Americans are Unsatisfied with Politics in General, But Specifically Despise Trump and the GOP

One thing that Donald Trump and the Republican Party can boast about having accomplished is poisoning the political atmosphere through divisive rhetoric, disinformation, and hate speech.

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Throughout the Era of Trump, he has never tried to unite the nation or to expand his reach out to voter groups that weren’t already devoutly embracing his cult movement. And the GOP has been too afraid to separate themselves from Trump. Consequently, they have also constricted their support to the farthest edges of the right-wing fringe. And that’s a condition that has been exacerbated by the Republican Ministry of Disinformation, aka Fox News.

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On the other hand, President Biden and the Democrats have at least tried to appeal to a broader constituency. They have succeeded with regard to some of the never-Trump Republicans and Independents. And the results are evident in a new survey by NBC News.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Congress, NBC Poll

This poll shows the general dissatisfaction that has shrouded American politics. However, Democrats are not nearly as bad off as Republicans. Biden and the Democratic Party have a net negative approval in single digits. While Trump and the GOP are rated significantly lower and are underwater by more than -20%. And worse for Trump, only 33% of Republicans identify as Trump supporters.

So the next time you hear Trump bragging about how he is leading everybody in every poll by a lot, remember that he is a pathological liar and that the truth is that he was the most unpopular president in modern times, and his popularity has decreased since he was unceremoniously evicted from the White House.


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13 thoughts on “Americans are Unsatisfied with Politics in General, But Specifically Despise Trump and the GOP

  1. Looking at those poll numbers, i don’t even see how the Rethugs even come close to winning in any elections. Wonder what states these polls were taken from??? Here in the not so good state of Georgia it seems we are overrun with MAGA creeps. However, the area i live in does border that crazy goon Marjorie Traitor Goon’s district. That one fact itself could explain the seemingly overwhelming number of MAGA turds here. About 90% of Democratic voters in the county i live are our good people of color. There are very few white Democrat voters in this county. Me and my family are some of the few white Democrat voters here in this county. It is my hope that the trend of some of the MAGA turds keeps abandoning the TUMP cult.

    • John, the Greed Over Principles party wins lots of local elections thanks to blatant gerrymandering, plus the lingering toxicity of inherent racism, amplified by far-right-wing propaganda outlets like FUX News. The entire MAGAt machine depends for its success on lack of both education and knowledge amongst its adherents.

      • I agree, lack of education equals ignorance and gullibility. These ignorant creeps will believe anything and everything Fox Spews says as the absolute truth……I would tend to think the Fascists dismantling the voting rights over the past few years has led to the extreme gerrymandering that has led to their advantage too. Greed is the name of the game now here in the United States.

  2. I agree with this article. Trump is losing his popularity. My friends (not my family, unfortunately) agree with me, the primary reason being “the insurrection”. I also agree that Trump never tried to unite the country, only divide it. From the beginning, he has tried desperately to pit us against each other-Republican against Democrat. The more hate, the better. No wonder, we are getting tired of this fool.

    • No, TUMP never even thought about trying to unite the nation. To fascists, being united is a bad thing to them. The United States will not ever be united, at least not in my lifetime even if i happen to live to be 90 years old. Outside of my immediate family, my relatives that i used to like to visit them often but now they have nothing do to with us, we don’t even speak to one another anymore. They are all gullible, ignorant, TUMP loving fanatics and it’s now been 3 years since one word has even been spoken between us…. you know what, i really don’t care. Donald TUMP and his MAGA terrorists have done damage to our nation that will never be repaired. I just wish i could hurry up and leave the United States. I have had enough of these Fascist/ Nazi extremists and TUMP.

  3. I know that America is headed back to it’s basic principles. This raw, overly emotional, untethered and crass GOP is scaring people and repulsing them. The Trump party is gross, immoral and woefully uninformed and they wrap that uninformed around themselves in a cozy sense of finally at long last found a sense of belonging.
    We are a good people. I see it all the time and we should all be on our knees thanking Gen Z that that screwball T F G is not in the White House. It will take no more than a decade and Bannon and Carlson will be gone and we will have a younger more colorful electorate. Hope people. What do they say, “ hope is like a bird that makes its nest in your heart and flies hope from there. We have to have it. We must. We need to be taking note of Ukrainians, they are carrying lanterns for all of us.

      • I AGREE, that was a very good comment. Did anyone hear about that Lauren Boebert saying a prayer wishing for President Biden dying? This is the kind of creatures now in our House Rethuglican congress. I just hope we can get through this. That and MTGoon yelling out ”Liar” to our President is a total disgrace and very disrespectful to say the least.

        • L remember Greene yelling LIAR at the State of the Union speech. MSNBC carried the State of the Unon, and afterwards Lawrence O’Donnell asked James Carville what he thought of MTG. He said “Howler monkey in white fur or Tonya Harding in furs.”

          • That was funny, James Carville is a great Democrat and he does have a sense of humor. He tells like it is, and his description of MTG was very accurate.

  4. He only pays what his followers send him. His followers might think twice about sending their money to a twice-impeached, former president/ conman convicted of city, state and federal crimes, when they can’t make rent or buy necessary medication (like insulin or heart medicine) or get tossed out on the street because they haven’t made any mortgage payments lately so now it’s a bank sale. It might get their attention when they have to eat cat food under a bridge.

    • I have read where his deluded followers let their little children starve so they could donate half of their paycheck to the corrupt orange baboon. My ex sister-in-law who is a dedicated TUMP idiot almost got her electricity cut off because of her donation to TUMP. These people that donate their last dollar to that lying crook are truly in need of mental health treatment.

  5. Donnie, loyalty doesn’t run just one way. it runs MORE than one way.

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