CRTeed Off: Tucker Carlson Admits that He Doesn’t Know WTF He’s Talking About

Tucker Carlson may be the most dangerous, racist, neo-fascist, demagogue on American television. His nightly tirades on Fox News are riddled with flagrant falsehoods, hateful histrionics, and crackpot conspiracy theories. Which explains how he became the face of Fox News and the primary architect of its editorial policy.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Bullshit Factory

Carlson’s rancid rhetoric has recently focused on his preposterous and evidence-free assertion that Donald Trump’s insurrection on January 6th was a “false flag” operation. He has also been promoting the grossly racist “white replacement theory.” And he relentlessly spreads deadly disinformation about the COVID pandemic.

However, on Wednesday evening Carlson made a surprising confession when discussing the Republican Party’s latest manufactured controversy, critical race theory (CRT). Carlson admitted that…

“I’ve never figured out what critical race theory is, to be totally honest, after a year of talking about it. They’re teaching that some races are morally superior to others, that some are inherently sinful and some are inherently saintly, and that’s immoral to teach that ’cause it’s wrong. That would be my view, and I think most voters’ view.”

So Carlson finally tells his viewers the truth about his ignorance of a subject that he’s been seething about hysterically for more than a year. Yet in the same breath he pretends to “know” that CRT teaches moral superiority. Which is not remotely related to the actual study of CRT. For the record, CRT is a field of study of that is defined as an “attempt to understand how victims of systemic racism are affected by cultural perceptions of race.” Carlson went on to say that…

“Schools are teaching your children that some races are inherently superior to other races. That’s the definition of racism, that some children are born with the stain of sin, inherently. That’s Nazi stuff.”

It’s cute that Carlson brings up “Nazi stuff,” a subject with which he is intimately familiar as it represents the core of his personal philosophy. Although he may not be the best person to complain about teaching that “some races are inherently superior to other races” when he so frequently exalts his European heritage over that of the “dirty” invaders he fears are being imported to replace him. And as a professed “Christian,” Carlson better reread his bible to bone up on that business about being “born with the stain of [original] sin.”

This would be a good time to remind everyone that Carlson was defended in a defamation case by his own Fox News lawyers, who successfully argued that “given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer ‘arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism’ about the statements he makes.” Unfortunately, there aren’t any reasonable viewers in Carlson’s audience to be skeptical of his wretched reputation. Just a bunch of Deplorables who believe everything repulsive he says.

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