UH-OH: Trump Flunky and QAnon Hero, Michael Flynn, Caught on Tape Calling QAnon ‘Total Nonsense’

Never let it be said that the QAnon movement has hit rock bottom. There is literally no bottom to their rancid brand of derangement and hatred. And a common feature of such lunatic crusades is their tendency to self-destruct when the slightest bit of scrutiny is applied.

Donald Trump, QAnon, Dictator

And so it goes. One of the most admired proponents in the QAnon cult of crazy is former Trump National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. This is same guy who recently accused “global elites” (aka Jews) of creating COVID; advocated a military coup to make Trump a dictator; and called for one religion in America.

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It’s that sort of crackpottery that has helped Flynn to rise above the daily discharge of QAnon cacophony. Which makes the latest revelation about Flynn all the more jarring, albeit entertaining. And this melodrama also stars Lin Wood, another Trump sycophant and QAnon fave who has made a name for himself as a bona fide nut case. According to the Daily Beast

“On Saturday night, pro-Trump lawyer and QAnon booster Lin Wood released a recording of what purports to be a phone call between Wood and Flynn on Telegram.”

This recording caught Flynn disparaging the freakazoids that worship him. He called QAnon “a disinformation campaign created by the CIA,” and said that it is “total nonsense.” In his own words…

“The QAnon movement really is a movement that spun out of your digital soldiers. I’m tired of these QAnon people attacking me. I think it’s a disinformation campaign created by the CIA. That’s what I believe now. I mean, I don’t know that for a fact, but that’s what I think it is. I think it’s a disinformation campaign. There’s actually a very interesting article today out that was sent to me – I’ll send it to you – about how the QAnon movement has failed, and all that. But I find it total nonsense, and I think it’s a disinformation campaign created by the left and the types of people that can create something like that are the kinds of people that we trained with certain skills in the CIA, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what it was.”

Oh my. That’s gonna stir the crackpot. For his part, Wood was also dismissive of QAnon, calling it a “white hat” operation that was kidnapped by the “black hats.” Although he may have confused them with Trump’s “red hats.” The article that Flynn referenced appears to be one by the white supremacist radio host, Hal Turner, that advocated what amounts to civil war.

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Since QAnon resides on the fringes of reality it wasn’t possible get a comment from whoever might be their spokesperson. But suffice to say that “Q” is probably not pleased. Unless, of course, they contend that this was all part of their devious plan to trick the liberals into thinking that the Q-A-Nonsense movement was as disjointed as it actually is. And in the confusion JFK, Jr sneaks Trump back into the White House through the back door. It’s a fiendish scheme, to be sure. And one that their dimwitted followers would eagerly lap up.

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Snowflake Trump Issues Challenge for a Debate About His ‘Big Lie’ Promising ‘a Ratings Bonanza’

Among the most prominent character flaws of Donald Trump is his notorious cowardice. This is a big-talking bully who is spending his golden years hiding behind his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill to post messages that exalt himself, and lie and insult his multitude of perceived enemies. And he’s too scared to conduct an interview with anyone but his slobbering sycophants on Fox News, Newsmax, and other Trump-fluffing media hacks.

Donald Trump, Snowflakes

Consequently, it was surprising to see Trump’s tweet on Sunday wherein he issued a challenge for a public debate. Trump is still obsessed with his humiliating election loss more than a year ago. and he continues to press forward with his delusional assertions of voter fraud for which neither he, nor his cartoonish mouthpieces such as pillow magnate Mike Lindell, have ever been able to provide evidence. Undeterred by reality, Trump wrote that…

“The Fake News Media cannot stand the fact that so many people in our Country know the truth, that the 2020 Election was rigged and stolen, yet almost every article written contains the words the ‘Big Lie’ or ‘unsubstantiated facts,’ etc., always trying to demean the real results.”

There are good reasons that credible journalists use words like “Big Lie” and “unsubstantiated facts,” when referring to Trump’s fallacious election falsehoods. After a year, and more than sixty failed court challenges, Trump has produced nothing to support his bogus babbling. Continuing with his Twitter tirade, Trump said…

“I am willing to challenge the heads of the various papers or even far left politicians, who have perpetuated the Real Big Lie, which is voter irregularities and fraud on a massive and determinative scale. This includes members of the highly partisan Unselect Committee of Democrats who refuse to delve into what caused the January 6th protest—it was the Fake Election results!”

If Trump were truly interested in engaging the members of the bipartisan House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection, he could just volunteer to testify before it under oath. Don’t hold your breath. His characterization of the riots in Washington as a “protest” affirm his support for the insurrectionists, and for violent and anti-democratic means to achieve his authoritarian goals.

What’s more, Trump’s pretend invitation for a TV dialog implies that he thinks media executives and politicians would be willing to lower themselves to indulge his psychotic fantasies. That’s unlikely, and Trump knows it, as he reveals in his next sentence, saying that…

“While I am willing to do it, they will never agree because they cannot argue that facts in states including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, and others such as New Mexico, where the Democrat Secretary of State changed the voting laws without legislative approval just prior to the Election, making it virtually impossible for the Republican presidential candidate to win.”

Needless to say, there are no facts that support Trump’s charges. If there were, he would have produced them long ago. Even the rabidly biased Cyber Ninjas who conducted the Arizona “fraudit” eventually concluded that Joe Biden had legitimately won the election by an even wider margin than originally reported.

However, Trump is admitting that he knew his debate challenge wouldn’t be accepted. Nor should it be. That would just be humoring a mentally disabled schizoid and his flagrant fallacies. In fact, a coward like Trump would never have suggested a debate if he thought that anyone would agree to it. Remember when he ditched a Fox News debate because Megyn Kelly was the moderator? Instead he staged a phony “telethon” for veterans, but tried to keep the donations for himself. But Trump still wasn’t through. He closed his rant saying that…

“If anyone would like a public debate on the facts, not the fiction, please let me know. It will be a ratings bonanza for television!”

Here we have Trump daring “anyone” to take him up on his debate challenge for the only actual reason he might consider it: Television ratings. That’s the currency with which narcissists barter. Trump desperately wants to be relevant again, and a televised debate would indeed put him in front of a large audience.

But it would still be a waste of time because Trump wouldn’t – and couldn’t – serve up proof of his claims in such a forum. It would just be another opportunity for him to disgorge lies and insults while shouting down his opponent.

That said, it would be interesting from an entertainment perspective. So while no serious journalist or politician should sink to accepting this offer, perhaps someone like Michael Moore, or Al Franken, or Wanda Sykes, could consider it. After all, Trump did say “anyone.” Odds are Trump would slink away in fear as fast as he could waddle should he get such a response.

UPDATE: Trump is now dodging the debate he proposed.

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Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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