Newsmax Trump-Fluffer Actually Believes the Loser of Mar-a-Lago Can Invoke Executive Privilege

The House Select Committee on the January 6th Insurrection recently issued subpoenas to several former staffers and associates of the former reality TV game show host, Donald Trump. Shortly thereafter, Trump did what all innocent parties to congressional investigations do. He demanded that the recipients of the subpoenas refuse to comply, making them liable for charges of contempt of Congress.

Donald Trump

Trump’s demands would not only put his criminal accomplices in legal jeopardy, but they expose him to charges as well. He could face prosecution for obstruction of justice and for suborning unlawful acts by others.

Trump justifies the orders to his minions by claiming “executive privilege.” The only problem with that is that he isn’t an “executive.” Only the President of the United States can invoke executive privilege. And Trump, despite his continuing refusal to acknowledge reality, is still not the President. What’s more, even the President can’t invoke executive privilege to cover up the commission of crime.

Trump’s stubborn insistence that he has powers that exist only in his befuddled brain is also evident on the fringe, wingnut media outlets that have sworn their blind allegiance to the cult of Trump. Prominent among them is Newsmax, a network so devoted to ultra-partisan bullpucky that they contrived the infamous Dandelion-Gate conspiracy theory. And now Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield returns with a harangue about Trump’s non-existent executive privilege authority:

“The January 6th Commission is going after anybody who worked around president Trump. Well, we are now learning that if they try to subpoena these people that are associated with president Trump, president Trump is going to be fighting back, He is going to invoke executive privilege. And that means that people like chief of staff Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, a top advisor, and Kash Patel, another top advisor, will not be able to comply with these subpoenas coming from the January 6th Commission.

“This is what you get with president Trump. You get a man who fights back. You understand me? The president fights back. That’s what we love about president Trump. And he’s sticking it to these people trying to go after him.”

Stinchfield is shocked(!) that the Committee impaneled to investigate the incident incited by Trump is “going after” the people that aided and abetted the deadly riots in Washington, D.C.. And he admires Trump’s fierce objections to efforts by Congress to uncover the truth.

Unfortunately, Stinchfield is caught up in Trump’s ignorant belief that he can invoke the powers of the presidency that he lost nearly a year ago. And that means that people like Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, and Kash Patel, will have to comply with these subpoenas or face the legal consequences. Scavino, it should be noted, has “innocently” disappeared and was not able to be served his subpoena. Also, Stinchfield left out Trump’s former campaign chairman, Steve Bannon, who was not a White House staffer and, therefore, wouldn’t be covered by executive privilege even if Trump could wield it.

Stinchfield closed his tirade with an especially cringeworthy and drooling adoration of Trump. He explained that “what we[?] love about” him is the fact that he is either an idiot, a liar, or delusional. Although Stinchfield was correct in asserting that “This is what you get with” Trump. Indeed, he is a man who fights back – against windmills that cause cancer, and other flagrant figments of his diseased imagination. And the only people that Trump is “sticking it” to are slobbering sycophants like Stinchfield and his dimwitted cult followers.

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  1. So now that Joe Biden has rightfully rejected the Lord God Moronikus’ ridiculous claim of Executive Privilege, what happens next?

    Well, the Lord God just issued his latest Sermon from the Golf Mound (once again using Lizzy the Shill to bypass Twitter’s alleged rules against circumventing suspension) screaming that obviously there’s fraud in them thar Arizona plains, and it’s just as much trumpshyt as anything else. Wonder what he’ll say when Barron tells him of Biden’s decision….


    “The Big Lie is reversed by great Patriots. The Election was a fraud. A must read!” – President Donald J. Trump

    ICYMI: “Republican Lawmakers Demolish Democrats’ ‘Big Lie’ That Arizona Audit Proved Biden Won the Election”

    11:49 AM · Oct 8, 2021·Twitter for Android

  2. newsmax(i) is FULL of s*it and disloyal. They must DIE like the traitorous a*swipes they are.

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