader. Lately Trump has been fixated on a thoroughly imaginary “scandal” that he has been calling “ObamaGate.” There is no rational explanation for what he’s alleging, and given the opportunity, even he couldn’t define it. But he has been tweeting up a storm with links to rabid Obama haters making bizarre and unsupported accusations.

On Saturday morning Trump embarked on a raging Twitter-palooza that included one tweet saying that “Scandal has defined the Obama Administration.” Which is peculiar considering there is not even a hint of any untoward activity by President Obama over the eight years of his presidency. However, there is nothing but scandal and corruption engulfing Trump and his confederacy of criminals, many of whom have already been indicted and convicted.

So Trump’s current obsessive acting out against IGs is just his way of trying to put a lid on the discovery of his raging malfeasance in office. He is writhing in fear of losing in November and being held accountable for his presidential crime spree. He knows that his approval ratings are plummeting and most polls show Joe Biden beating him nationally, as well as in many of the crucial swing states. So it is especially sweet to see Biden excoriating Trump in a succinct yet effective tweet of his own:

Indeed. While there are many former Trump staffers who have left his employ under a cloud, the only person Trump ever fired for wrongdoing was his disgraced National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who got the ax for lying to both the administration and the FBI. But now Trump is praising Flynn after having had his Attorney General, Bill Barr, drop all charges against him. Never mind that Flynn had confessed and pleaded guilty twice.

Trump keeps demonstrating that he will cozy up to those who swear their unflinching allegiance to his White House mob family. Loyalty to him always takes precedence over loyalty to the United States or its Constitution. And he will continue to poison the waters of justice in order to avoid being held accountable for his innumerable crimes. You have to wonder if there is any breach of law or ethics that will provoke Republicans to act with integrity and dignity and patriotism. but don’t hold your breath.

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14 thoughts on “Joe Biden Brilliantly Nails Trump’s Descent Into Corruption and Tyranny

  1. The Republicans will never admit their mistake in supporting this monster!

  2. I’m voting for Joe so that I can sleep a little better Trump scares the hell outta me, but I sure wish Biden would give me half a reason to feel just a little better, a little more confident in his ability to take on Trump. C’mon Joe wake the hell up! Come out of hiding and step up your game man this is an existential battle with too much at stake. It’s about more than “the soul of our nation” it’s a matter of life or death for many. You need to get some of the progressives behind you too don’t just leave us with our disgust and terror of another Trump term be our only motivation. It’ll work for me I’m terrified but worried about losing. Remember, Republicans cheat we have to overwhelm the voting polls. We’re up against purging the rolls, gerrymandering, voter suppression and who know what all we’re not even aware of for example Diebold for one donates to Republicans and make voting machines too. There are a lot of possible channels they could corrupt and I wouldn’t put it past them theyve essentially killed any/all oversight. Go get ’em Joe you’re all we got.

    • Agreed on all counts! The time is perfect for a strong, capable leader to step up & show him/herself as a true force to reckon with, in this brawl with Trump’s mob. That person should be Joe Biden, because it looks like he’ll be the Democratic candidate to take on Trump at the polls & on the debate stage. Trump gets airplay all the time, but Biden’s strangely quiet. Time to show his mettle, if indeed he has it. If not. time to gracefully step aside & let another contender take his place.

      • Biden is backing up for a good start.

    • A few weeks ago I felt exactly the same. But after seeing that his polling remains strong, and he’s still beating Trump, I’m thinking more along the lines of the old “If your opponent is digging himself into a hole, let him keep digging.” Hell, give a shovel.

      Trump seems to be doing more damage to himself and Biden is staying above the fray. That probably won’t last forever (although maybe with Trump), but for now it might be wise for Biden to step back and let Trump beat himself up. Biden is putting out some great videos, though.

      • I remember that Woodrow Wilson once said about his opponent, “I see no reason to kill someone who is committing suicide slowly.”

        Of course, Wilson in many ways was no better than Tyrant Donnie, but, unlike Tyrant, Wilson DID respect the office, even if he often seemed to fail to understand the principles behind it.

      • Where are those videos? On Facebook? (I don’t do Facebook.)
        Have seen some really good ones by Lincoln Project, I think it’s called. Also a couple others that were well done & using Trump’s own words/lies agaonst him — not sure now who made them tho. I only see them if someone posts it on a news website, or on Daily Kos. Trump is his own worst enemy! One only need choose which of his clips to string together for an effective ad. He’s already done the hard work for ya’. LOL And there’s more than can even be used in just 1 campaign.
        Couldn’t be easier with such a nasty narcissist as Trump-a-chump!

        • Lincoln Project is run in part by George Conway.

    • I’m with you! Vote the tyrant out!!!! I wake up everyday with a lump in my throat knowing that our leader is Donald J. Trump. I have not felt safe in my own home since he took office.

  3. “…You have to wonder if there is any breach of law or ethics that will provoke Republicans to act with integrity and dignity and patriotism. but don’t hold your breath.”
    ~ Wonder no more….for the answer is a resounding, “Nope. Nothing at all.”
    Integrity? Dignity? LOL! ~ Loyalty & Allegiance to this Country & its Constitution….over same to the worst American President in U.S. history?!

    • You’re talking the Party of Moscow Mitch McConnell & Lazyboy Lindsey Graham, right?! They, who publically boasted that they were NOT going to hold a fair & impartial Impeachment Hearing/Trial for Trump & that the outcome was already decided, thereby violating their Oaths of Office & committing perjury when swore to uphold oath Roberts gave Senate members at start of the sham trial.

      • Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey admitted they have no interest in serving We The People. They’re just here to service Their Beloved God. And that makes them unfit to be in office.

  4. It appears from the anti- Trump ads they made, that George Conway may be quite fed-up with the antics & heap o’ lies that Trump is constantly spewing & decided to use his words against him!?!
    I guess Rethugs

  5. I want to state first that I am a dyed in the wool Democrat, all the way with Joe and a never-trumper, but I have to ask the question where is Joe Biden. I haven’t seen him at all on tv? I have seen the thin skinned don countless times but I haven’t seen Biden. Biden needs to get more exposure, it’s not good our only Presidential candidate has almost disappeared.

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