Laura Ingraham’s Hysterical Dumbassery Shows Why Fox News Can’t Ever Be Taken Seriously

If there is one thing that Fox News has always failed at miserably, it’s comedy. Well, intentional comedy. They have actually been a fairly reliable source of unintentional laughs. That’s pretty easy with such mockable figures as Tucker Carlson (admitting that he doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about), or “Judge” Jeanine Pirro (competing with SNL for humor), or Peter Doocy (routinely humiliating himself).

Laura Ingraham, Fox News, Goofy

Now Laura Ingraham has elevated herself to the top of the spit(take) pile with a segment wherein she demonstrated how cognitively vacuous she is. Ingraham was hosting her frequent sidekick/guest, Raymond Arroyo, who is the “news” anchor of the Eternal Word Television Network. So right away you can expect a laugh riot. The subject was COVID vaccine mandates and Arroyo sought to make a point using a popular television program when hilarity ensued. Here is both the transcript and the video, but you’ve got to watch the video:

Arroyo: “I was watching an episode of “You” where measles came up.”
Ingraham: Wait, when did I mention measles?
Arroyo: I don’t know. It was on “You.”
Ingraham: What was on me? What are you talking about?
Arroyo: The measles and the vaccine episode was on “You.”
Ingraham: We never did a measles and the vaccine episode. Is this a joke?
Arroyo: I know. It was on “You.”
Ingraham: I’ve never had measles. What are you talking about?
Arroyo: It was an episode of a show.
Ingraham: What’s it called?
Arroyo: “You.” “‘You.” It’s called “You.”
Ingraham: I’ve never had measles. I just completely give up.
Arroyo: It’s a show called “You” on Netflix.
Ingraham: There’s a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?
Arroyo: Never mind. I’m moving on.

Is this Ingraham and Arroyo’s version of “Who’s on First”? Abbott and Costello must be rolling over in their graves – in hysterics.

While this video is comedy gold, it is also a reminder that Fox News should never be taken seriously. After all, if Ingraham is incapable of grasping the simple notion of a television show called “You,” how can she possibly be trusted to give a worthwhile analysis of epidemiology, or critical race theory, or economics, or foreign affairs, or climate change, or anything else?

Truth be told, Ingraham’s capacity to understand in this clip isn’t any worse than her understanding of any other subject she’s discussed on her show. And the same is true of Carlson, Sean Hannity, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends. They all have the intellectual depth of Fox’s designated clown, Greg Gutfeld, and he isn’t exactly a candidate for Mensa membership.

Fortunately for Fox, their viewers are even lower on the scale of comprehension. That explains why they vote for Trump and Republicans like wannabe comedian Ted Cruz. It also explains why they are dying from COVID in far higher numbers than Democrats. So while there is humor in all of of this, there is also tragedy. What Fox News is doing to America isn’t really funny at all.

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