Trump Promises to Halt the Prosecutions of the January 6th Mob He Incited to Attack Congress

It’s been just over two weeks since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the 2024 Republican Party nomination for president of the United States in a profoundly depressing speech that cast America as a nation of “blood-soaked streets” and “cesspool cities.” And with that inspiring imagery Trump’s campaign for the alleged hearts and pseudo-minds of America’s apocalyptics was born.

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Donald Trump Insurrection

Moving quickly to shore up his hate-addled base, Trump has already staged a public dining at Mar-a-Lago with Ye (aka Kanye West), a Hitler-loving celebrity, and his comrade, Nick Fuentes, a leading white supremacist and hate monger. Trump followed that up with a commentary criticizing Jack Smith, the Special Counsel probing his instigation of the January 6th insurrection and his hoarding of stolen classified documents at his Palm Beach resort/home.

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Trump isn’t wasting any time getting his campaign off the ground. In view of that, he just produced a video that he provided to a fundraising event for the “Patriot Freedom Project,” a group that is supporting the January 6th insurrectionists who were arrested for attempting to overthrow the government. In the video Trump promised to stop the prosecution of the people that he incited to launch a violent coup. Which is more than a little like Al Capone advocating on behalf of the mobsters and hitmen who worked for him.

Trump, however, didn’t say how he would fulfill his promise. Presumably he would either pardon his traitorous criminal allies, or order the Justice Department to quash their efforts to uphold the law. Of course, Trump can’t do any of that if he isn’t president, and his prospects for achieving that goal are rapidly diminishing. Thus, his promises are typical of his routinely impotent bluster. Nevertheless, he told the traitors at the fundraiser that…

“We’re gonna get to the bottom of it. And you know what I’ve said, I take it very seriously. I have never seen anything like it at all levels. It’s the weaponization of the Department of Justice, and we can’t let this happen in our country, because our country is going – not socialist, they’ve skipped over that, they skipped over socialism – our country is going communist.

“This is what happens, and we can’t let it happen. We have to stop it. So I want to thank everybody for working so hard. I know how hard you’re working to get justice for people that are imprisoned right now, and people that are being tormented. We can’t let it happen. We’re going to stop it. And we’re going to win. Thank you all very much.”

Setting aside that fact that Trump clearly has no idea what either socialism or communism are, he is pledging his devotion to the violent, anti-American outlaws who assaulted Congress and sought to hang his own vice-president. He delusionally portrays them as victims who are being unfairly incarcerated and “tormented,” despite the abundant video evidence of their seditious crimes. And everyone knows that Trump is opposed to torture.

These are the sort of cretins that Trump is hoping will form the foundation of his 2024 campaign. He’s commencing his efforts with appeals to the treasonous fringe of the nation who prefer totalitarianism to democracy. And he thinks that will rocket his campaign to victory. Unfortunately for Trump, recent polling – if not common sense – doesn’t validate that stunningly stupid strategy. But, hey – don’t anybody tell him.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Promises to Halt the Prosecutions of the January 6th Mob He Incited to Attack Congress

  1. Trump operates on a wing and a prayer. Only he wings it but doesn’t pray. He fakes it like everything else.

    • Donald TUMP is a blathering stupid idiot that talks a big show but doesn’t have any solutions for anything but stirring up more and more hate by riling up his equally gullible, ignorant, arrogant, violent base. I just hope he continues to cause division within the GQP that seems to be slowly but steadily increasing. I would hate to be so stupid and gullible as to get caught up in his lies to be beholden to a blatant con artist as this son of a bitch is. His followers think he is the greatest thing that ever happened in history. That shows just how ignorant and misinformed they are. TUMP is not our Dictator anymore and hasn’t been in 2 years and how the hell does he think he is going to halt the prosecutions of the Jan 6 mob that he incited to attack Congress??????? Is this SOB so deluded to think he is still he is still Dictator?? He is a nobody that doesn’t have authority to do anything to anybody but to make up things to soothe his bloated ego. He lives in a fantasy world where he rules the Universe and can make things happen just because he thinks he is the greatest thing that ever existed.. He is a malignant cancer that nothing can cure.

      • Oh, and MTG takes her raving and ranting page directly from Trump. Last I heard, she was calling everyone a Communist.

  2. By Jan of 2025 that would mean well over 1000 pardons on Trumps first day in office and the beginning of a new crime spree. Probably not happening.

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