Breaking BS on Fox News: Hunter Biden is Selling His Artwork to… Russians? Drug Cartels?

Fox News is continuing to have difficulties finding anything substantive – or real – that they can use to attack President Biden. That’s why they’ve been resorting to pitiful, manufactured “scandals” like whether or not he wears a face mask, or blaming him for a sauce shortage at Chick-fil-A, or mocking the romance in his marriage. But try as they might, they just can’t seem to shake his broad-based popularity.

Fox News, Bullshit Factory

The latest fetish on Fox is their “scoop” that Hunter Biden has taken up painting and his work is selling for big bucks. This earth shattering exposĂ© was featured on Fox’s “The Five” where co-host Dagen McDowell was visibly shaken by this stunning affront to her alleged morals (video below):

“I guess his Burisma money ran out. Hunter Biden is apparently an artist now. He’s selling his abstract work for as much as half a million dollars per painting. So who’s buying this crap? Hunter’s art dealer says sales are confidential, which is raising the question, once again, of whether the First Son is selling access.”

This “crap”? Is she an art critic now? If so, she has some competition from her fellow co-host and noted art expert, Greg Gutfeld, who said that Biden’s paintings look like “tramp vomit” (or is it “trump”). And Jesse Watters chimed in with the obligatory conspiracy theory to explain everything:

“So you could have a Russian billionaire hand the Biden family a half a million dollars and the Biden family just gives the guy a water color back. And we’re not supposed to say wait a second? The media has no clue what’s going on here?”

Watters also claimed that this “violates every spirit of the law. […] It’s gotta be illegal to do this, right? It has to be illegal.” Of course, he didn’t bother to cite any legal statute that this supposedly violated.

For good measure, Fox’s Jason Chaffetz fleshed out the conspiratorial drama in a separate article for the Fox News website:

“Who just paid $500,000 to buy a painting from novice artist Hunter Biden? We don’t know. […] let’s think for a minute how convenient this arrangement might be for anyone wanting to buy access to the president of the United States. […] The purchases are confidential. Who is to know if it’s a foreign government, a drug cartel, or a Ukrainian oligarch buying access to the artist or his family?”

Without any evidence whatsoever, Chaffetz has implied that these art sales could have been made to foreign enemies and criminals. He also claimed that the sales themselves were just “a magnet for corruption.” Never mind that he doesn’t have a shred of proof to support his reckless charges. That isn’t important to these shameless character assassins. The only thing that matters to them is how much damage they can do.

For the record, the value of art is measured on fluid scale that takes into consideration both tangible and intangible factors. And the notoriety of celebrity (i.e. a president’s son) can significantly inflate the work’s selling price. That isn’t an indication of corruption. And confidentiality is not imposed by the artist. It is a contractual agreement between the buyer and the art dealer. So Hunter may not even know who the buyer is.

What drenches this in hypocrisy is that Fox News has never done similarly scandalous stories about Donald Trump whose corruption was right out in the open. His brazen profiteering while president included charging taxpayers for accommodations at his hotels and golf resorts for family, staff, members of Congress, Secret Service, political organizations, and yes, even foreign operatives with business before the U.S. government.

Some estimates of Trump’s ill-gotten gain go as high as $8,000,000 during his single term in office. And that isn’t even counting the untoward profiteering of Ivanka, Jared Kushner, and the rest of the Trump clan.

In Trump’s case we know exactly where the money was coming from (politically and financially conflicted parties), and where it was going (into his pocket). In Hunter’s case there is isn’t a hint of impropriety. Nevertheless, Fox News goes ballistic over Hunter’s innocent ventures, while ignoring Trump’s flagrant and self-serving fraud. Because that’s how organs of bias and disinformation work. And Fox News does it better than anyone.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking BS on Fox News: Hunter Biden is Selling His Artwork to… Russians? Drug Cartels?

  1. FauxNotNews really does dothat shit better than anyone ~ of course, they’ve had all day, everyday for years to perfect their “anti-news” programming. Programming of viewers minds & network programming. Apparently, the USA has NO standards whatsoever for what qualifies as a “news network”. Are you hearing me FCC?!? Showing the world the downside of a “free press”, without any regulation, or standards, definition of “News”?! There are state-run medias that try much harder to be fair & accurate in their reporting.
    Fox, like Trump & the Rethug officials killing democracy State-by-State, not lying covertly – no, it’s right out in the open, daring anyone to stop them! But no one does. Everyone with the power to do something to stop this army of LIARS, is complicit in the crime of bringing down this Country!
    Were it any other nation, or foreign group, instead of purely partisan acts by just 1 Party, their media hacks & our gov’t agencies, we’d be all “up in arms” & ready to go to war for America & our democracy!
    But, here it is, right in our face & no one in authority is willing to go 1st, be brave & slam on the brakes!

    “The once-great USA goes down with a whimper & without a fight.” That will be the headline news one day. But, not on FuxNews ~ they don’t report real news, only severely spun crap. We do know WHO they will claim brought the nation down…(hint: it won’t ever be the truth!).

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