Liz Cheney Calls Tucker Carlson’s ‘False Flag’ Lies ‘Un-American’ and ‘Dangerous’ – On Fox News!

Last week the Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, outdid himself by presenting an elaborate propaganda video about Donald Trump’s January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. Carlson’s crocumentary, “Patriot Purge” (or as CNN’s Jim Acosta retitled it, “Proud Boy Porn”,) was riddled with flagrant falsehoods and nauseating exaltations of the seditious Capitol rioters as heroes.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, STFU

Carlson sought to absolve Trump’s violent crusaders, and even worse, to justify them, by alleging that the whole thing was a “false flag” operation orchestrated by the FBI, something he has been yammering about for months. And his Fox News produced propaganda pic was universally rejected as garbage.

On Sunday Carlson took another hit from a staunchly conservative member of Congress, Liz Cheney. She was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday where she expressed her opinion of Carlson’s wankery:

Wallace: There is talk now that January 6th was a “false flag” operation. that it was a case of liberals and the “deep state” setting up conservatives and Trump supporters. Is there any truth to that?
Cheney: None at all. You know, it’s the same kind of thing that you hear from people who say that 9/11 was an inside job, for example. It is un-American to be spreading those kinds of lies, and they are lies. And we have an obligation that goes beyond partisanship, an obligation that we share – Democrats and Republicans together – to make sure that we understand every single piece of the facts about what happened that day and to make sure the people who did it are held accountable. And to call it a false flag operation and spread those kind lies is dangerous.

Cheney has been a reliable voice of reason from within a Republican Party dominated by Trump cult followers and brazenly dishonest purveyors of partisan bullpucky. She is a member of the House Select Committee investigating January 6th, and she rejects Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him.

Cheney didn’t mince words in her appraisal of Carlson. She openly and aptly denounced him as “un-American” and “dangerous.” That said, it is still a bit jarring to hear her righteous condemnation of Carlson, and to hear it on the same network that sponsors his deceitful disinformation. Cheney couldn’t have chosen a better platform to reveal Carlson’s scumbaggery. Carlson, however, is an easily triggered crybaby who frequently lashes out at his critics. So it will be interesting to see if he attacks Fox News or Chris Wallace for hosting this interview.

On the same program, White House Senior Advisor, Cedric Richmond, was asked by Fox’s Bill Hemmer about a blatantly partisan question that Fox’s Peter Doocy asked President Biden. Doocy’s question callously suggested that migrant families might be incentivized to come to the U.S. and have their children taken away in order to get compensated financially. Richmond replied that…

“The question was from a Fox reporter asking about whether compensation for being separated and losing a child would be an incentive to come to America. And what he was saying, that was an absurd question from the beginning. No one is coming somewhere to lose their child, to be separated from their loved one. And the question is so insensitive, disrespectful that that’s what he was commenting to. And I would ask the question of you, whether you support that?”

So Fox News got called out on Fox News twice in the same day. That isn’t going to make much difference in the great scheme of things. Fox will continue to be the primary media mouthpiece for ultra-rightist politicians and policies. But it’s encouraging to see these rare crumbs of truth slip through their conservative filter from time to time.

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