Crybaby Trump Throws Hysterical Twitter Tantrum After Biden Nixed His Fake Executive Privilege

The bipartisan House Select Committee on the January 6th Insurrection recently issued subpoenas for several associates of Donald Trump who aided and abetted the deadly invasion of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. They include Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, White House aides Dan Scavino, and Kash Patel, and his former campaign chairman Steve Bannon. All of them have thus far indicated that they will ignore the subpoenas on orders from Trump.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

The fact that Trump is still exerting control over his political lackeys only strengthens the legal case against him. He is exhibiting a consciousness of guilt and engaging in obstruction of justice. He falsely believes that he can invoke “executive privilege,” a power that only a president can exercise and, despite his delusional obsession, he isn’t one. But even a president can’t use that privilege to cover up a crime.

The actual president, Joe Biden, has announced that he will not be invoking executive privilege on Trump’s behalf. Consequently, documents and other evidentiary material in the possession of the White House will be handed over to the congressional committee.

This has triggered a typical Trump temper tantrum that he unleashed on Twitter with the help of his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban). Trump is clearly scared and is trying to twist his fear into some form of defense. But all he can muster is incoherence and desperation:

Trump’s tweet-whining is so jam-packed with preposterous notions that it requires a deeper dive to dissect its puerile perversity. Let’s begin where he began…

“Biden has rejected our request to withhold White House information from the House Unselect Committee investigating the January 6th protest, but has not taken a stance on the insurrection that took place on November 3rd, often referred to as the Crime of the Century.”

Notice first his infantile nicknaming of the Committee as “Unselect.” Ooh, that’ll get ’em. More disturbing is his characterization of the riots that resulted in at least five deaths, and more than 140 law enforcement officers seriously injured, as merely a “protest.” They were just protesting that Nancy Pelosi hadn’t been shot and that Mike Pence hadn’t been hung. Then he says that it was the democratic election that was an insurrection. Never mind that after nearly a year of baseless allegations, and legal challenges, and Republican-run audits, Trump has failed to turn up any evidence of the election fraud he rants about so maniacally. And the only one who has “often referred” to the election as the “Crime of the Century” is Trump himself. But he was just getting started…

This will put the current White House in a terrible position when the inevitable request for information comes concerning the massive corruption by Hunter Biden and the already well-documented crimes committed by the Biden family, the least of which are Hunter’s paintings selling for as much as $500,000 a piece.”

Here Trump is making a threat to seek vengeance, if given the opportunity. However, his threat reeks of the impotence of a loser who has run out of ideas. Despite the efforts of Trump and his Fox News confederates, there has been no evidence of corruption by Hunter Biden, massive or otherwise, who, by the way, isn’t the president or the holder of any other political office. Trump’s attempts at deflection are so pitiful that they rival the idiocy of those attempted by Rudy Giuliani. And the only “well-documented crimes” are those that were committed by the Trump family. Then Trump closed his tirade by saying that…

“With our Country collapsing, with our Military disgraced, with our Borders nonexistent, when will the American people have had enough?”

The American people have already had enough – of Trump. A significant majority (60%) of Americans polled said that a Trump 2024 bid would be bad for the country. Even a minority (44%) of Republicans want him to run again. So no matter how many lies he tells about the country collapsing, he clearly isn’t making any headway after a presidency during which he was impeached twice and never reached 50% approval. And after a year of civilian life, he’s still a liar, he’s still a whiner, and he’s still a loser.

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