Trump Fluffs Kevin McCarthy for His Impotent Oratory Opposing Biden’s Build Back Better Bill

After many weeks of debate and negotiation, and hysterical harangues by Donald Trump, President Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill has finally passed in the House of Representatives. The vote took place later than expected because Republican minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, sought to delay the vote by rambling on tediously for eight and a half hours.

Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy’s extended exercise in vapidity had no discernible legislative purpose. He wasn’t going to persuade any supporters of the bill to change their votes. He wasn’t going to wrestle some concession from Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The only reasons he tortured his colleagues with his interminable tirade were to kiss up to Donald Trump, advance his aspirations for speakership, and to force the vote into the wee hours so he could later claim it was passed surreptitiously.

So how did he do? He failed to force a midnight vote because Pelosi easily outsmarted him by simply rescheduling it for the next morning. He failed to secure his post as GOP leader because his long-winded lecture was littered with lies and often absurd trivialities. Which leaves his hopes of winning the appreciation of the Creature from the Mar-a-Lagoon. In that McCarthy succeeded. Trump posted a tweet (via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill) applauding McCarthy’s late-night sermon:

“Great job by Kevin McCarthy last night, setting a record by going over 8 hours of speaking on the House Floor in order to properly oppose Communism. We must never forget what the Democrats have done, at the highest level of evil. If Mitch McConnell had fought, you would have a different Republican President right now.”

The first thing that needs to be established is that there is no way that Trump listened to more than a few minutes of McCarthy’s rant. Trump isn’t praising what McCarthy said, just that he took more than eight hours to say it. So it’s ironic that Trump is complimenting him for “properly oppos[ing] Communism.” There is nothing that McCarthy’s monologue resembled more closely than the endless elocution of Cuba’s communist commandant Fidel Castro or Russia’s overly talkative tyrant, Vladimir Putin.

Although it was generous of Trump to advise his cult disciples to “never forget what the Democrats have done.” What they’ve done is to pass a bill with dozens of programs that are broadly popular. They include initiatives to address childcare, climate change, health care, the economy, and more. And that’s on top of the previous infrastructure bill that was also a political winner.

Trump was also helpful in providing a reminder that the achievements attained by Democrats came at a time of “the highest level of evil.” Of course Trump didn’t mean to reference himself in that regard, but it was an obvious assumption. He further implicated his senatorial snake in the grass, Mitch McConnell, who he has been fuming about frequently as of late.

You really have to wonder whose side Trump is on these days. He has taken to maligning Republicans almost as much as Democrats. He is recruiting primary opponents for GOP incumbents in Congress and governorships. This unfriendly fire is creating hostility within the Republican Party. Some Republicans, such as Liz Cheney, are firing back with significant force.

Even more problematic for the GOP, the recruits that Trump is signing up are uncommonly unqualified for public service. They are inexperienced, hold extremist fringe positions, and have some unsavory histories. In fact, the only thing they have in common is their unflinching fealty to Trump. Which actually answers the question above about whose side Trump is on. Just as it has been for as long he’s he’s been in public life. Trump is always, and only, on Trump’s side.

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