Trump Throws Psycho Tantrum Over Andrew McCabe’s Pension and Hunter Biden’s Paintings

Among the most prominent and enduring character flaws that Donald Trump displays on a regular basis are his obsessions with vengeance and jealousy. And every now and then he unleashes both in a flurry of fiery rage, usually triggered by some bad news that burns at his gargantuan, but fragile, ego.

Flaming Trump

Friday saw just such a conflagration of Trumpian distemper when it was reported that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe prevailed in a lawsuit that he filed after Trump fired him in a fit of political persecution. According to NBC News

“Under the terms of the settlement, the Justice Department agreed to rescind and vacate McCabe’s firing, update his employment record to reflect him as having retired in good standing and restore his full retirement pension, including a lump sum payout of benefits he should have received after he left the agency.”

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This was a full-on vindication for McCabe whose record has now been expunged of the derogatory facets of Trump’s woefully wrongful termination. Naturally, that aroused Trump’s hyper-sensitive snowflake feedback mechanism so much so that he rushed to have his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill and proxy tweeter, Liz Harrington, fire off a manic missive to try to re-distort history. Trump babbled that…

“Isn’t it terrible that all of Andrew McCabe’s benefits, pensions, salary, etc., were just fully reinstated by the Justice Department? This is yet another mockery to our Country. Among other things, McCabe’s wife received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Hillary Clinton and the Democrats while Crooked Hillary was under investigation, which was quickly dropped, of course.”

What was terrible was that Trump abused the power of the presidency to punish McCabe when he had done nothing to warrant it. It was a purely political assault by Trump because McCabe was doing his job as a law enforcement professional, which a criminal like Trump couldn’t abide.

Notice that Trump also couldn’t stick to one topic. So he drifted off into a well-worn rant about Hillary Clinton that had been completely debunked long ago. Clinton never donated a dime to the campaign of Jill McCabe. There was no Clinton investigation going on at the time. So of course, McCabe wasn’t in charge of it. But Trump was just getting started on his schizoid wild ride. He continued with a sharp turn into Hunter Biden territory, whining that…

“Hunter Biden will be given a clean bill of health on everything done by him, with everyone to receive as payment a beautiful Hunter Biden inspired painting selling at your local art gallery for $500,000. While I have never painted before, Hunter has inspired me to immediately begin painting because I’ve always felt I have a talent at that, and could surely get at least $2 million dollars per canvas—and probably a lot more. I will begin immediately. Our Country is crooked as hell!”

Really? First of all, while Biden’s artwork was overvalued in much the same way that any celebrity collectible would be, it never sold for $500,000. But more to the point, the notion of Trump starting a career in art is too far removed from reality for even an SNL sketch. Never mind that he has already demonstrated his ability to defraud suckers out of their money by getting them to contribute to his bogus campaign, or stay in his bedbug infested hotels, or buy his red hats that mark them as idiots.

What’s more, Trump saying that he “always felt I have a talent” for art is so very Trump. This is the same guy with the delusional self-image of a “very stable genius” who knows more about war than generals, and more about economics than economists, and more about healthcare and epidemics than doctors, and in short, more about everything than anyone, as revealed in the following video:

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