Scaredy Trump Praises Convicted Seditionists as Patriots, Maligns American Justice as Gestapo

The closer that law enforcement comes to indicting Donald Trump for his multitude of crimes, the more dramatically his fear is expressed in frantic posts to his floundering Twitter scam, Truth Social. And this week saw the conviction of five of his militia leaders – The Proud Boys – for seditious conspiracy and/or other serious felonies.

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Donald Trump Sweating

The convictions of the Proud Boys follows prior convictions of the Oath Keepers for many of the same crimes. And all of these Trumpian mob soldiers rested their defenses on claims that it was Trump who led them to commit their treasonous acts. So it is just a matter of time before the law bears down on the mob boss. No wonder Trump’s Russian allies are reaching out to him to help…

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For his part, Trump is in a hysterical frenzy as he can’t escape contemplating the foreboding future he faces. So he responds in a cartoonishly predictable manner with furious insults aimed at his perceived foes. Trump’s insults also happen to be malicious assaults on American law and values. He began by embracing the Proud Felons who were just found guilty of heinous crimes against America…

“The DOJ and FBI are destroying the lives of so many Great American Patriots, right before our very eyes. The Court System is a RUBBER STAMP for their conviction and imprisonment. […] GET SMART AMERICA, THEY ARE COMING AFTER YOU!!!”

For the record, these “patriots” are the thugs who stormed the Congress and assaulted the police officers who were defending it and the public servants inside. And the “RUBBER STAMP” was the jury of their peers, not some government overlord pronouncing a state-mandated verdict. However, Trump’s warning that “THEY ARE COMING AFTER YOU,” is accurate if “YOU” are violating the law and plotting insurrection. Trump then elaborated on his hatred for the law and allegiance to the nation…

“These people are thugs and criminals who allow ANTIFA & BLM to thrive and flourish, but who use full Gestapo force to shut down opposition and Interfere in our Elections.”

Does Trump even know what the Gestapo was? The only force applied to the Proud Felons was their arrest on well-defined charges and a fair trial by jury with a team of lawyers to mount their defense. The Gestapo would have just executed the defendants in an alley and dumped their bodies in a river. Yet somehow, Trump aligns the American justice system with that of Nazi war criminals.

For good measure, Trump also posted a couple of swipes at his former Attorney General, Bill Barr, who he called a “weak & slovenly man who was ill equipped to be Attorney General.” So Trump is confessing that he appointed a “weak & slovenly man” to the nation’s highest law office. Which isn’t surprising, considering that he has disparaged most of his prior White House team in the same ugly terms.

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Trump also bragged that “I got very tough with Bill Barr, and pushed him hard to do his job, but he just couldn’t overcome his fear of the Radical Left.” So Trump is admitting that he improperly pressured his AG, but even failed at that. He then posted criticism of Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, who he called a “Trump Hating SLIMEBALL.” Which, minus the “slimeball” reference, would put Smith in agreement with the majority of the American people.

And that is what Trump fears most. The fact that he is despised by millions and considered to be a pathetic loser. It’s a reality that he just can’t shake off.

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