Biden Restores Respect for America Worldwide After the Abominable Era of Trump: Poll

Nearly a year after the 2020 presidential election that Donald Trump has still not conceded he lost, the former reality TV game show host’s legacy of embarrassing America continues to unfold. Trump remains the loser with the lowest approval ratings ever recorded, having never even reached 50%.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump

As it turns out, the American people are not the only ones disgusted by Trump’s anti-democratic antics and authoritarian aspirations. A new Gallup Poll just published its findings after surveying 46 nations. The results reveal how the rest of the world has warmed up to the United States since Trump was disposed of by a significant majority of voters:

“Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, approval ratings of U.S. leadership around the world had largely rebounded from the record-low ratings observed during the Trump administration.

“A new Gallup report shows that as of early August 2021, across 46 countries and territories, median approval of U.S. leadership stood at 49%. This rating is up from the 30% median approval at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency and matches the rating during former President Barack Obama’s first year in office in 2009.”

The difference between Biden’s approval and Trump’s is profound. An increase of 19 points cannot be dismissed as routine or attributed to political partisanship. Clearly Trump was an anchor around America’s neck, and the negativity that he excreted has been largely eliminated by Biden in less than a year. In fact, Gallup’s analysis found that the roots of the positive effects of the new administration were observable much sooner than that:

“In the first few hours of his presidency, Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Accord and halted Trump’s decision to leave the World Health Organization. And, in his first foreign policy speech as president, Biden vowed to repair U.S. alliances through diplomacy and restore the image of the U.S.”

Biden is continuing on a path that is quickly rehabilitating the nation’s reputation at home and abroad. He recently put the U.S. back on the United Nations Human Rights Council. He has donated 140 million doses of COVID vaccines to at least 93 countries. He has reversed the Trump doctrine of embracing enemy tyrants and alienating allies.

Ironically, there were just three countries where U.S. approval declined. At the top of that list was Trump’s favorite dictatorship, Russia (along with Serbia and Benin). As for Trump, he has been making noises for months about the U.S. losing respect since his electoral smackdown. He recently tweeted (via his Twitter ban defying proxy) that…

“A year ago we were respected all over the world under President Trump. Now the Biden regime has made us a humiliated laughingstock without a real president.”

Obviously, that couldn’t further from the truth. Which is something that it has in common with almost everything that Trump says. His abhorrent and infantile “personality” is reflected in the way he just eulogized Colin Powell, a former Secretary of State and our nation’s top diplomat. Powell’s death was reported less than 24 hours ago, but Trump, utterly lacking in decorum, common decency, or consideration for a grieving family, has already lashed out at him tweeting that “He made big mistakes” and that “He was a classic RINO, if even that, always being the first to attack other Republicans.”

This Gallup poll isn’t the first one to show how despised Trump is around the world. In July Pew Research published a survey that found…

“…a significant uptick in ratings for the U.S., with strong support for Biden and several of his major policy initiatives. […] Looking at 12 nations surveyed both this year and in 2020, a median of 75% express confidence in Biden, compared with 17% for Trump last year.”

So there is a pretty consistent consensus that Trump was a repulsive figure who soured America’s relations with its international allies. Fortunately, he has been disposed of and replaced by Joe Biden, a leader that the world respects and admires. And time will only reinforce these views as Biden’s achievements are accrued, and Trump’s crimes are revealed.

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Jen Psaki Reminds Fox News that Trump Corrupted the DOJ and Incited an Insurrection

The daily White House press briefing is intended to provide a platform for the administration to outline its agenda and for the press to pose questions to the administration. Ordinarily the press would compose questions that would elicit information of interest to their readers and viewers, the American people.

Jen Psaki, Donald Trump

Unfortunately, that is almost never the case with ultra-partisan right-wing outfits like Fox News. Their correspondents routinely craft inquiries whose only purpose is to malign the President or advance their pre-chewed conservative doctrine. And there is no better example of this media malfeasance than Fox’s Peter Doocy. Every time he is called upon by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Doocy scrapes the barrel bottom of pseudo-journalism and opens himself up to well deserved ridicule.

On Monday Doocy sought to trap Psaki by asserting that President Biden had broken a promise not to interfere with how the Justice Department operates. Earlier this week Biden was asked about whether the House Select Committee on January 6th should enforce its subpoenas against witnesses who refuse to cooperate. Biden replied that he hopes “that the committee goes after them and holds them accountable.” When asked whether he believed the Justice Department should prosecute them, Biden told reporters, “I do, yes.”

That was a somewhat imprecise phrasing of the administration’s position. A Justice Department spokesperson quickly clarified that the DOJ “will make its own independent decisions in all prosecutions based solely on the facts and the law.” But unlike Donald Trump, at no time did Biden direct the DOJ to take any particular action. He was merely expressing his “hope” that the law be upheld.

Doocy demonstrated his inquisitory impotence by falsely asserting in a blatantly leading question that Biden broke a promise regarding the administration of the Justice Department. Psaki asked him how Biden had broken any promise. But all that Doocy could come up with was a rewording of the same assertion that Psaki had already answered. That went on for another couple of rounds before leading up to this exchange:

Doocy: What’s changed since last year when [Biden] said ‘I will not do what former president Trump does and use the Justice Department as my vehicle to insist that something happen?’
Psaki: Since you’ve given me the opportunity here, former president Trump used his department to incite an insurrection. He put political pressure on senior DOJ officials to propagate lies about the election to the point where they threatened to resign en mass. I think there is hardly a comparison there.
Doocy: President Biden said, ‘the Justice Department and my administration will be totally independent of me,’ and he said he would not enter into any decisions about what cases the agency will bring and not…
Psaki: And he has not, and he will not .And criminal prosecutions are the sole purview of the Department of Justice. That is the President’s position. That is what he nominated the Attorney General to operate under.

It was helpful of Doocy to remind everyone that Trump had “used the Justice Department as [his] vehicle” to pursue his personal interests and acts of vengeance. Indeed, Trump had repeatedly corrupted the independence of the Justice Department by ordering it to act as if they were his private attorneys. He was even doing it after he was no longer president.

Psaki correctly pointed out to Doocy that “Trump used his department to incite an insurrection” and to “put political pressure on senior DOJ officials.” Trump tried to get the DOJ to buy into his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. But that still didn’t deter Doocy from reiterating his failed argument that Biden had somehow interfered with DOJ decisions. He didn’t. And Psaki affirmed that he wouldn’t.

In the end, the only thing that Doocy accomplished was to provide Psaki with an opportunity to explain in further detail the White House’s dedication to the independence of the Department of Justice. While simultaneously refreshing the public memory about Trump’s misconduct in office and his gross inability to comprehend the proper role of the presidency. So perhaps we don’t give Doocy enough credit for helping Psaki to set the record straight. Thanks Pete.

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